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ORESAMA!!! ON ICE by Cioccolatodorima ORESAMA!!! ON ICE :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 2,839 164
[APH] Songfic: Walk a Little Straighter Daddy
I remember looking up
To look up to him
And I remember most the time
He wasn't there
I'd be waiting at the door
When he got home at night
He'd pass me by to go to pass out in his chair

Alfred waited patiently by the door, waiting for his father, like he did everyday, while his mother Marianne tried to coax him back to the table, to get him to eat his dinner, telling him that daddy wouldn't be in the mood to talk today. He didn't listen.  He still had the attachment to his father, the one that he still remembered from the younger days, when he and daddy would do everything together, fishing trips, going camping, or racing remote controlled cars outside.  That's how Alfred wished it could still be.
Alfred jumped when he heard the door lock click open, and Marianne watched  silently as Arthur walked into the door, completely ignoring his son, as he went to flop down in his chair.
And I'd say
Walk a little straighter daddy
You're swaying side to side
:iconnot-the-only-dreamer:Not-The-Only-Dreamer 41 43
Prussia x Reader - Somebody that I used to know
"I am so awesome."
If you check in the dictionary for the definition of awesome, Gilbert would be there…well…according to him, it was.
"Then all of a sudden, the awl so awamzing, spectacular, awl so awesome adventurer explorer in awl of the world, _________ _________,  is about to face her wost toughest journey!
To go.
Even just being a little, cute child, you were such the adventurous one. Always escaping from home to go explore the world. Just to explore every detail and discovery about this world was your main priority…well besides education and other things as your mom would say to remind you. But so, you would always go on your adventures everyday.
Grabbing your well decorated and glittery paper towel telescope, "How are we going to be getting through this dangavous jungle, Colette?" you ask your trusty bird companion as you look through your telescope.
"Cheep! Cheep!"
"You're right!
:iconmysteriousscribbler:mysteriousscribbler 169 39
PrussiaxReader - Somebody that I used to know - P2
"Gilbert! Give it back! C'mon! It's not funny anymore!"
"Ha ha ha! I'll never give back your weapon!" he proclaims from the tops of a tree. "Ha ha h-!…___-___________? Are yo-you okay?" he says as he sees you crouch down, leaning against the tree, with your head to your knees, sniffling.  
"___________! Fu-  Shit! I didn't mean to make you cry!" he says to you as he begins to climb down from the tree to you. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Really! Here! You can have your sword back!" He says holding the piece of metal in front of you.
"...Really?" you whimpered at him.
"Yes, really , _______-"
"What the fu-"
"Well, thank you for returning my weapon" you cried as you handled your sword in your hand as you pressed your foot against him from rising from the ground. "I can't believe you believed my fake tears and sniffles. Oh, Gilbert, you are so gullible." You smirk and laugh at him.
"Well, I don't think so!"
Just as he said those words, you we
:iconmysteriousscribbler:mysteriousscribbler 52 15
GermanyxReader: One Night Left
  "This is all my fault," You cried out quietly, laying on top of the limp body that lay on the hospital bed,"If I wasn't so stupid...I'm sorry Germany."
  About a week ago, you and him had gone out to do last-minute Christmas shopping. While lost in a conversation, you had failed to realize a car comming at you. Germany had pushed you out of the way and saved your life.
  Sadly, tonight was Christmas Eve and he hadn't awaken yet. You remember the terrible scene that stood before you not so long ago and shuddered a bit.
  Gripping onto his hand tightly, you rested your forehead on it," have to wake up. I'd never forgive you if you d-died..." Choking on the thought of him dying, you let out another helpless sob.
  "I-I never told you," Your face grew red and you (e/c) eyes brimmed with tears,"It's this stupid thing. I call it a burden. Anyone else would call"
  Yes, you loved your best friend with all
:iconmikmik121:mikmik121 238 72
2P!Canada X Chubby!Reader - My Little Maple Leaf
Warning: There is swearing involved and some fighting. But this is a 2P story, so what do you expect?
Everyone is the school winced as they heard the usual argument. As per usual, Chelsea was picking on you for your weight.
And as usual, you weren’t taking any of her shit.
A door burst open and you two stormed out, still yelling abuse at each other.
‘GO FUCK YOURSELF!’ she screamed.
‘LEAVE HIM OUT OF THIS, YOU PIG!’ She slapped you across the face, her long, pointy nails scratching your cheek, drawing blood.
