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Crash and Jake vs. Tiny  by SammyD-Productions Crash and Jake vs. Tiny :iconsammyd-productions:SammyD-Productions 21 8 Love at First Fright Part 7 by SammyD-Productions Love at First Fright Part 7 :iconsammyd-productions:SammyD-Productions 12 6 Jenny Wakeman/ XJ9 by SammyD-Productions Jenny Wakeman/ XJ9 :iconsammyd-productions:SammyD-Productions 22 9 The Creatures of X and Y by SammyD-Productions The Creatures of X and Y :iconsammyd-productions:SammyD-Productions 22 35 Naga Hugs For Rizzy!! by SammyD-Productions Naga Hugs For Rizzy!! :iconsammyd-productions:SammyD-Productions 17 31 The Jungle Girl and the Saber by SammyD-Productions The Jungle Girl and the Saber :iconsammyd-productions:SammyD-Productions 23 33 Murphy The Mountain Lion by SammyD-Productions Murphy The Mountain Lion :iconsammyd-productions:SammyD-Productions 9 22 Animaniacs Go To The Movies by SammyD-Productions Animaniacs Go To The Movies :iconsammyd-productions:SammyD-Productions 41 28 Jungle Boy: Saber Attacks by SammyD-Productions Jungle Boy: Saber Attacks :iconsammyd-productions:SammyD-Productions 25 14 Jungle Sammy and Kally's Jungle Swing by SammyD-Productions Jungle Sammy and Kally's Jungle Swing :iconsammyd-productions:SammyD-Productions 15 10 Captain Hook and Iago by SammyD-Productions Captain Hook and Iago :iconsammyd-productions:SammyD-Productions 22 5 Monster Tango by SammyD-Productions Monster Tango :iconsammyd-productions:SammyD-Productions 6 5 The Giant Kraken by SammyD-Productions The Giant Kraken :iconsammyd-productions:SammyD-Productions 19 10 Crash Bandicoot NSA: Hogzilla by SammyD-Productions Crash Bandicoot NSA: Hogzilla :iconsammyd-productions:SammyD-Productions 18 14 Evil Crash and Jake by SammyD-Productions Evil Crash and Jake :iconsammyd-productions:SammyD-Productions 15 9 SLKTWC: Shy Meets Tawny Scrawny Lion by SammyD-Productions SLKTWC: Shy Meets Tawny Scrawny Lion :iconsammyd-productions:SammyD-Productions 18 9


Winter Madness
*Winter Madness*
Crunch throws wood in the fireplace to make the house warmer. It's winter in Wumpa Island, and Christmas is coming in a few days. Crystal, Coco, and Crash are sitting by the fireplace with Crunch who sat down. Polar and Pura are resting in their beds.
"Can't believe that Christmas is coming already." Coco spoke.
"Yeah. Time really does fly by." Crunch said. He turned to Crystal. "Your first Christmas with us. I still remember when we first met and you join our team in summer." Crystal chuckled.
"I know. And crazy times having been happening. But I enjoy fighting along side you. Cortex and his minions don't stand a chance." She said.
"He always fails." Coco laughed. "He kept trying to get rid of us to take over the world many times, but we always find a way to win." Crash giggled along with his sister. Crystal stood up.
"I'm gonna make us some hot chocolate." She said, walking in
:iconssl13:SSL13 4 1
Crash Bandicoot MM- Chapter 3
   Chapter 3, The Enemy of My Enemy... is Still My Friggin' Enemy!
   “Wait a second Crash...” Coco said while squinting her eyes in the sunlight. She was looking down into a small clearing off of a couple of rocks the two where resting on. “Is that who I think it is down there or am I going into heatstroke?!”
   Crash pushed himself to his feet reluctantly and squinted down into the clearing... his jaw dropped at what he seen. A girl that they both knew very well was trapped in a pulsing red cage made of dark Mojo.
   The teenager, who was a little older than Coco, was dressed in her high-school uniform, jet-black hair spiked up and cut short, and skin was an unnatural looking gray-blue color.  Her name was Nina Cortex. Dr. Neo Cortex's niece.
   Her and Coco where polar opposites... and they hated each other... with a fiery passion... no really, it's scary sometimes!
   “What is that little
:iconspeedofsoundrunner24:SpeedofSoundRunner24 5 4
TLOS and The Dragon Samurai New Beginning Chapt 14
Confrontation in the Tower
The Gang headed into the terror clearing out a large ape that was standing on an elevator. Purple crystals that surrounded the elevator seemed to be holding the elevator down shooting out rays purple lighting.
Spyro and Adir quickly destroyed them as the elevator rose as soon as the last one was shattered. While the elevator continued to rise one ape after another jumped onto the rising platform as the dragon and young samurai dispatched them with ease.
They were temporarily halted as they were stopped at a level with similar crystals shooting rays of lighting to stop them as more groups of apes came from the multiple passageways on the level.
The Group fought off the apes and destroyed the crystals that held the elevator in place. Rising once more they kept their pace to reach the top of the tower they were in. Each level they were stopped by more crystals and groups of apes as they were desperate to prevent them from getting to the top.
The Dragon and Samur
:iconjazz316:jazz316 5 31
Cart Blowing by OhDarnnitJerry Cart Blowing :iconohdarnnitjerry:OhDarnnitJerry 143 59 Yoshi Eggs Daisy by OhDarnnitJerry Yoshi Eggs Daisy :iconohdarnnitjerry:OhDarnnitJerry 196 27 Jurassic World: Indominus Rex V2 by sonichedgehog2 Jurassic World: Indominus Rex V2 :iconsonichedgehog2:sonichedgehog2 272 25 In Harmony both Human and Pony (Second Version) by conthauberger In Harmony both Human and Pony (Second Version) :iconconthauberger:conthauberger 33 21 Baby Cobedra by JoshStudios Baby Cobedra :iconjoshstudios:JoshStudios 4 2 Happy 20th Anniversary Spyro! by Dragonfire92379 Happy 20th Anniversary Spyro! :icondragonfire92379:Dragonfire92379 11 39 Medusa's Victory by LunaHazACookie Medusa's Victory :iconlunahazacookie:LunaHazACookie 60 4 A date under the wishing star by conthauberger A date under the wishing star :iconconthauberger:conthauberger 22 7 Fluttershy and the Baby Circus Elephant by WesleyAbram Fluttershy and the Baby Circus Elephant :iconwesleyabram:WesleyAbram 45 10 Static Ed Gif by TMan5636 Static Ed Gif :icontman5636:TMan5636 24 10 BTaF in Spyro Reignited Adventures Teaser Poster by Dragonfire92379 BTaF in Spyro Reignited Adventures Teaser Poster :icondragonfire92379:Dragonfire92379 17 23 Jorgen and Jumeirah Title Screen by IseeyouPenguin4 Jorgen and Jumeirah Title Screen :iconiseeyoupenguin4:IseeyouPenguin4 2 4 Vegeta by IseeyouPenguin4 Vegeta :iconiseeyoupenguin4:IseeyouPenguin4 6 2


