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SLKTWC: The Circus Parade
Here's the next chapter of my Dumbo parody, Shy Little Litten The Wonder Cat! In this chapter, the circus has come to town! But first, we must enjoy the circus parade!! If you guys are wondering where the song came from, it's from Billy Rose's Jumbo! I figured it would be the perfect song for the parade. Enjoy!…

The next morning as the circus was finally set up and ready for paying customers. The next big event that everyone prepared for was the big circus parade to really draw the crowds in. Soon enough as everyone got ready, the parade started down from the midway to the streets of town as the conductor of the band blew his whistle. As amazing circus music played, Captain Ector paraded through town first on his horse as they bowed to the crowds. "Come one, come all ladies and gentlemen," He chanted, "Follow the crowds and the marvelous parade to the best show in town! So come on down, either walk on over or strap yourself to a balloon. Come down and see the circus!!" As soon as he said this, the band and the music played as a joyous circus parade song started.

Hold your horse, here they come,
Rat-a-tat goes the drum
The Circus is on parade!

Soon as the band passed by the happy crowds, a team of zebras pulled a circus wagon containing a sleeping lion who yawned as he saw the people.

See the clown falling down, 
It's the best show in town, 
The Circus is on parade!

Then a team of ponies paraded down next pulling a circus wagon containing the three sleepy tigers acting like lazy house cats from the night before.

See the monk climb the rope,
Hear the steam calliope,
Buy me a lemonade!

Then a circus wagon came own containing a gorilla. Inside the gorilla angrily looked at the townspeople shaking his cage like a wild beast, but stopped and noticed he accidentally pulled out one of the bars to his cage. Realizing his mistake, he kindly screwed it back in.

Lookey here, lookey there,
Throw your hats in the air,
For the big parade!!

Then a huge hippo pulling the calliope lumbered down the street next. She yawned as the calliope tooted and played circus music.

Captain Ector: We got clowns both tradgical and comic,
And the tatooed ladie's got them on her stomach,
We got a hippopotamus named Leena,
Who dances like a Russian Ballerina!
We got a lumbering, staggering rhinocerous,
Who's preposterous!

Then a rhino in a cage said, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. NYAH!" Then a woman dressed like a tiger with a mane was in the next cage that said "Queen of the Jungle."

Chorus: Hold your horse

Lulu: Hold your horse

Chorus: Here they come

Lulu: Here they come

Chorus: Rat-a tat!

Lulu: Rat-a tat tat tat goes the drum!! 
The Circus is on Parade!!

Chorus: See the clown

Lulu: Funny clown

Chorus Falling down

Lulu: Falling down

Chorus: It's the best

Lulu: It is the best show in the town
The Circus is on parade!!

Chorus: See the monk

Lulu: See the monkey climb the rope
Hear the wheezy, breezy calliope
Ladies buy that child a cool lemonade
and a red balloon

Chorus: Lookey here

Lulu: Lookey here, lookey there everywhere

Chorus: Throw your hats

Lulu: Throw your hats in the air I declare

Chorus: For the circus

Lulu: The one and only Family Circus is on parade!!

Soon enough a team of camels in Arabian attire with performers in Arabian clothing were paraing down the street while chewing cud. One was about to spit his out, but politely swallowed it instead thinking of the townspeople. Then a group of clowns and silly animals paraded down the street next. There were clowns squirting water and flinging confetti while sea lions flopped along the street balancing balls. Others alongside them included a pink puffy pony named Pinkie Pie who bounced down the street joining the parade, men being walked by dogs, and a clown that handed another a cherry bomb. Then as they passed, next came the elephants. As they lumbered past the townspeople, Goliath trumpeted proudly as a singer was on his back with Isis and Snowbell sitting next to her. All of the other elephants had performers and cats on their backs as well. Even Winifred had Sylvester and Mrs. Tabby on her back while Saggy had their kittens on his. Shy saw all of the people and grew nervous, but soon saw that they were cheering and looked happy to be a part of the parade. 

