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Fairytale Back Tattoo

By Samoubica
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Fairytales do not tell children that dragons exist.
Children know that dragons exist.
Fairytales tell children that dragons can be killed.
-GK. Chesterton.

I fell in love with this quote when I first heard it.

And I feel awesome that I heard it on Criminal Minds. <3
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I first saw that quote at the beginning of the book "Coraline".
dejan-delic's avatar
Samoubica = suicidal person. ;)
Love the quote, and that tattoo looks magnificent on your back. :D
Zeldafan1997's avatar
Criminal minds! Farytales!!! My life is complete :3 atleast it will be when they air the next season of Once Upon A Time :D
Annaeera's avatar
Criminal Minds is amazing. I love the show. There's where I heard this quote as well, wonderful one! And beautiful tattoo ...
ShadowedWreath's avatar
I effin' love it.
thats beautifull :D
Siryna's avatar
i love this quote!
Di-Jazz's avatar
one of my most favourite quotes ever!
you have all my respect!
Angel-Hellion's avatar
I love tattoos, fairytales, this quote and Criminal Minds so I'm loving this! xD
Samoubica's avatar
Yay! Ièm super flattered!
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That is a very cool quote.
Samoubica's avatar
I absolutely love it.
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Thank you, m'dear!
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