‘OH THAT IS IT BITCH!’ You didn’t just slap her, you full on punched her. She stumbled back, her stupid heels not helping, and fell over, revealing her underwear for the whole school to see. You laughed, and she grabbed your
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 682 97
Awkward Gestures (2p!Canada x Reader)
Hello! This story was a request from a DA follower of mine, but I hope you all like it :)
Matt grunted as he climbed the stairs to his bedroom.  Another long night at work had had him exhausted. He didn’t even bother turning on the light as he got there, he just sat on the edge of his bed, took his boots, jacket, and shirt off and lied down. _____ was sleeping under the covers soundly, her chest rising up and down with every breath she took. Matt didn’t know if he should wake her up or attempt to cuddle up next to her. He hated that word, but there wasn’t a very manly way to put though.
She needed all the sleep she could get, and it wasn’t often that he saw her like this, so Matt awkwardly put his arms around her and scooted towards her. _____ placed ine arm around him and nestled her head in his chest.
How had he done it? He was the most violent, temperamental person around here. Yet with _____, things were different. Much different. He could yell and scre
:iconnatural-causes3141:Natural-Causes3141 1,167 213
2P!Canada x Bullied!Reader: Unique
You were different to other people in you school. That's probably why nobody hangs out with you. You were different mainly because of your sense in style; it wasn't your fault you liked rock and heavy metal. It wasn't your fault that you liked a mix of emo and punk style. But people always treat you differently because of that. Bullies always picked on you for being different. And the thing is, you tend to get into fights that the bullies start and always end up losing just because there are more of them. 
You were at your locker preparing for your first lesson before you felt a sharp tug on your back combed ponytail and a rough shove into your locker.
'Here we go' you thought this everyday. This has become a routine thing now. You made your way to first lesson: English.
When you entered the classroom you noticed a new boy in the class. He was wearing  a Mountie jacket and shades on his shoulder length hair that was tied back in a short ponytail. A stubborn curl protru
:iconmagiccazza:Magiccazza 615 147
Canada x BlindMaleReader- No Longer Invisible Pt.1
       Matthew sighed as he watched college students walking, running, skating towards different parts of the campus. There was one thing he would not understand about his life, that he hated so much, and that was how he was treated like he didn't exist. He knew he lived because he breathes the same air as his classmates, ate food to survive from hunger, drank any liquid he wanted to keep from being thirsty and could speak like any other human being. The only problem was his voice, quiet as a whisper, could not be heard by others, therefore he was overlooked many times than not. Another thing that made him question his existence each day was the fact his teachers rarely called his name for attendance. When he received the sheet of paper to sign next to his name, his eyes would shake when he didn't see it.
       The Canadian couldn't understand what was going on in his life of being invisible. Did Fate really want him not to interact with people?
:iconchamirhatake101:ChamirHatake101 176 26
Canada x BlindMaleReader- No Longer Invisible Pt.2
       The three weeks of knowing (f/n) soon turned into a month and two days. Matt had yet to tell his brother about (f/n)'s suggestion of coming over for a weekend, but he was about to. The Canadian entered the game room on the Monday afternoon once his classes were done. He saw Alfred sitting on the usual couch, playing Call of Duty on one of the stations in the college. His tongue licked his lips as he played, staying outside his mouth in determined concentration. Mattie noticed this instantly and decided to leave him be until he finished the mission he was on. He would join his brother once he could but right now he walked around and sat next to him, watching the mission play out.
       The characters the American played held their own skill. Remembering this game, Matthew smiled since this was the only Call of Duty game he ever played. Picking up the second controller, he decided joining his brother wouldn't be that bad for now. So they pl
:iconchamirhatake101:ChamirHatake101 55 5
Do you want to build a snowman?
  (Name), the personification of the Svalbard archipelago, ran into her room and slammed the door. Tears streamed from her eyes. She couldn't believe what had just happened! The little girl curled up with her back to her door and sobbed into her knees. A coating of frost slowly formed over the floor around her.
  She hadn't meant to hurt anyone! She was just playing with Iceland and Holy Roman Empire... It was Denmark's fault really. If he hadn't started pulling on her curl, none of this would have happened.
  You see, like Norway, (name) had a curl floating from the back of her head. The difference between these floating curls and the ones possessed by many other nations was that they weren't erotic zones. Instead, they had strange effects on Norway and Svalbard's magic.
