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Lumpbo Chapter 1
Update: I've thought about who would work perfectly for the Ringmaster: another greedy circus owner from the animated direct-to-video movie, The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina. His name is Roman.
Chapter 1: Lumpy The New Arrival
The next morning, the circus staff and performers were packing up to take the show to another town. The train engineer is oiling the wheels of a little red train which had a long yet short blue funnel which was the same size as its boiler and dome that had two blue holes and a whistle, two blue pistons, two big blue wheels on the side, with six smaller black wheels, gold headlights where the eyes are, and a small bunker on the back. He was just simply known as Train.
Train: I still miss the days of working near the roundabout with Doogal and the others...but at least this job has good pay.
The staff continued loading the tent and props with some of the animals being put into the railway cars. As the elephants, mammoths and/or heffalumps being loaded
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 9 10
Twilight Sparkle (My Little Dumbo) part 2
The next morning, the still silence was broken by the sound of a train whitstle.
Everyone is waking up to load the animals and the equipment on to the circus train, which is pulled by a little 4-2-2 engine named Tillie. One worker puts the canvas on the bear cage wagon as the momma bear settles down with her twin cubs. The other worker is closing the car holding the kangaroo family. The zebras and camels share one car. An elephant named Peggy pushes the tiger wagon up the flat car which end ups hitting the calliope.
Mama hippo and her new calf dove into the aquatic car, though the baby took a few minutes before taking the plunge. 
The giraffe couple walks into the car that has holes on the roof for them tho stick out their necks. When it's time for the unicorns to walk into their stock car, Twilight Velvet looked up to the sky just in case the stork delivers her new baby. But nothing came much to her despair. Night Light tries to sooth his sad wife.
:iconmiketheelephantbrony:MiketheElephantBrony 10 21
Lumpbo Prologue
Disclaimer: Well, everyone, time for another fanmake of a Disney classic, even though I still got The Toon Jungle Book to finish. Here's another fanmake I've been planning to do for a while, practically since I joined deviantart and the fanfiction business, and it's one I have to keep everyone busy with before I get to Finding Oliver.
The other options I had were The Tasmanian Devil of Warner Dame (an all-WB cast of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which turns 20 next month, holy crap!), The Great Droid Detective (which turns 30 in July), or Ga'Hoole The Lost Empire (an all-animal cast of a certain Michael J. Fox Disney film, which will turn 15 next month; but I couldn't figure who to use as Rourke, Helga, Mr. Whitmore, Kida's father or Cookie), so I guess I'll be doing this one. Sure, the 75th anniversary (75th, whoa!) won't be until this October, but I'd rather start now than in the month of Halloween.
Now, grab your popcorn, lemonade, peanuts and crakcer jack, and get ready to see your
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 7 5
Twilight Sparkle the Alicorn (aka:My little Dumbo)
"Through the snow and sleet and hail. Through the blizzard, through the gail. Through the wind, and through the rain. Over Mountains and over plains. Through the blinding lighting flash and the mighty thunder crash. Ever faithful, ever true, nothing stops him, he'll get through."
It was storming all night long but the storm soon stopped and the sky clears to see a white stork flying through the night sky and in it's beak is a bundle which contains a newborn baby. Following the bird are more storks, each one also carrying a bundle.
Look out for Mr. Stork
That persevering chap,
He'll come along and drop
A bundle in your lap.
You may be poor or rich,
It doesn't matter which.
Millionaires, they get theres
Like the butcher and the baker
So look out for Mr. Stork
And let me tell you, friend
Don't try to get away
He'll find you in the end.
He'll spot you out in China or he'll fly to County Co
:iconmiketheelephantbrony:MiketheElephantBrony 5 8
Oh, I... (Scene Redraw) by Human-Writer Oh, I... (Scene Redraw) :iconhuman-writer:Human-Writer 56 51 Sunshyne..! by NekoJackun Sunshyne..! :iconnekojackun:NekoJackun 346 43


SLKTWC: Shy and the Misfits
Here's a small scene I wanted to make for my upcoming parody of Dumbo, Shy Little Kitten The Wonder Cat. In this, I not only wanted to have Tweety to play as the role of Timothy the mouse, but also add a group of circus animals labeled as misfits that befriend Shy alongside Tweety. These include Tawny Scrawny Lion, Saggy Baggy Elephant, Pinkie Pie, Ed the clown dog, and Dunlap the tabby cat cannonball. I also wanted to add Winifred in this as Saggy's mother, but I didn't want to take up too much space for the background. Hopefully the scene came out good regardless.

Shy Little Kitten, Tawny Scrawny Lion, Saggy Baggy Elephant (c) Little Golden Books
Tweety Bird (c) Looney Tunes
Pinkie Pie (c) Hasbro
Ed and Dunlap (c) Me
Dumbo (c) Disney/Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl
Let Me Be Your Wings
Here's something I really wanted to try drawing ever since I drew me and Kira as centaurs!! Since I am one of the few centaurs that can fly(as well as being a Pegasus in my pony form), it really gives me the advantage to fly wherever I please. Not to mention I can share the same experience with Kira. All we have to do is hold on tight to each other and never let go! Also, this song from an amazing Don Bluth classic was more than enough inspiration for me to do this!!…

All except for the song and movie referenced don't belong to me, they belong to their respective owners!!