Crash and Jake vs. Tiny
Here's a concept drawing of what's yet to come in my Crash Bandicoot story, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Adventure! This is where Crash and Jake make it to the part of the temple where another one of Crash's enemies, Tiny Tiger resides, and waits for the two to turn them into his own personal shish kabobs. The fight will be a tribute to Warped where Tiny bounces after his foes, and roar and shake to make the temple come down.

Jake (c) Me
Crash Bandicoot (c) Universal Interactive Studios 
Love at First Fright Part 7
Here's part 7 of mine and :iconlpallad:'s Love at First Fright comic, where Cynder takes Ripto's "perfume"

Previous Part:
Love at First Fright Part 6 by SammyD-Productions

Next Part:

This is for you lpallad, more is coming on the way!

Spyro (c) Activision
Jenny Wakeman/ XJ9
Here's some fanart of another one of my favorite characters, Jenny/XJ9 from My Life as a Teenage Robot! She's fun, she's awesome, and she has plenty of weapons. Also the she where she came from is great too!!

My Life as a Teenage Robot (c) Nickelodeon, Rob Renzetti
The Creatures of X and Y
Here's another pic as requested by one of my watchers and best buddies, :icondragonfire92379:! This time, he wanted me to draw Ash's friends from the Kalos region as mythical creatures! These include Serena as a centaur, and Clemont and Bonnie as dragons! For Serena's cutie mark, I just decided to make it an opened poke ball with magic coming out of it. As for Clemont and Bonnie's dragon forms, I figured MLP styled dragons could work for them alongside making their usual outfits their skin colors, kinda like Arthur and Merlin when they turn into animals in The Sword in the Stone, or Kuzco in The Emperor's New Groove. Hopefully these three came out great in these looks! As for the title............I really couldn't think of anything else.

This is for you Draggs, more is on the way buddy!!

Serena, Clemont, Bonnie (c) Creatures and Game Freak
My Little Pony (c) Hasbro
Naga Hugs For Rizzy!!
Here's another special pic I wanted to do for one of my watchers and best pals, :iconirkeninvaderriz:! Since she already gave me plenty of hugs in her naga form, along with her saying she wanted to meet me in my naga form, I figured I should return the favor and not only show myself to her, but to give her a big hug(.............with my tail) as well. I also wanted to hypnotize her for good harmless fun while Tony the python was put in as an added bonus! I just couldn't help myself!

This is for you Riz, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did drawing for you!! 

Human Riz (c) IrkenInvaderRiZ
Naga Sammy, Tony the Python (c) Me

Summer is looking awesome when it comes to movies!!!! You can definitely tell with what's coming up so far!!!

First is a couple of things to come from Disney, with the first being Pixar's return of The Incredibles!!!

Coming tomorrow, The Incredibles 2 is gonna be an epic ride worth waiting about 14 years for!! Next is a blast from the past with Disney's next nostalgic yet new ride, Christopher Robin!!

With this delivering the same nostalgic and childhood loving vibes that Pooh's previous adventures gave out, this is gonna be a fun and nostalgic ride! Not to mention that whoever voiced Piglet and Eeyore are spot on!! Not to mention that Jim Cummings came back to voice Pooh and Tigger, freaking amazing!!!!

Next is our next helping of Sony's monstrously hilarious franchise, Hotel Transylvania!! 

Yeah I don't care what anyone says about this, Hotel Transylvania 3 is gonna be freaking funny!!!

And last but not least, we're going back to Isla Nublar for another dinosaur sized adventure, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!!

Jeez, a lot happens in this!! Isla Nublar is gonna be gone forever, dinosaurs are going to the mainland, more dinosaurs than the previous four movies is being promised, and the Indoraptor is proving to be even more of a dangerous hybrid than the Indominus! Regardless though, this is gonna be a fun adventure in one of my absolute favorite franchises ever!!!

This Summer is gonna be another great year filled with great movies!!! I can definitely tell!!!


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Sam Dufrane
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi everyone, I am Sam Dufrane. My specialty when it comes to drawing and animation is doing cartoons with my own characters or doing fan art of animation!! My favorite kind of art style is traditional hand drawn animation, the kind that many of the greats have done over the years, most notably Walt Disney, Don Bluth, and many others! Drawing and making cartoons is my passion! To quote songwriter Richard Sherman, it's the itch I had to scratch all my life! Someday I would like to make a career out of it, but for now it's just as fun as an amazing hobby! Hey, I can dream can't I?


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