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October 3, 2014
TUTORIAL: Expressions and Poses for Dragons by SammyTorres is packed full of wonderful advice which not only applies to dragons, but all sorts of creatures!
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TUTORIAL: Expressions and Poses for Dragons

Here it is!!
My tutorial on expressions for cartoon dragons and a little section for poses and body language. I know it's been a while since I started on this but I hope the wait hasn't dissapointed you ^^ I feel that I've put extra time in this one, since I wanted to make the maquette figurine and lots of illustrations, and I think it's done and I hope that I've addressed most things for you <3

A BIG thank you to :icondraktau: for letting me borrow her character in this tutorial :D I hope I drew her alright 

Another thing I want to address are these Lackadaisy expression tutorials:……

Some of you might know tracyjb but if you don't then I highly recommend you to watch her stuff and perhaps get inspired :3

Images that I've used and found via Google:…………………

If you want more dragon artwork you can go to my group - DCP-Dragoncyclopedia and add it to your DeviantWATCH! 

AND then this to boost your confidence in drawing :)…

YouTube videos:………………

Thank you for the faves, comments and support in general!!
Love you all so much!!
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 

Do not crop and repost!!
Do not use in any way (tracing/copy) for PROFIT.
You are welcome to SHARE and repost with credit!
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Lime-A-Nade's avatar
RiotOnTheDanceFloor's avatar
Thankieees! This helped me sooo much!!❤❤
Xahastarian's avatar
but its so GOOD
tysm! i needed this so much rn
since im doing a comic with dragons
and i cant draw expressions xD
Butterfly--Empress's avatar
OMG I've been looking all over for great tutorials and references for drawing dragons and ugh, YASS! 

You're tuts are just what I needed! Thanks so much for this!
DuskaDoesEverything's avatar
oh my god. where have you been all my life?
Phoenix-of-Pyrrhia's avatar
OMG thank you so much for this tutorial!! ^w^
BlackDragonKill's avatar
Oh wow this tutarial is relly good, i hope you do not mind if i could use it for help i try to learn how my dragons can show there feelings but i am so mad at this o.o so i hope your great tutorial can help me :3
Wyn-de-Weynilard's avatar
Wow!!! Very good tutorial!!
You have done a great job! :love:
Draceon's avatar
Thank you very much, it really helped me out!
Zeda32's avatar
din't know dragons wore make-up
craftydrake's avatar
this helped soooo much
waterystar's avatar
Very informative tutorial, thanks!
Quetzal-Queen's avatar
Very informative, interesting and useful I love it!
GekidoMamoru's avatar
Would be nice to work on emotion x3
Wundertastisch's avatar
Hi Sammy, I just looked and read through all your tutorials and they are really great! I'm in awe about all the thought and detail you put in your art as well as in your explanations of it. I wanted to learn to draw dragons for quite a while now and I finally feel like I have the means to do so. Thanks a lot! <3 I will keep you up to date and might annoy you with questions along the way :D I wish you the best weekend ever. You are awesome!
straingedays's avatar
:D Thank You for all your hard efforts on these amazing dragon tutorials, it's so good to have all the do's & don't in the one spot, and done so well !!
AimiSeni's avatar
Willow-Forest-Dragon's avatar
I realy love this one.... My daughter has asked me to draw her a playful highflying sky dragon. So I came back to you for help and you have not disappointed me.   Thank you so much. 
SammyTorres's avatar
aaaw that's so sweet 
First Kaoani 
you're very welcome! :D
RehQuQ's avatar
Are we allowed to take references from your tutorial? (or even poses?)
SammyTorres's avatar
I encourage you to try make them yourself, but you can use mine as ref and/or study them by copying them (just remember to give me credit thx) ^W^
RehQuQ's avatar
Alright thank you very much ^^ <3
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