Chorus: Come on and bring

Doris: Bring the kiddies out to see

Chorus: Come on and bring

Doris: Bring the entire family

Chorus: Step right up

Doris: Step right up and do not be afraid
What do you say, on your way
Make today a holiday,
The circus, the Family Circus!!
The wondeful Family Circus is on parade!!

As the song finished, Shy accidentally fell into a mud puddle as she tried to wave and smile. "Mama," she shouted, "Daddy!" "Huh," Mrs. Tabby looked back, "Shy, on no!" "Hold on little Nipper," Sylvester said as he saw Shy in the puddle while the crowds laughed her predicament, "I'm coming!" Then he jumped off of his perch and came to her rescue. As soon as he grabbed her, he raced back to his spot on top of Winifred and asked, "You okay little one?" "Yes Daddy," She said as she tried to lick herself clean, "I'm alright." "You poor little thing," Mrs. Tabby said nuzzling her, "As soon as we get back, you're getting a bath." 

All of the respective characters and stories here don't belong to me! They belong to their respective owners.
Jungle Boy: Kaa the Python
Here's the next chapter of Jungle Boy featuring Sammy, Kovu, and Tony's run in with the sly and devious Kaa the python.

That night, Sammy, Tony, and Kovu still ventured deep in the jungle on the way to the Man-Village. The three friends have traveled away from the only home Sammy has ever known since the storm continued, but thankfully the rains finally stopped and cleared up to show a beautiful moonlit night, now it was getting late. There was a full moon, stars glowed all throughout the night sky, and jungle birds made their night calls throughout the jungle. Sammy yawned as they continued on their journey. "Hey guys," Sammy said rubbing his eyes, "I'm getting a little sleepy, shouldn't we find a safe place for the night?" "Of course Sammy," Kovu answered yawning, "We are gonna have to get some rest for tomorrow anyway." "So why does this tiger hate me so much?" Sammy asked. "It's not just you he hates Sammy, Shere Khan hates man with a vengeance," Kovu answered, "and he will stop at nothing until he has you in his claws before you can grow up to become a man, because of his fear of man's gun and man's red flower." "Red Flower?" Sammy said with a puzzled look, "Kovu, what is this Red Flower?" "The Red Flower in man's term is fire," Kovu answered, "It's a necessity man uses. There is beauty in it, but also grave danger." "That's right Ssssammy, take it from us when we ssssay that it's ssssomething you don't want to mess with!" Tony added. Then they stopped dead in their tracks as Kovu looked back to Sammy, "Yes, because of the destruction it can cause." "Destruction?" Sammy said. "Yes," Kovu replied and showed Sammy and Tony a dead charred looking tree, "This was once a fully grown mango tree, but because of man's red was destroyed, devoured by the red flower. Many years ago, animals of the jungle came to the Man-Village, destroyed man's cane fields and cattle. Then man in rage and fury let loose the red flower and destroyed most of the jungle and many of the life inside of it. This is what the most dangerous weapon ever welded can do to the jungle." "No wonder he's trying to hunt me down, well we can just explain to him that I'd never do a thing like that," Sammy said. "Nonsense," Kovu said, "No one explains anything to Shere Khan." "Well maybe so," Sammy said, "But I'm not afraid, I wanna stay in the jungle, and besides..." "That's enough," Kovu said interrupting him. "Come, we'll spend the night here," he said approaching a huge tree, "Things will look better in the morning my friend." But Kovu just stood in his spot looking back in the direction of the tiger streak he lived with for so long while Tony nudged him a little trying to get his attention. "Man-cub?" Kovu said looking back, "Man-cub." Sammy finally turned and went to where Kovu was standing. 

