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Circle Icons

Only about 65 icons in the zip file, but if you download the theme for android all of your icons will be themed because it supports icon mask.
Play Store link: [link]
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Thanks for the icons
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Do the DA icon plz!
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Thank you, well done!
These are beautiful
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Ty for great icons i have promoted them on my android theme : Four Seasons :… :D

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sammyycakess i love it 
Nice & thx
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Mind = Blown. One question though, are you going to be updating them regularly, because if so, you have just made my day!!!
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Great work, can you add the psd file ? I need more icons (google map, etc...)
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install from play store youll have them all. ;)
can u share psd file ?
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Great icons !
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And here is a little screenshot i made with your latest :)
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Really like those icons, i already bought 4 of your nova themes on Playstore :pp
Can't help buying these circles, they are so nice !

Btw if you can make alternative for at least phone, sms, browser and gmail icons it would be nice...
I like phone icons which looks like a real phone and not dialer...

Keep up the great job !
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Thank you so much! The screenshot looks great! :]
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OMG, Amazing Job!!! Love These, Will Check OUt Tha Theme Too!!
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Thanks Sammy, great work.. I enjoy your work and appreciate your willingness to share. Thanks again.
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Super Slick, just got them from the play store, glad the icons have an icon mask so there are no ugly icons :), my minor gripe is that the default Phone app icon a bit too "busy" for my liking, would like it to be a bit simpler. That aside, this is definitely one of my favourite android themes I have come across, well done!! :D
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Well using just a simple phone icon looked weird because it didn't really go with the rest of the icons. And any other kind of phone I used looked kind of like a calculator. Thank you for buying!
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beautiful :)

I think by mid-february I can finally get your stuff, i'm looking at this theme, and Fancy :D (at least)
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