  When Lukas's curl was pulled he sent out a wave of frost that covered everything in a white and silver crust. Denmark had thought (name)'s would be the same, but it wasn't. When (name)'s curl was
:iconbluejayblaze:BluejayBlaze 185 27
My Way Home Is Through You REQUEST
My Way Home Is Through You Singer!GermanyXReader REQUEST
  "Hey, West, are you ready?" my brother asked. He had his guitar in his hand and Feliciano and Kiku were already up on stage.
  "Ja. I'll be there in a minute," I said. I was sitting in a chair back at the dressing room, just thinking. I was thinking of a girl I met half a year ago. She was a fan, like the other thousands of people, but something about her was different. Realizing what time it was, I stood up and started walking backstage.
  "Two minutes until you're up, Mr. Beilschmidt," a stage crew member called as I passed him. I frowned at the formal name, but hurried onto the stage, nonetheless.
  "Ve~ Doitsu, hurry and warm up! We're about to start," Feliciano said, tuning his bass guitar.
  "Hai, if you don't hurry, we will be late," Kiku called softly. I could barely hear him over the crowd of roaring fans, but that was probably because he was already sitting behind
:iconxtwisted-minds:xTwisted-Minds 19 10
Papas!BTT x Tween!Reader [ What Did You Do? ]
Full Title: Papas!BTT x Tween!Reader [ What Did You Do To Deserve All This? ]
You smiled happily, brushing out your [h/l] [h/c] hair with a brush/comb.
Today was the day.
The first day your Papas were letting you attend school, instead of being home schooled. Your Papas, the personifications of the nations Spain, France, and Prussia (now East Germany), had always been very...protective of you. When you were a young, little colony, they'd seen how fragile you were, and how even the slightest disturbance in your economy or people would make you sick for days on end. But, after a lot of begging, you'd finally convinced them to let you attend World Academy. Your big brothers, Canada, West Germany, and Romano had definitely helped you with begging your Papas to let you go, but the biggest help had probably been your big sister, Seychelles.
Focusing back on the day at hand, you brushed out your hair for what might've been the fifth time before deeming it worthy of being seen in publi
:iconhairbun503:Hairbun503 687 1,832
Germany X Suicidal!Reader: ....The Fallen Soldier
It’s as if the world mourned for her.  The sky threatened to spill its tears on the people who gathered in black and remembered a young girl that was no more.  Most of these people’s eyes were burned red from acidic tears of mourning, but there were a few that kept their true feelings behind of mask of internal strength.  Ludwig had never seen his friends cry like this before, even his brother was releasing tears.  But he remained neutral and did not crack his dead expression.  
“Lud, it’s okay to let it out.” Gilbert stated as he put a reassuring hand on Ludwigs shoulder.  
“I have nothing to let out Bruder.” He responded
“You must be feeling something.”
“I am... shocked.”
“She did always seem happy, didn’t she?”
“Did you notice?” Ludwig asked
“No,” he replied, “I don’t think anyone did.”
“I see.”
“Don’t fee
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 267 67
Spain X Suicidal!Reader: ...The Chimeless Bluebell
Lovino sat on an old, wooden patio.  He had previously ran away from his care keeper, Antonio, in order to avoid chores.  And unlike usual, he hadn’t chased after the child in attempt to force him to help in the garden.  No... the Spaniard had recently lost something very important to him, and now the smile that usually decorated his face, was obviously fake.  With a very bored expression, Lovino looked out at the extensive garden that decorated the land that Antonio owned.  The man was currently tending to the vegetable section, watering tomatoes and picking weeds.  It has been a little over an hour and he was still doing the same task.  It struck Lovino as odd since he always finished in half that time.  
And so, Lovino stood up.  He may not admit it, but he has been worrying about his friend.  It bugged Lovino that it seemed as if he could do nothing to bring back his smile.  He had tried everything in his power... except
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 154 37
Spain X Depressed!Reader: The Sea, Sky, and Sunset
“You really think so?” He asked
_______ stared in front of her.  The sunset displayed a palette of beautiful, complimenting colors.  She took a few more things into consideration before nodding her head.  
“What do you think Antonio?” _______ countered
She turned her head to the side in order to meet his gaze.  For a split second, his emerald eyes seemed to melt and hers did as well.  The background only complimented his features.  His darker skin and chocolate hair contrasted perfectly with the sea of orange that was washed across the sky.
“I agree, it is a beautiful scene.”
The color of the sky did not stop at the broken horizon, but instead spilled into the ocean that the two of them stood above.  It was if they were living in a painting, created solely for this moment.  Antonio moved closed to _______ and slowly wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her in closer to him.  He had convinced himself
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 146 25


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