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Sun Wukong

By SammyTorres
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These are some of the stages I see him as according to the books but I wouldn’t say they all are 100% spot-on. In the first book it’s mentioned that he looks like a rhesus macaque so tried to make his fur light brown, red face and short tail. When making these I developed a head canon that his red face changes according to his level of confidence. His red butt tho, is canon. The Great Sage, 3heads&6arms-form and Buddha outfit was inspired from the 2011 TV series by Zhang Jizhong. The paper talisman bears the mantra ǎn ma ne bā mī hōng (Om Mani Padme Hum) that Buddha uses to seal him under the mountain.

If you get the chance to read Journey to the West pls do so, it’s very enjoyable and you get to learn much about the Handsome Monkey King and a bit of chinese mythology in general. Also it’s fun how Wukong gives no shit and kicks everyones asses (or in most cases just kills them)


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If I was to make a Journey to the West animated series, I'd pick this design it is so good

My favorite classic. (I'm East Asian)

This depicts the life of Sun Wukong very well!

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This is the most paws-down amazeballs depiction of the monkey king I have ever RUBBED MY EYEBALLS ALL OVER! It is accurate as heck!!

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haha, thank you so much <3 <3
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Will you do more Journey to the West? I would love to see your progression designs fo the other characters, maybe some of the demons they fight too! Love your art style it fits perfectly with Chinese mythos! Have you been to China? Stay safe with the heatwave!

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I too busy with Patreon and my webcomic so can't say if I'll do more JttW content (I also feel I already did a ton)
Nope, have never been to China - but I'm a little interested tbh
There's no heatwave in Denmark atm, there's a little grey drizzle outside rn hehe XD
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This is amazing!! Hands down, one of the coolest Journey to the West fanart I've seen. Really hope there's more JTTW art to see in the future!! :) 
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I love this so many. Have you seen the higher than the sky project on Tumblr? It's about sun wukong and is amazing.
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thank you!
I have a huge sketchbook of ideas and I just need time to sit down and get started ;w;
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I found it this is so good
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You did perfect work here!
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By the way, I'd like to let you know about a 17th-century sequel to Journey to the West that follows the adventures of Sun Wukong's descendant Sun Luzhen. I'd love to see your version of him if you have time. See here. 

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This is gorgeous! I'm a big fan of the novel and, from time to time, create digital art based on it. This is an example.

Monkey King - Full Body Design by Ghostexorcist

I also like to research the religious and folklore influences on the book. I have several articles on historum. You might enjoys these two.……
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Good to see you here Jim!
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Sorry, but whenever I read this name I think of the RWBY character who shares the name.
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What is RWBY? I see some kind of anime pictures when I google it.
In any case that character is taken from Chinese mythology where Sun Wukong is the Monkey King. He has been depicted in a lot of games and books, even contemporary literature.
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It's a web series by Monty Oum (not sure if I spelled that right) and RoosterTeeth. You can watch it both on their website and/or YouTube.
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Everyone else: Being serious, and boring
Sun Wukong:  Party time and looking great
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the monkey king from day one to godhood
Excellent interpretation of Wukong.
The red color of the face did you for the mask or the description 'Mandril' of the book?
It is one of the best drawings, since many people think of it as 'Hercules', when it is a 'dwarf'.
Other moments:

Sun Wukong drunk with all the wine from heaven
For a moment he owns the sacred weapons of Lao-Tse.
the iron fan.
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I'm not sure what you mean but my inspiration for his red face came from researching rhesus macaques. In the book it's mentioned that he looks like a rhesus macaque. I know the chinese opera mask has a very unique and very intense red color but I wanted it to be more subtle.
Wukong have had many magical weapons in his hands during the journey but he always had to give them back to their original owner. The only weapon he owns is the as-you-will gold-banded iron cudgel.
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