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Facebook Miku

If anyone has a Facebook, they should know what this is from. In case you don't, let me explain:

When using Facebook, you are allowed to have a profile picture, similar to the Avatar function on Deviant Art, but no size restrictions (they'll re-size it if it's to big though). If you have yet to chose a Profile Picture, or chose not to have one, your picture will be the default Generic Person Image.

What I did was follow the Facebook Generic Person Image style, and shape it to the Facebook Generic Miku Image (I would of done Generic Vocaloid, but they all have unique looks). If I feel like it, I might continue with this set, and make more, obviously tarting with Rin b\c she's my favorite. The reason I started with Miku was b\c she's easy, and the most popular.


NOTE: You are free to use this deviation, but please do not remove the copyright "Samous Ind" logo at the top. You are allowed to move it around if it is in the way, you are allowed to move\remove the 01, you are allowed to edit this photo, and you are allowed to re-distribute\use this photo. If you chose to do any of the above, remember to state that I made it, and I would appreciate a link back to this page.
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Funny, my school paper had a page about Facebook that was styled after a profile page, and I drew Miku over the default profile image.