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Wow!! I was so surprised to log in today and see 9,000!

I guess I'd thought it would be a lot different when I got to this much... lol guess not.
Hmm, still don't feel to well known... or accomplished! : Oh well, 9,000 is still a lot. Hehe...

Thanks to all my friends and watchers!! You guys rock. ^_^

-Samron <3
So, Deviantart keeps annoying me about subscribing to them! I mean, I would love to subscribe, but the problem is that I have NO money... Wish they would leave me alone about it!

A friend of mine told me that sometimes awesome/random people just buy subscriptions for random members... so if any of you out there are rich and happy, feel free to buy me a subscription. :P

Hehe... cause I'm probably never gonna be able to get one for myself. O.o

Well yeah... that's about all I have to say. :)

Hey everyone!

There is this problem I'm having concerning my stolen material. And I am asking for help from a journalist. He said he is willing to help me, and write a story about my problem. But he needs more than one person with my similar problem.

So, I'm asking any of you guys, if you are having problems with people stealing your work. If you are, please let me know your situation, and maybe I will tell the journalist about you!

It can be pictures, videos, and even writings. They just have to have been stolen from you by someone who took it and posted it has their own, without giving you credit on it, or linking back to you.

So, yeah, please tell me your story! And even if you know someone that is going through this at the moment, give me a way to contact them! It would really be appreciated.

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Haha, I never really thought about the fact that I too had a journal thingy...mabob.. o.o So I guess I should write something to y'all! Um, I don't really know if I'm supposed to do anything special on here...??? So let me know if I should. XD I mean, does everyone get a journal thing? Cause for some reason I feel like I haven't seen this on here much... may be I'm blind.... *_*

It's pretty late right now, like.. 1am...I should be in bed but I'm engulfing myself in hot Korean boys instead. :) Go DBSK~!

BTW, I joined this group, called DBSK Love-Fanclub, or something like that. And it's pretty rad. :) You guys should join if you are a fan, an if not, join anyway! And learn to enjoy their hottness. ^^

Here is the link! :icondbsklove-fanclub:

Anyway, hope y'all have a good day. Hopefully I'll keep this journal thing goin! :D It's kind of fun! ^^