"C'mon buddy, up this tree," Kovu said looking up, "We'll be safer up there." "But, I don't wanna go back to the Man-Village." Sammy said feeling sad. "C'mon," Kovu said paying no mind, "Up you go." Sammy and Tony looked up at how high the tree actually was. "At that limb way up there," Sammy asked. "That's right," Kovu said. Tony climbed up first, it was easy for him since he had coils to loop onto the trees an slither up with ease. "Ah, this will be nicsssse," He said to them with a chuckle, "Treessss are practically my element." Then Sammy started to climb up, but the tree was too big for him to climb up and he didn't have claws to grip into the bark like Kovu did. As Kovu saw Sammy trying to climb up the tree, he couldn't help but chuckle at his predicament. "Is that all the better you can climb," he said chuckling, "and you want to stay in the jungle?" "It's too big around," Sammy said still attempting to climb up the tree, but ended up slipping, "and besides I don't have any claws." Kovu caught him and helped him out as he himself climbed up the tree. But halfway up, Sammy almost fell off the tree, but he saved himself by grabbing Kovu's fur on his back causing him to roar in pain. "Sorry Kovu," Sammy said as he climbed back up. When they both reached the branch, Tony helped Sammy while Kovu effortlessly climbed up the branch. "Now, try to get some sleep," he said yawning while settling down for the night, "We have a long adventure ahead of us tomorrow." 

But little did the three friends know, they were not alone in the tree they were spending the night in. Higher up in the tree, someone was also settling down for the night. Kaa, a huge rock python, was resting on a tree branch. His long body, measuring about almost 40 to 50 feet long, wrapped around many of the tree branches to keep him from falling. He was a dark golden brown with dark brown spots, yellow eyes, and a light brown underbelly. Like all pythons big and small, he was able to use his long body to wrap around any creature he wanted, an squeeze them to death. But also like all pythons, there was a special power Kaa had. Kaa also had the power to hypnotize anyone or anything that came his way, through the use of his eyes and his voice. He was just about to settle down when something caught his attention. "Kovu, I'm not afraid. I can look out for myself," Sammy said. 'What was that?' Kaa wondered. He flicked his tongue and soon caught a delicious scent. 

Curiosity taking over, Kaa slithered among the branches and heard where the sound came from. He poked his head out from the tree leaves and saw Kovu sleeping on the branch below him. 'Kovu,' Kaa thought to himself, 'What is that loner lion doing all the way out here?' Then he turned and his eyes widened as he saw Sammy playing with a stick while Tony curled around a branch and fell asleep next to him. 'Ooh, who is thissss tassssty little morsel?' Kaa thought smacking his lips at the sight of him. As Sammy continued playing with his stick, Kaa slowly slithered from a safe distance examining the boy. 'Hmmm, he would be the perfect ssssnack for the evening,' Kaa thought to himself but smiled at what he was thinking about next, 'but I don't think his friendssss will mind if I have a with him firsssst.' Getting a closer look at the two, Kaa smacked his lips at the sight of him. He turned and saw Kovu and Tony sleeping soundly. 'Good, the two are ssssound asleep. It will be easy to lure the boy into my grassssp,' Kaa thought to himself. He smiled slyly as he slithered over to Sammy. "Ssssay now," Kaa hissed as he slithered over to Sammy, "What have we here?" Sammy turned and saw the big snake staring at him and undulating around him. Sammy scrunched his face and stuck his tongue out at him, then he ignored the python and went back to playing with his stick. Chuckling, Kaa got right into Sammy's face and said, "It's a man-cub, a delicioussss man-cub." "Oh go away and leave me alone," Sammy said shoving Kaa away from him. Surprised by this, Kaa thought to himself, 'He is sssstrong for his sssstature.' Half asleep, Kovu said to Sammy, "It's just what I should do, but I'm not. Now please go to sleep man-cub." Ignoring the sleeping lion, Kaa turned and smiled at the man-cub as he wrapped his tail gently around his chest and covered his mouth to keep from shouting. Sammy started to panic from this, but Kaa soon started to lift him up as he said to him, "Why don't we go ssssomewhere more private." Then as the huge snake lifted him up into a higher branch, Tony soon woke up an noticed Sammy was gone. "Ssssammy?"

