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Thank you for suggesting titles for this painting.

oil on mdf-panel
40 x 40 cm
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Thank you all for your great suggestions! They got my brains working and I came up with the title myself. "Solace" and in Finnish "Lohtu".
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"Northern light" but don't ask me why :) Perhaps the lighting reminds me vermeer ?
Anyway a very peaceful painting
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Wonderful! Suggestion for the title 'The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs'
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Ambient thoughts or thoughts of ambience
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Very nice artwork! I love the sharpness contrast and the use of soft lighting. Saw some great title suggestions down there, I personally have trouble with naming things too so don't think I can help much... 😆Mind telling me how long this took you?
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Thanks for the comments! If I remember right this took about couple of weeks including the drying times.
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Couple of weeks is a lot of hard work! But of course that's drying time included. 😜Nice!
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Couple of weeks is quite a short time for me. Sometimes I work on a painting for months. Some small paintings however can be completed in a day.
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Do you usually work with oil? I'm just wondering because you said you can complete a painting in one day, which for oil painting doesn't sound like a lot of layering. 😛Do you work with with acrylic also? If so what do you think is the biggest difference?
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I work mainly with oils. For smaller works particularly with still lifes I often use direct alla prima method without layering because I think it gives more lively results. For larger works I use layers to achieve some lighting effects etc.
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Oh that's cool. 😁
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Contemplation of Aves?
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I would call it "fatalistic moment".
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Title: Naked soul
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Ambient thoughts
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Title: Eyebrow Plucking Curse of the Murderous Chirper.
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well done!!!
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Beautifully done!
Title suggestion: Innocence
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Nimeä ei tuu mieleen.
älyttömän hyvä maalaus kuitenkn.
Tekniikka tunnelma ja joku syvempi merkitys. Kaikki
on tässä, voiko sitä enempää maalauselta toivoa?

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