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Wonderbolt Combat Gear Infographic

Based upon Season 5 Final of MLP, wonderbolt combat gear infographic.
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why do I feel like that even in the regular time they have that combat gear

to be more specific in the air force(and other branches) there are to types of clothing, dress which is used for drill and other purposes, and what we call "combats" combats are used when your out in the field. they're more expensive and as a result, rarely used but I feel that the wonderbolts would have a similar system and this is the combats of there world
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hopefully you also will specify their scars; but it's okay 
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This is one heck of a detail. Ad victoriam.
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Wonderbolts: Wartime gear!
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I legit need more apocalypse dash and apinkalypse pie in my life.
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I fell in love for this uniform/armour the very moment I saw it.
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I would say they're more bracers than gauntlets. Or maybe cuffs. Gauntlets usually have fingers of some sort.
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I'm not the only one then...
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This is marvelous!!
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Still think this was amazing/horrifying
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I absolutely loved her robotic wing. Goes to show the level of tech the ponies can develop
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Love a comic showcase how she lost her wing!
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