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Dimension in Space.

Wallpaper in 4 resolutions featuring the TARDIS from British TV series Doctor Who.


Texture: [link]
Brushes: [link] [link]

Download for various sizes.
Feedback much appreciated as always!
Thankyou for looking :)

PLEASE NOTE: The download link for some reason is not working, you can download the pack from medafire instead
Here: [link]
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It is quite glorious! b^^d
BTW, is it watercolour or digital?
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Finally! Finally I found a nice wallpaper for my smartphone! Thank you! :)
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Thank you for drawing this. :)
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Amazing! Really good work!
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I love this piece! Would you be willing to create a 2048x2048 version for the iPad?
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Hi please excuse my late reply, I dont use Deviantart much anymore. I can give it a go but I don't think the image will be big enough to look as it should on it :( As I said though, I will see, it may be possible for this particular one.
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This is currently my background. XD Thank you for creating this wonderful piece of awesomeness! :D
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would you mind if i put this on a t-shirt?
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Oh wow thanks! Assuming you mean just for personal use then go ahead, I'm very flattered :)
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Also, when it's done I'd love to see a picture :D
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I must me straight up missing it, but how do I download to use as a wallpaper?
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Im really sorry, I'm not sure whats happened to the download button! I can't see how to re-enable it, but it was working fine before :\
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hi, where is the download link for this? its incredible but i cant find the link?
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Oooh! Sorry I'm not sure what has happened here, it is enabled for download but for some reason the button isn't showing! I'm really sorry! Perhaps It's a bug? There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the files, I'm a bit stumped :(
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could you host the 1080p on imageshack or photobucket or something? i'd really like to use it as a desktop background
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This looks awesome!!! <3
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I can't decide between this one and ten. :) Both are sooooo good.
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You just made my day with this wonderful little reminder to watch Doctor Who everyday.

hahahahah, I was just kidding. Who needs a reminder? (3 seasons in one week? I might be obsessed)
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