From up above, Kaa soon giggled as he removed his tail from Sammy's mouth. "Hey!" Sammy said, "Let me go!!" Chuckling, Kaa said to him, "Don't worry man-cub. Trusssst in me." As he said this, spirals appeared in his eyes while Sammy just looked sceptical while lurching his head away from the snake. "It is sssso nice to ssssee you," Kaa added, "I'm a friend." "Somehow I'm finding it a hard time to believe you." Sammy said as Kaa put him on the branch. "I hear you wanna sssstay in the jungle," Kaa said as he put a coil on his shoulder, "With me, you can sssstay here forever." "You wanna eat me," Sammy said as he shove the coils away from him. Chuckling, Kaa got close to him as he hissed, "That's not true, I just wanna play with you. Although mother ssssays I shouldn't play with my food. Heeheehee, you'll see, it's a ssssplenid game." As Tony slowly inched his way up to Kaa's branch, he gasped in horror from this as he said to himself, "I gotta wake up Kovu." Soon a song started to play as Kaa immoblilized Sammy and locked his eyes on the boy. "Don't worry dinner, I mean, uh, man-cub. Let's sssstart the game."

I can slide, I can swirl,
I can twist and I can twirl.

I can slither, smooth and slow,
you will see just what I show
I am in the mood to play with my food.

As Kaa danced and slithered around the boy, he hypnotized him and let the boy dance alongside the massive snake. "That was ssssuperb little one," Kaa commented, "But now it's time to get sssserious!" Then he made the boy walk from the tree branch onto his long body. Kaa soon formed a long slide made out of his coils as he continued to sing his playful yet deadly song.

I have spark, I have charm,
I know painless ways to harm.

Look right in- to my eyes.
Let yourself be hypnotized.
I am in the mood to play with my food.

Then he smiled slyly, then his smile turne wicked as his tail made it's way towards the boy, slowly wrapping him up. "You're almost within my power, but that'ssss enough," Kaa said as his tail reached Sammy's neck and cut off his ability to speak. Meanwhile down below, Tony slithered up to Kovu an trie to stir him awake. "Kovu, wake up Kovu!!" Tony said, but it didn't work. Then he went over to his tail and said, "This may ssssting a little." Then he bit into it jolying Kovu awake by this. "Ouch!!! Tony, what's the big idea!?!" he roared. "It's Ssssammy," Tony said in a panic, "He's in trouble."

Sway, with me.
Sleep, little Ssssammy.
I am in the mood to play with my food.

As he licked his lips, Kaa opened his jaws wide as his song finished and was ready to slide the boy down his throat. "KAA," Kovu shouted, "Hold it Kaa!!" Kovu climbed up the branch and raced over to them an just in time, the lion smacked Kaa's upper jaw making him conk his head on the branch above him and dropped his massive coils onto the branch, snapping the boy out of the trance. Shaking his head in pain, Kaa said, "My sinussss." Angry at what Kovu just did, Kaa slithered over to him hissing, "You have just made a sssserious misssstake my friend, a very sssstupid misssstake." "You had no right to take my friend Kaa, you had NO RIGHT," Kovu roared. "Yeah," Tony hissed right back, "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with yur food?" Angry at this, Kaa's eyes flooded with colorful spirals again, while he also grabbed Tony and flung him over to Sammy ignoring the tiny snake. As he turne his attention back to the lion, Kovu grew scared as he tightly closed his eyes at this sight. "Look me in the eye when I'm sssspeaking to you," Kaa said as Kovu made the mistake of opening one of his eyes. Whimpering, Kovu's eyes started to form the same spirals as he pleaded for mercy, "Please Kaa." "BOTH eyes if you pleasssse," Kaa hissed as he completely hypnotized him.

Shocked by this, Sammy quickly scrambled out of the coils after shaking off the dizziness from his trance, and tried to think of a way to save Kovu. He stepped out of the coils as Tony smiled as a plan formed in his head. Then Tony slithered up to Sammy's shoulders whispering his plan. Then pointed to the massive coils as the two smiled. Making a sly smile, Kaa stared at Kovu while he smiled stupidly completely hypnotized. "You have jusssst ssssealed your doom, " Kaa hissed as he slithered closer to Kovu and started to unhinge his jaw ready to swallow him whole. Then Sammy shoved Kaa's coils off of the tree branch. Not seeing what he did, Kaa soon found himself flying and unraveling from his tree. Then he wailed as he fell out of the tree. He smacked his head and chin several times as he unwound from many of the branches until he finally landed on the ground in a massive heap of his coils with a thud as he said, "Ooh."