Thumbelina (c) Hans Christian Anderson/Don Bluth
Sammy and Kira (c) Me of course you silly gooses.
Kira as a Centaurette
Here's a request for one of my watchers and good friends, :icondragonfire92379:! After seeing what I would look like as a pony and a centaur, he asked what would my OCs love interest Kira would like as a centaurette. I think this would be just that!!:D

For her design, her human half would be based on Elsa from Frozen like last time, while her horse half would be the same color scheme as her clothes. I also gave her furry hooves to mimic the draft horse/clydesdale look for her as well. As for her cutie mark, since she can talk to animals as a special skill, why not a paw print with some magic around it. Hopefully she came out good in this form!!
Arrietty Gets Licked
Here's one of two requests for one of my watchers/friends, :iconelsqiubbonator:. For the first, he wanted to see Arrietty from The Secret World of Arrietty to get licked from head to toe by her nemesis, the cat...........forgive me, I have yet to see the movie as well as learn the cat's name.

This is for you pal, the second one will come soon.

The Secret World of Arrietty (c) Studio Ghibli 
Star Crossed Lovers
Here's a request for one of my watchers and good friends, Jorge, aka :iconiseeyoupenguin4:! Here he asked me to draw a romantic pic involving his OC Jorgen and his girlfriend Shanti. After seeing one of his pics of the two, I figured I should replicate it for his request. Hopefully it came out great.

This is for you buddy, I hope you enjoy it.

Jorgen (c) ISeeYouPenguin4
Shanti (c) Disney

Hey everybody!! Here's the plot as well as the cast that I thought of so far for my upcoming parody of Dumbo, Shy Little Kitten the Wonder Cat! The cast isn't final and some are subject to change, but this is a pretty good idea of who's playing who and what's going to happen.

Shy Little Kitten The Wonder Cat by SammyD-Productions

A heartwarming story and a three ring circus full of fun, Shy Little Kitten The Wonder Cat follows the title kitten who was born the smallest of her family. A shy little fur ball who lives up to her name, Shy has become a laughing stock of the circus due to her size and lack of courage. But after an incident during the side show has landed her family in the clink, and a mess of an act going horribly wrong, Shy has now become a clown forced to do humiliating stunts. But with a little bit of hope, friendship, and bravery by her side, it's up to Shy and her only newfound friends, a canary bird named Tweety, along with a group of other misfit circus animals, to find the courage for her to soar above the clouds, and rise to fame as the world's only flying feline!

Cast and characters:

Dumbo: Shy Little Kitten(Little Golden Books)Image result for shy little kitten

Timothy Q. Mouse: Tweety BirdImage result for tweety bird

Extras with Tweety: Pinkie Pie(My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Tawny Scrawny Lion(Little Golden Books), Ed and Dunlap(My OCs in their circus attire), Winifred(The Jungle Book), Saggy Baggy Elephant(Little Golden Books)
Image result for pinkie pie Image result for tawny scrawny lionSammy's Silly Sideshow by SammyD-ProductionsImage result for winifred the jungle bookImage result for saggy baggy elephant

Mr. and Mrs. Jumbo: Mrs. Tabby(Shy's Mother)(Little Golden Books) and Sylvester(Looney Tunes)

Extras: Shy's Brothers and Sisters
Image result for shy little kitten motherImage result for sylvester the cat

The Elephant Matriarch: Goliath(Goliath II)Related image

The Gossipy Elephants: Themselves(excluding the Matriarch)Image result for dumbo elephants

Extras with the elephants: Snowbell(Stuart Little), Isis and Delilah(Krypto the Superdog), Si and Am(Lady and the Tramp)
Image result for snowbell the catImage result for isis krypto the superdogImage result for delilah krypto the superdogImage result for si and am disney

The Ringmaster: Sir Ector(The Sword in the Stone)Image result for sir ector

Casey Junior: Steamer the Train(My OC)SLKTWC: The Circus Train by SammyD-Productions

Mr. Stork: Daffy Duck(Looney Tunes)Image result for daffy duck

The Pink Elephants: The Pink PantherImage result for the pink panther

The Crows: Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, Huckleberry Hound, Hokey Wolf, Augie Doggy, and Doggy Daddy(Hanna Barbera)
Image result for yogi bear and boo booImage result for huckleberry houndImage result for hokey wolfImage result for augie doggy and doggy daddy

Other Characters and Cameos

The StorksRelated image

BearsImage result for dumbo bear

Sea lionsImage result for disney seal character

TigersImage result for dumbo tigers

GiraffesImage result for dumbo giraffes

Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops(My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)Image result for mlp bon bon

Kay(The Sword in the Stone)Image result for kay the sword in the stone

Phillippe (Beauty and the Beast)Related image

Hippos and Crocodiles(Fantasia)Related image

Gummy the Alligator(My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)Image result for gummy the alligator

The Firehouse ClownsImage result for dumbo clowns

Other Animals: Lions, Hippos, Rhinos, Monkeys, Kangaroos, Camels, Zebras, Ponies, and Dogs.

And that's all I got so far for the story and characters. Hopefully you guys will enjoy the story once I start it. The story will start to be released around March, alongside Tim Burton's adaptation of Dumbo.

And as always, thank you all for your awesome support,

Your friend and fellow deviant,

Sam Dufrane aka SammyD91


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Sam Dufrane
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Hi everyone, I am Sam Dufrane. My specialty when it comes to drawing and animation is doing cartoons with my own characters or doing fan art of animation!! My favorite kind of art style is traditional hand drawn animation, the kind that many of the greats have done over the years, most notably Walt Disney, Don Bluth, and many others! Drawing and making cartoons is my passion! To quote songwriter Richard Sherman, it's the itch I had to scratch all my life! Someday I would like to make a career out of it, but for now it's just as fun as an amazing hobby! Hey, I can dream can't I?


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