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NestHaus - Emerald Prime (NmS) (BUILD A)
My current homebase on No Man's Sky. Featured in, "Build-A," arrangement, subject to change(s) however so.
[Planet- Lucretia / Star System- Nuanti-Sepprah (4P/1M) (Korvax) (ECO - Industrial//Developing) (PERILOUS CONFLICT LV)]
Lucretia is an icy, large terrestrial world with many scattered islands about an expansive great liquid water sea. It is one of Nuanti-Sepprah's four orbiting planets and does not include a moon. It has, standard level Sentinels, generous flora, and a medium scale of fauna ranging from tiny, foot-tall chumps, to towering mega creatures such as the, "Mantodea Gallus," (Mantis Chicken) standing at 7.85 meters tall, and weighing up to, 367.18kg. It is a herbivore with an ambulatory temperment. In the opposite you have for example of it's 13 creature types the, "Rylaea Java," a fearsome tri-horned, tyrannasaurus-rex looking predator that stands up to 5.95 meters tall, and weighs up to, 250.03kg. Lucretia's primary resources include,
-Frost Crystal
(PS4 Edition)
Schiller Und Jaeger GmbH -- ACP-1XS Pistol IN-DEV
First rough draft overview to the Schiller & Jager GmBH, ACP-1XS "Adaptable Combat Pistol/Weapon," System by O.C. fictional gun company, "Schiller & Jager," based off Heckler & Koch. This highly modular, multi-round interchangeable dynamic platform is presented in first initial model as the original hand drawn, inked & colored interpretation I envisioned. Inspired by the versitility of most HK products, specifically their innovative rail/attachment suite, something intended for this and other OC, Schiiler & Jager (SJ) products.

Fires in single shot, optional, triple burst, or, FULL AUTO, takes a variety of different rounds and adjusts akin to telescopic / kalidescopic mechanisms/devlces. The small arm is one or two handed with dual option(s). The gun is planned to use a series of various, SJ cross-system magazines, which work across several SJ ACW (Adaptive Combat Weapon) families / product lines. Includes standard 12 count mag, extended 22 to 32 mag options, micro-drum mag (64 count), and accepts a myriad of casings, munition variances (i.e. hollow point, NATO, magnums, ACP, etc....)

TO BE PROPERLY SCANNED. Featured with basic, reflexive standard sight using a short range expanse. This includes all existing SJ attachments and 3rd party releases that use the SJ patent toothed railings. The ACP-1XS, utilizing 2, a short one underneath the gun, just in front of the trigger and a longer one running the bulk of the weapon's topside like others.

Ammunition Types Accepted --
- 9mm
- 10mm
- 22mm
- .45mm/cal
- .32mm/cal
- 8.5mm

Variables of these as, (CB, BB, Short, AR, ACP, AP)

Inspiration drawn from such similar weapons like the, Tec9, MAC-9 through 12, HK UMP 45, Skorpion, Kowlhoons AutoPistol, & alike.
The Crispliator Laser (Insynerate ver)
The final form of The Crispiliator Laser platform used by Pistachio Neopolitano. A highly modified, customized variation of the Institute laser rifle, a non projectile, energy based system. Fires quick ejected/load packs of microfusion energy cell ammunition. Maximum recoil reduction, semi automatic firing method, peak damage without overcharging/loading weapon, risking it's intregrity and usage.

I am the shadow in the corner of a cold room.


I am the dark blessing that tingles soft skin, why your hair stands on end.


I Am the sin.


I am the whisper of dusk’s breeze, decanted in ancient urns for thousands of years.


A precious, forbidden dream.


I am the calm of the storm, awaiting at the God king’s gate.


This sin encompasses me.


I am an everlasting nightmare for you.


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Samuel K. Crittenden
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
AKA, Ahx_K!ll3r, Céyorn Hicerni Ahxulla.

I chill, I work, I create. 24/7, zen-type chilling. Technical-inclined artist but involved in all other manner of art forms. I also write from original to fanon work. I love poetry and write my own music as well as engineer and cut/produce tracks, no genre restriction except new country, umph.... Dynamic singer, amateur voice actor. Looking to get into more advanced digital rendering and animation. Do a lot of custom design and layout work as well as general graphic designing including photo edits via Adobe, like programs. I also dabble in acting with close friends since High School. Check youtube channel, ClanCurProductions for such (one of 3 ClanCur channels).

Founder of, Macabre Theory Production | MTP (r) (tm) [Est. 2002] -- (c) 2017. All rights reserved.
Free to join, open collective group.
email. --


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