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Pushy Icons/Theme

Contains over 700 icons.
Also available on the Play Store and I appreciate it very much if you buy : [link]
Updated 12.17: [link]
Update 12.23: [link]
Update 12.29: [link]
Update 01.01: [link]
Update 01.13 Now contains over 1000 icons: [link]
© 2012 - 2021 sammyycakess
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Thanks for these awesome icons..
Hi bro, so the link said 404! for Updated 12.17, can you upload again? thanks and excelent work
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very nice icons, thank's for sharing..
now life action on my launcpad…
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Very cute icons! Thanks for sharing!
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Hi, dear. Thanks a lot for share so many icons and I love them so much and use them make MIUI theme without your permission and hope you can forgive me and understand me. Big thanks in advance.

Here is the web I shared the theme. Any problem you can contact me
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Thanks Sammy.  I'm making some screens for my wife and I love these.  I've purchased the pack on Play.  I'm a fan!
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Simply Beautiful
just wow, <3
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a really bad copy from the original desingner ......check this out those are amazing and he is the real
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Really really nice work. BTW can I use it on this Start Page and share it?
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Yea that looks awesome :]
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very unique and refreshing. Thank you for sharing!
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great work man...but is yhere an icon packager for this one
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I promise i'll buy them when I get a MasterCard or stuff like this.
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muy buen trabajo, gracias.
Love these icons Sammy. Keep up the good work!!!!
thank you very much!
These are all manner of awesome! Found them in someones screens on that mahoosive XDA show us your screen thread, followed the link, loved the zip and did the right thing and bought them on Google Play.
Keep up the good work, these are nothing but complete WIN!
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Thank you SO much!
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