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Been away for a while.....

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 7, 2011, 8:07 AM

Wow.... last year went fast!
Well I haven't been here since May... My husband and I started our Wedding and Lifestyle Photography business which is going great, check us out on Facebook...…
as well as still running my little shop and making fascinators and headbands like they are going out of fashion.
I want to thank everyone for their comments on my work since I have been away, I really appreciate all your kind words.
I return with a new deviation of guess who...
I cannot promise to be around as much as I used to but I will drop in now and again try and reply to comments and maybe drop a new drawing or two when I can.
As for Ponies, I cannot promise anything, Half finished projects and supplies are currently residing in the loft due to making way for cameras and equipment... maybe one day they will return.

all my love to you all

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Thanks You Guys xxx

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 24, 2010, 2:20 AM

Thanks everyone for your help with the less desirable member here.
she has now removed all the art she stole but I am keeping an eye on her and another account with I think is her also, just incase.

I am still not open for commissions  for either ponies or drawings untill after June. But hopefully I will be opening Drawing commissions in July... watch this space. I have two Pony commissions still on my desk which are almost done. I am currently working on my Friends wedding dress, after finishing alterations on four bridesmaid dresses as well as drawings of the guests of Asylum, phew.

Thanks to all of you for you continuing support and comments, favs and general encouragement.

Big love and kisses

Sammytvr xxx

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Art Thief

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 21, 2010, 8:36 AM

Ok so

has a gallery full of other peoples art, please spam her with nasty untill she gets band.
Many thanks xxx

So mine has been removed from her gallery, but others are still there. If you know any one whos art she has report it and let them know xxx

Much Love :heart:

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Closed for All Comissions

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 27, 2009, 3:13 AM

Hi everyone, just popping by to say that i am still closed for commisions, for the forseeable future, i am not even operating a waiting list.

I have just listed my Castiel Custom and Sam and Dean Custom Ponies On Etsy!

I have newly listed a few ponies on my etsy shop including my Bride and Groom, Mia and Pink from my moulen rouge set and hope to list Christina and Lil Kim soon.…
I still have some lovely ponies for sale there.

If any of you like sewing, my little shop now has a facebook page! if you log on to fb and search in Pages for Sew Crafty sewing centre, youcan become a fan and get updates and ideas from me and my staff.
thanks to everyones continuing comments and support for my ponies, drawings and my business.
Much Love always
Sammy xxx

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Well where do i start....

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 6, 2009, 4:01 PM some of you may have noticed i havent made many ponies lately, I have several commisions for very patient people are waiting for and i hope to be posting pics of them in a few weeks.
I like many other customisers still have some customs for sale over on Etsy… feel free to pop over and take a look
these are some of the guys i still have for sale

Christina fighter by sammytvr My flutterby by sammytvr TE Crystal Wing by sammytvr Rock Crystal Photo by sammytvr

I have a renewed love of pencil drawings. for those who have asked i have no plans to take commisions for any at the moment. I really only started drawing to have something for the guests at the Supernatural convention, it turns out all that life drawin at college payed off, i wanted to thank everyone who has commented and faved my drawings, i am taking my pencils and pad on holiday next week, so i might have some new stuff to post when i get back.. watch this space.
So we went to Asylum, last weekend and i managed to get all my pics signed, i will take a pic when they are all framed and all up on the wall. we ,me and Hubby, had a wicked time, so much fun we booked up for next year already, only now i have to do a whole new set of drawings as soon as they announce the guests that is, lol.

I now have a twitter follow me if you wish, i am still getting used to it.
I also have a facebook if any of y'all are around on there too.

any way sorry if that was all abit rambly that is kind of how my brain feels at the moment, i am sure a holiday will help to clear it out though. feel free to note me with questions about my work.
I am away for a week or so, i will try and reply to anyone when i get back.

