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Young and stupid
I feel like I grew up too fast
Now maturity is expected of me
However I don't feel ready
What if I want to be a stupid kid?
Let me fuck up,
Maybe get a little fucked up
Nothing too crazy 
Not a lot of trouble
Just have some fun
I know it might sound like a bit much
I just wish I felt happy being alive
I'm too afraid to even try
:iconsammylovesyoulots:Sammylovesyoulots 7 0
Why won't he hold my hand?
:iconsammylovesyoulots:Sammylovesyoulots 1 0
If in my few years of life
I can give you one
Tiny piece of advice,
It would be to learn how to say no.
Not just no. But No.
Mean it,
Scream it!
Take it from someone
who lets it weakly fall from their lips
So many problems,
Hard times,
Sad times.
Could have been avoided.
Say no when you mean it. 
No to that friend,
No to the stranger,
No to that one guy, or girl.
Their anger or bruised ego 
Is nothing.
You matter more
than one moment of joy for them.
:iconsammylovesyoulots:Sammylovesyoulots 8 1
New starts, new beginnings
The year of change.
Growing up feels exhilarating
New freedoms, 
New fears.
Yet I'm a creature of habit;
Reminiscing over the old.
Trying to both step forwards
And not move at all.
I can't do both;
And I can't stay here. 
So the new it is then 
I just hope some of the old follows.
:iconsammylovesyoulots:Sammylovesyoulots 7 1
High Into Reality
I want to get high
Not high                       g
But   h
Climb with me till breathing is hard
My body trembling in fear
Let me stand on the edge
Looking down on the small world we think is so big
Let me throw my hands out, let my hair down
Feel the rain and wind beat against me
I just need to get high and feel alive
Before I let you push me over the edge
I want everything to feel real again,
not this inbetween daze
Feeling like I'm never awake but sleep evades me.
What is real anymore? 
I'm not, I don't think I am. 
But are you?
:iconsammylovesyoulots:Sammylovesyoulots 5 0
68. I
love being able to dream again.
:iconsammylovesyoulots:Sammylovesyoulots 5 0
I just had a dream
A dream in which I died.
You and I were standing
Hand in hand
Kissing while on the tracks
I thought it was sweet.
Then I heard it coming, 
The train vibrating the tracks,
I went to move but you told me to stay
Fear flooded me, eyes widening.
You whispered, ever so softly
"Don't you trust me?"
Holding me closer
Eyes never leaving mine.
Nodding I cling to you for hope.
And when you chose to move
You brought me with you,
I knew I could trust you.
But I slipped
Landing half on the tracks
Train so close
I could feel the warmth of it's light.
You tried saving me
But everything when black.
The last thing I saw was you reaching for me.
So I found my answer through a dream
I trust you, even if I'm afraid to.
It's me I don't trust. 
:iconsammylovesyoulots:Sammylovesyoulots 4 0
1:59 am
I miss you
Seeing you and feeling like I'm walking on ice
I never know when I'll fall in.
I can't say too much, but neither can you
Without the ice cracking more.
What happened?
What do we do now?
:iconsammylovesyoulots:Sammylovesyoulots 6 0
I'm sorry I lied to you.
I'm tired of hiding behind a lie
I'm sorry I couldn't tell you
I know you asked me out of love
But it's hanging in the air between us
Even if you didn't notice.
I'm sorry I lied to you
I'm sorry I can't be honest.
It's best I handle this alone.
:iconsammylovesyoulots:Sammylovesyoulots 5 0
Look Good For You
I took 
an hour and a half
To pull my look together
I wouldn't say I look natural
With black smeared across my eyes
But it matches my outfit.
You're going to take 10 minutes 
To shower, find something clean
Then walk out the door.
I don't mind
I love you for you
But don't whine about how long I take
When I'm just trying to look good for you.
:iconsammylovesyoulots:Sammylovesyoulots 6 0
"I trust you..."
A lost whisper against your neck
"You shouldn't."
You whisper back into my hair
Yet I let you kiss me anyways.
:iconsammylovesyoulots:Sammylovesyoulots 9 3
Once She Left
I fell in love
Looking into your eyes each day
As you used me
    But I swore it was okay
Now I flinch at the sight of you
On the edge of my seat every second
Holding my breath
    And you laugh.
:iconsammylovesyoulots:Sammylovesyoulots 4 2
Mature content
What is love? :iconsammylovesyoulots:Sammylovesyoulots 6 3
My gift
My youth is lost.
I gave it away to a boy
That I thought loved me.
We all make mistakes
Now I'm left empty.
I hope he liked the gift
That is before he left so quick.
:iconsammylovesyoulots:Sammylovesyoulots 4 5
Mature content
My Messy Mentality And Love (or lack there of) :iconsammylovesyoulots:Sammylovesyoulots 4 0
I hope you enjoy reading the creations that come from my mind. Most reflect on how I felt at the time, or thoughts running through my head, along with past experiences.


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hey I'm Samantha I don't come on much but I still do show up here sometimes. I write poetry and am currently writing a book that you will probably never see. I am 19 (20 on the 25th of april) and living with my boyfriend. I am bisexual, Yay bi pride!
I love cats, knitting and sitting by the window when it rains. I feel like I'm an old lady. I work overnights so I'm awake at odd hours. I write a lot but not much is worth posting.
I'm bad at getting around to replying to but don't be afraid to message me! I just might not reply for a week or whenever I get back on.


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Oh no! I-MAGED hacked Sammy!!! ;o; What deviousness has the blonde devil in store for her?!

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Let me tell y'all something though.
Sammy here is a wonderful friend of mine. She's an open-minded gal with a whole lotta heart that she pours into her writing. I've never read something of hers that wasn't intriguing. She's a great writer and not only does she appreciates the work of others, but she's deticated and passionate about her own craft as well. Girl's got spunk, punk. Sammy, I love you, your work, and what you've done with this page lol
Next time my IPad freezes on you when you, I won't do this to you.
Maybe I'll post a journal instead xD
Love you Sammy~<3 You can yell at me for doing this all you want later.
And a side note to everyone else; don't mess with mah Samarama. I find you. I keel you.
Love and luck from your buddy~<3 I-MAGED




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So I know I'm not consistently active on here but I'm usually hovering and checking in. I moved to a new apartment now, it's definitely a step up from my old place. I feel like I haven't had much time to myself. I've gotten a new job and work overnights now waitressing. I keep myself busy almost daily, I've gotten myself concert tickets setting up my friend and now double dates, trying to keep up with friends (failing I feel but when I sleep all day it's hard). I also got a new fishy. The kitten has grow up well so far he's got a sassy little attitude, Gizmo is much happier in this new home with more room for him. 

My birthday is next week and I'll be turning 20, goodbye teen years. I feel like my path hasn't been the typical one people always follow but I'm happy with where I'm heading I think. I just got my fourth tattoo a few days ago. I feel like I'm overwhelmed and always busy but I'm keeping my head up and I feel like I'm sorta figuring out some of this adult stuff instead of just faking it. Still need to go to doctors though and get my license but I'm making progress in my life instead of just sitting and being content so I'm counting that as a win

Happy early bday to me!
I hope you all are doing well
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