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Howdy all I been busy, busy, busy. I managed to finally finish a mdm theme I been working off and on in my spare time for myself and uploaded it in case anyone wanted it. It is ready and coded for Linux Mint 16 or the newest mdm. You can check it out and find out more about it here: Enjoy Sam
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Thanks to Frannoe for this one. All MDM Animated themes are now available as a downloadable deb file. This is great news for those who want all themes installed at once without the hassle of downloading each one individually and installing them. Remember as usual you will the new the new MDM by linux mint for this to work. I removed this list until the deb files get updated, they have the older versions of the themes in them that will not work in the newer linux mint or mdm. I'll add them again if these deb files get updated again. For now you can still download them one by one through my gallery and I add a comment which ones have been
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Well I must say this one got me so excited, I stopped working on my normal android stuff and started making some animated MDM themes, that's right, animated, not static, which is what got my attention. This is coming in the next version as far as I know, but you can grab it now here: it gives you instructions how to install it and where to get it. I have already made quite a few of these if you check my gallery you can take your pick from them to try out (you must install the new mdm to get them to work on your system). So what does all this mean for linux mint? well as my favorite distro it just got bett
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hi sammy , i am discover your Linux mint LOGIN screen, and it is ANIMATED !!!
HEY dude, R U a wizard ? :DDD
hilllaaarrriiiooousss work !!  can i get more ?
thanks glad you like it but no I do not use mint anymore for time being or cinnamon so I do not have a system to test them on anymore for the time being
what are you is jusing instead of cinnamon ?
u have no PC at all ?
yup I always use linux the only reason I left was because of the tablet support which I need for my artwork, but they have it back and I'm back on cinnamon again because they brought it back, I'll be making more mdm themes as I get some free time inbetween my other stuff, I'm halfway through one now, I'll upload it once it's done.
Helloooooooooo Sam!
I finally got the deviant bug, tooo!
Hey Pamfeuer sorry about the delay, been really busy lately doing my stuff, glad to see your sharing your stuff up here for others to get their hands on, you got some good things to share :)
Hey samriggs, Thanks for the kind words.
Really appreciate it mate.