Ta ta for now.
Sammy xxx

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I have some of my ponies for sale on etsy
Christina fighter
Funshine pony
Share pony
Dream merpony
Candy floss
Damson lilly
Rock crystal
Crystal wing
are all available as well as four corset tops made from my little pony fabric. prices all include shipping worlwide xxx

happy shopping…

Much love Sammy xxx
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I have put some of my recent ponies for sale on etsy,
here is the link…
i will be adding a few more soon too.
much love  Sammy xxx
Todd and Lovett are now sold.
Hi everyone so now that all the exitement of weddings and ponycon and moving are all over i am ready to start the bidding for my customs of Todd and Lovett.

This will be in the form of a silent auction, I will not indicate who has bid only the current highest bid amount, i will take bids via a 'note' on DA or a 'pm' at the MLP arena, or via email at
They are up for sale seperatly so please indicate witch pony you are bidding for,
'my name is ......... i wish to make a bid of £.... for the custom of Todd'
please mark your message as TODD/LOVETT AUCTION.

Shipping is free worldwide, i will only take bids in British ponuds steriling, but there are many conversion sites that will convert it for you, and payment must be made through PayPal if you are outside the UK.

Bidding is open untill November 29th at 12pm GMT.

Thank you and good luck to those who bid.
Hi everyone,

so finally all the exitement is over... for now.
My Stevie and i got married last Sunday and it was beyond perfect, the whole day was just so beautiful, and even better than icould have hoped for. i will be posting pics of my dress and stuff next week, when we have them back from the Photographer.
Pony con the week before was sooo cool to, i got to meet lots of pony people in person which was really goo fun, and i got to meet the beautiful Laura (LoveLauraLand) for the first time which was a real pleasure!
I won second Prize in the General Customs comp with Flutterby who i will be posting pics of in the next few days, when i finsh my honeymoon and get back to a decent computer!!
So i am back to commissions next week i already have a lot of requests so i am gonna be a busy bunny once again.
Anyway i wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who sent such wonderful well wishes for our wedding and i promise i will post pics as soon as i can.
lots and lots of love
Sammy xxxxx
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Just a quicky to say that Ponycon was Great and that i will update this tomorrow!
with pics hopefully
big hugs xxx
Ok, wow, our Ponycon fundraising customs made £162.26!
all 12 customs sold, mine went for £34! i am stunned!

Everyone did such a good job with their customs and i am sooo glad we made such a great amount of money for wellchild!

so 4 weeks to go till ponycon, which means 5 till my wedding... not that i am counting... almost finished with my dress, photos as soon as i am done... and many more after i am sure. Also looks like the weekend before Ponycon I am going to be moving house...finally! Oh and this weekend i am off for my bachalorette lunch and cocktails up in London, and the week after i am off to Carwash with my girls for my last night of freedom as a single lady. so i dont quite know when i am suposed to sleep but im sure i will fit it in somewhere!

much love
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My custom 'Party Magic' along with 11 other gorgeous creations are up for auction!!
go and bid now and lets raise lots of money For Wellchild.
please read all details and see link below......

""UK PonyCon '08 Charity Custom Fundraising Auctions

PonyCon '08 is raising money for the WellChild charity

All profit raised by the UK PonyCon '08 and these custom auctions, will go directly WellChild. WellChild is a national UK charity, providing care and support for sick children and their families, while leading research into childhood illness and disease.

The UK PonyCon '08 invited members of the UK PonyCon '08 forum to create and special custom to auction to help raise funds for the Pony Con '08 and WellChild. As the theme of this year's PonyCon is a birthday party, we chose the theme party for the customs.

The customisers who have made ponies are; Baggins Lover, bp_serene, kaleidoscope29, Lovelauraland, Love-My-Twins, Magick, Nibbles, Paintkitty, peewee, pinkkittywinks, Princess Amalthea and SAMMYTVR.

I would like to say a HUGE extra special thank you to the customisers for their time and generosity.