Laughing at this sight, Sammy and Tony turned their attention back to Kovu as he was still deep in a state of hypnosis. "Look Kovu, look! Kovu? Wake up Kovu," Sammy said as he shook him out of the trance. "Huh, what?" Kovu said looking around and confused. Angrily taking his leave, Kaa slithered away muttering to himself, "Ooh, first I lose my dinner, an now my ssssinuses are stuffed!! I should've lisssstened to my mother!" But he was suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. Kaa turned and saw why he was stopped, his tail had a huge knot in it and was caught between bamboo trees. Laughing, Sammy said, "Kovu he's got a knot in his tail!" Angry, Kaa mocked Sammy in a high voice saying, "He's got a knot his tail." Then he started to pull. He struggled to get his tail free from the trees. When he finally pulled free, his coils got all tangled up. Wimpering, Kaa slithered off saying, "Oooh, this is going to sssslow down my sssslithering." With that, Kaa slithered off dragging his tangled up coils and knotted up tail as he disappeared into the jungle. "Ha!! Good one Ssssammy," Tony said as they both laughed at this until they saw Kovu. He wasn't too happy about this and was stern at Sammy's behavior. "So you can look out for yourself can you?" he said, "So you want to stay in the jungle do you?" "Yes," Sammy answered, "I want to stay in the jungle." "Now for the last time, go to sleep!" Kovu said. Tony just said nothing as he went back to sleep while Sammy just sat in his spot scowling. But he finally fell asleep as Kovu muttered to himself and drifted off to sleep again, finally getting some peace and quiet for the night.

The stories and shows mentioned don't belong to me, they belong to their respective owners!

Jungle Sammy, Rajah, Harimau, Kelabu, Putri, Tony the python (c) Me
The Jungle Book (c) Rudyard Kipling and Walt Disney
The Lion King (c) DIsney
Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, Lou (c) Diana Young, Fox
Tarzan (c) Edgar Rice Burroughs, Disney
TCMPB: Auntie's Talk/I Just Can't Wait to be King
Here's the next chapter of mine and :icondragonfire92379:'s collab story, The Centaur Moon Princess Book. In this, we see Serena having a talk with her Aunt Nehelenia, finding out that the dark shadowy place beyond their borders is a mammoth graveyard. But as she and Darien(her best friend) get permission to secretly go there, they sing a song as a diversion in order to lose Lunar, who's watching the two. 

Later that day, Nehelenia was trotting off to her spot on the rock. As she was near a cliffside, she kicked a piece of bone off the cliff as she trotted to her spot. Just then, Serena appeared behind her. "Hey Auntie Nehelenia!" she sai excitedly, "Guess what?" "I despise guessing games." the grumpy centauress said to herself. "I'm gonna be queen of Moon Rock someday." Serena said with a giggle. "Oh, good for you." Nehelenia said sarcastically towards her. "My mom just showed me the whole kingdom," Serena added, "And I'm gonna rule it all, heehee." "Well yes," Nehelenia said, "Do forgive me for not leaping for joy, my niece. Bad back you know." With that, she grumpily layed down on the ground in the sun. "Say, Auntie. Mind if I ask you a question?" Serena asked. "And what would that be?" Nehelenia asked. "When I'm queen, what will that make you?" Serena asked. "A harpy's Auntie." Nehelenia answered.

