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Major Isaac Matthew Jensen

By Samorai
<<Stormbringer Universe>>

Major Isaac Matthew Jensen. Soldier, Patriot, King's Champion, Traitor.

He rose through the ranks of the BMAF Mechanised Infantry Corp and eventually came to the King's notice, who elevated him to rank of King's Champion - an embodiment of the resolve and fighting spirit of the Benevolent Monarchy.
But this would not last. In order for the King and his domain to be free of certain obligations, his liege ordered Isaac to run, to allow himself to be branded a traitor, to be hunted and during his exile, he would continue to serve the King faithfully. Such was his reward and his duty.

A quick sketch done some years ago to get a feel for Jensen in his role of hunted fugitive (left) and in his younger days, the King's Champion (right).
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