These stunning customs that are now for sale on eBay and all the profit made going directly to WellChild."" Pinkkittywinks

Here is a link to the auctions…

and a big thanks to pinkkittywinks for organising the auctions. xxx
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So i am OPEN again for commissions now, although i am mega busy with work and Ponycon stuff... oh and my wedding! (and possably moving house in about three weeks)
My wedding is 40 days away and almost everything is done, invites are out there, and replies are trickling in, dress is comming on (i will post pics when it is finished) and decorations are all preped, so that all going good so far.
Work is getting busy again with all the Kids going back to school i have a ton of GCSE girls comming in for patterns and advice, as well as my usual Christmas crafters, so i have had to get all our Christmas fabrics and fancy ribbons out this week. but i moved a few bits around and it all seems to fit in nicely.
Ponycon is only 32 days away (ish)and i am getting quite exited as this will be my first fair, so i am working mega hard on getting all my customs done. i am gonna try and enter at least two of the custom comps and maybe the fashion compitition... if i can find a model... we will see. i have also been cleaning up some of my custom collection which i am taking with me to display and some regular ponies, and some custom crafty bits to sell too.
so if anyone is interested in commission and i willing to bear with me i am happy to put you on the list. Just send me a note here or send me an email with some details of what you are looking for.
much love
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Hello everyone,
well another Wednesday is apon me and it is officailly three months untill my Wedding (omg where did the time go!)my dress is comming on, invites are done, venue and Dj are ready to roll, so feeling quite good about all of that, i forgot how much it takes (i have been married before) and i am sure that this was the reason that running off to Las Vegas seemed so appealing, before mother out law put up such a fuss! I don't know if any of you know but i suffer from P.C.O.S which is a gynicalogical condition which can affect horones and weight loss ( it sucks!) i have been trying to stableize my weight ( i was 18st at my heaviest) i got down to 17st and have stayed there for over three months now so i can start to cut down agiain, i am hoping to loose 7lb by my wedding but we will see how it goes.
Anyway, i am still working on a couple of commissions from before my break, two for Jen ( Chii and Yuna ) and a persona for Arosmithgal, which are getting done but very slowly ( sorry girls, thanks for waiting for me ) it has given me time to work on some of my own pet projects, Dita Von Teese pony and more Care bears and cousins. and a few G3 twinkle eyes which will be for Ponycon UK in October. i booked my ticket on Saturday so i will be there, it is the weekend before my wedding though so i might only be able to make the Saturday. So i will be opening again for commissions, but not untill the end of August now.
Last week i through a baby shower for my bestest friend Maria and her gorgeous new Twins ( Amber and Summer ), we waited untill they were born to have the party because everyone wanted to see the Babies. and i have to say haveing never organised a baby shower before i was quite impressed with my self, i made a Twins Banner and decorated M's conservitory with net and baloons, and setout Afternoon tea for everyone. we had a lovely afternoon and Maria and Paget (her husband) bought me a huge buch of flowers to say thank you the next day!
My shop is going ok, i think the "credit crunch" might help us a bit, as more people may get in to a "make do and mend" attitude. but it is still hard to pay the rent when you sell such small things like we do in a sewing shop, you have to sell an auful lot of buttons and thead to make ends meet.

so the point of my Journal today is really to say that everyday that i log on to DA i am amazed by the talent and new ideas i see!
it lifts my day if i am feeling abit down, it makes me so happy when i click on and see what everyone has been up to!
so i wanted to say thank you.

sorry for the marathon Journal, i just was in the mood today i guess.
Love Always
Sammy xxx
Hi Everyone.
just a quick note to ya'll, i am taking a break from comissions from May untill August. i need to devote my spare time to making my Wedding dress.  I have a hand full of comissions in the works to be finished shortly, and i will still be working on Mrs Lovette along with a few personal projects when i need a break from sewing, so i will still be posting stuff.
I will post when i am open for commisions again once my dress is compleated.
Many Thanks to all of you for your kind comments.
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1. I used to be a Cocktail waitress
2. my favorite colour is Purple
3. my fiance and i have the same birthday
4. im getting married in October to husband no.2 (Yes i am only 26)
5. I run my own business, a small sewing shop and i love it!
6. Feathers and shells give me the creeps (even though i sell them both!)
7. I Love The Girls Next door (girls of the Playboy mansion tv show!)
8. i have three tattoo's.... soon to be four!









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