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Take on My Little Pony episode 100 that shed light that Bon Bon is an agent against who fights monster.  The monster who is targeting her is the  Bug Bear. In this case I made her into a poster similar to The borune Indenity! 
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"Extreme ways are back again
Extreme places I didn't know
I broke everything new again
Everything that I'd owned"
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Now, Sweetie Drops must team up with the most expert spy of all of Ponyville if she wants to keep Equestria safe from ultimate annhilation!
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I am still cracking up about that part of the episode. That just came right out of nowhere. XD
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I bet she did all the clean up and gave the main 6 a mind wipe like MIB!
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Should have gone with "the bon identity"
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Thanks for the input!
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This. Is. Amazing. I love the creative side of this fandom. Someone needs to write a fic about her mysterious past!
And while I'm writing this, probably thousands of authors do exactly that. I can't wait to read those fics!

Say, do you have this picture in a higher resolution? I would love to have it as poster on my wall! :)
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I looking forward to seeing a comic spinoff of this character!  Her agency reminds me of bit of MIB and the group in Hell Boy.  Glad you like the image! 
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Official or fan-made? Because if you mean fan-made, that's sure going to be made too. :D
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I doubt that there will be an official comic about Lyra as a secret agent. But we also don't need that. We have our awesome, creative fandom who will take care of that. :D
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I don't care who makes it as long it's fun and not too graphic adult content. It's not needed for something like this!
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The fandom makes a lot of stuff that is not graphic, don't worry. :)
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Lol, I recognize this, it's inspired from Bourne Identity. :lol: Nice work! :thumbsup:
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I was trying to recreate the poster the best I could. I thought it was a fun play on Bon Bon name and that episode!
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It really is, good work. :)
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Oh wow thats funny
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I looking forward to all the spy smash up with BON BON!
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