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Metroid Cycle

By Samolo
The complete metroid Cycle! Hope you all like it... and if not... well... *cries on a corner*

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Metroid shinkaa into Metroid Queen. 
YgvantheShaper's avatar
Can I just say the Metroid life-cycle doesn't make any goddamn sense?

It starts out fine. Infant makes sense, Larva Makes sense, Alpha a little weird but I can see it. Gamma Okay now your pushing it but I'll let it slight because it at least looks like a more evolved version of Alpha.

Then Zeta comes along and Holy shit now their big dinosaur-bug things!? How does a floating jellyfish with teeth turn into fucking dinosaur!? Now granted real life has some crazy examples of metamorphosis during an animals life-cycle, like tadpoles and frogs.

But this is like if a tadpole turned into a dog with frog skin instead of fur!
warahi's avatar
Looks like the Gendy Tartakovsky version of Metroid =)
CrashBandicoot2015's avatar
but i don't see that in gba!?
VolukVengeance's avatar
Where is the Hunter-Metroid? You know, that thing who looks like a jellyfish with LONG arms.
Zeusthefox's avatar
This is the Sr388 Life cycle.

Metroids adapt quickley to different enviroments.

The Hunter Metroids and Fission Metroids are a Unique Evolution specific to Tallon IV.

this is also why These Metroid forms don't appear in Metroid 1 or Super because those are on Zebes.
warahi's avatar
This is just for the normal SR388 life cycle.
Urbandream's avatar
Awesome work!! 
Wolx2's avatar
This really helped me understand their evolution better. This is geat!
JWBrainard's avatar
wish this image was bigger in size so I can see it a bit better, it looks awesome.
Samolo's avatar
Thanks! It is bigger, hit the "download" button.
It seems DA changed its place below the "browse more like this" squares.
JWBrainard's avatar
OK I will, thanks
MXleo1's avatar
Samolo's avatar
Metroids indeed!
Persian-Yank's avatar
I like this detailed cycle! queen metroid looks best!
Samolo's avatar
Thanks! I had also the individual ones and some other enemies in my gallery. Glad that you liked it!
Persian-Yank's avatar
I did like it. I love metroids!
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