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TUTORIAL: Dragon Details

Details like eyes - horns - ears - tongues :)
I'll probably make another dragon details tutorial, does anyone have a suggestion to put in it?

As you might have noticed I used a lot of images that I could find on Google. I do NOT own any of these images and I'm sorry that I can't credit them.

Anyway, this took some time since I got all emerged in my research especially the teeth part n__n fascinating stuff....
If there's anything I didn't bring up or if anything was incorrect or confusing, misunderstood etc please write it in the comments or send me a private note!

Also, remember to go to my group: dcp-dragoncyclopedia.deviantar… and become a watcher so you won't miss out the upcoming advanced dragon artwork, hand-picked to help you with drawing dragons and dragon accessories stuff :3 I will be posting my dragon tutorials there as well!

Thank you all! Love you guys!!! <3 <3

Do not crop and repost!! 
Do not use in any way (tracing/copy) for PROFIT. 
You are welcome to SHARE and repost with credit!
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I found your Dragon tutorials today and they look extremely helpful. Although I LOVE dragons I still have a hard time drawing them. These are the kind of insights that I need. Thank you for sharing them with us. :love:

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Gosh, this is so helpful. You have a very good understanding of those things!

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This great! It has all the little details to keep in mind when designing a beast like a dragon. Really useful!
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really thought as tutorial!
I just react to the teeth: what about shark-ish!! XD teeth are quite triangular and close to each other, overlaping with many new teeth rows. and teeth have great notches to shred some meat, this is really interesting and a nice option! ^^

great job, anyhow!
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All your tutorials are so dang inspirational and they are helping me and pretty much everyone so much <3
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Holy cow this is helpful
CandySugarSkullGirl9's avatar
Holy moly I've been drawing dragons wrong..

Thanks for this. ^3^
Hello lovely,
I've been a fine embroiderer for a number of years. Think 17th century, royalty....if you really want to see, google/image "17thC stumpwork" - that's my specialty. I am moving into more 'textile art' - wanting to create 3 dimensional 'creatures' - based on grotesques in illuminated manuscripts. I'm finding these tutorials absolutely wonderful for guidance for the creature details. Thankyou so much. I really love your sense of humour and lightness as well.
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This tutorial is wonderful! Thank you for the lesson on the functions of each feature, such a great help. Love this so much. 
ArtStude3n2's avatar
This is a very lovely and nicely detailed tutorial. :)
Bluedibi's avatar
This is amazing and really really helpful :D
Amandaloveswaffles's avatar
this is amazing!!! 😨😨😨
anthyrosebride's avatar
This was very interesting and informative thanks I think this will help
patrickstar10's avatar
This one is a great help!
Thanks for this. :P
Wolf-fang4's avatar
I like this reference sheet.
Cayneya's avatar
very useful, thank you 
SeylaTheAngelDragon's avatar
This is really helpful (≧∇≦)/
Thanks for taking the time for doing so (^~^)(^.^)
Will-Erwin's avatar
Heck yeah! Thanks for making this. Have a llama.
Fantastic tutorial!
Lumorix's avatar
Quite a lot of work. Congrats, this is amazing!
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Thanks for that. It was very helpfull.
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