Chuckling, Serena got on the ground next to her and said, "You're so weird." Then Nehelenia looked at her and said, "You have no idea my niece.........So, you're mother showed you the whole kingdom, eh?" "Everything," Serena said."She didn't show you what was on the rise of the northern border, did she?" Nehelenia asked. "Well, no." Serena answered, "She said I can't go there." "And she's absolutely right, my niece." Nehelenia added, "Far too dangerous, only the bravest centaurs go there." "Well, I'm brave..........most of the time," Serena said. "What's out there?" "Oh no no no, Serena," Nehelenia said, "I just simply can't tell you." "Why not?" Serena asked. "Oh Serena, my dear, I'm only looking out for the well being of my favorite niece." Nehelenia said as she rubbed the top of her head. "Yeah right," Serena chuckled, "I'm your only niece." "All the more reason for me to be protective," Nehelenia added, "Besides, a mammoth graveyard is no place for a young princess.......Oopsie." "A mammoth what? Ooh," Serena said with an excited expression. "Oh dear I said too much," Nehelenia said with a worried look, "Oh, no matter. I suppose you would've found out sooner or later." Just then she pulled Serena in her embrace, "Just do me a little favor, promise me you won't ever visit that dreadful place." "No problem," Serena said to her. "That's a good dearie," Nehelenia said as she let her go, "Now run along and have fun. Just remember, it's our little secret." As she saw Serena leave, she smiled slyly while going back to her spot on the rock.

Meanwhile in another part of Moon Rock, Serena galloped to where her father and her friend Darien with his mother as they were near hot springs bathing and basking. Darien was a young male centaur who had a green coat and a black tail and hair. He also had a cutie mark that resembled a mask and a red flower. "Hey Daddy," Serena said. "Hey sweetheart," Atlas greeted to her. "Hey Darien," she said as she turned to her friend. "Oh hey Serena." Darien said as he noticed her. "Come on, I heard about this great place." Serena whispered. "Love to Serena, but I'm kind of the middle of a bath." "And it's time for yours," Atlas added as she brought into one of the springs. "Woah, Dad!" She said, "You're messing up my hairdo!" Atlas only responded with a smile. As she got out, she dried off and said, "Alright I'm clean, can we go now?" "So, where are we going?" Darien asked, "It better not be any place dumb." "Oh no, it's really cool," Serena said. "So, where is this really cool place?" Atlas asked. "Oh, um, over by the waterhole." Serena answered. "The waterhole?" Darien said puzzled, "What's so great about the waterhole?" "I'll show you when we get there," Serena whispered to him. "Oh..........okay," Darien said, "Hey ma, can I go with Serena?" "What do you think Atlas?" she asked. "Well," Atlas responded. "Please?" Both Serena and Darien asked with big eyes. "It's alright with me," Atlas answered. But as they cheered and went on their way, he said, "As long as Lunar goes with you." "Oh no," Serena said, "Not Lunar."

As they were on their way, they both were heading to the waterhole while Lunar was up front flying overhead. "Alright, step lively now," he said, "The sooner we get to the waterhole, the sooner we can leave." As he was flying, Darien whispered, "So tell me, where are we really going?" "A mammoth graveyard," Serena whispere back. "Wow!" "Ssssshhh!!!" Serena said quickly, "Lunar, remember?" "Oh right, sorry," Darien said to her, "So how are gonna ditch the radar guided mouse with wings?" As they were talking, Lunar saw them and couldn't help but feel happy for them. The he swooped down to the both of them as he said, "Aww, just look at you two. Two lovely seeds of romance blossoming in the kingdom, why your parents are going to be thrilled." They both looked with puzzled faces as he continued, "What with you two being betrothed and all that." "Be-what?" Darien asked puzzled. "Oh you know," Lunar answered, "Betrothed, intended, or at least in Bambi's terms, twitterpated." But the two were still puzzled with what the bat was trying to say. "Meaning?" Serena asked. "One day you two are going to be married." Lunar said happily. Soon the two gagged at the thought. "WHat, are you nuts!?!" Darien asked him. "Yeah Lunar, I can't marry him. He's my friend," Serena added. "Yeah, it'd be too weird," Darien said. "Well sorry to burst your bubble, but you two turtledoves have no choice." Lunar said to the two with wings crossed, "It's a tradition that's passed down generation to generation." "Well when I'm made Queen, that'll be the first thing to go." Serena said to Darien with a wink. "Uh uh uh uh," Lunar said, "Not as long as I and the other advisors are around." "Well in that case you're fired." Serena said to him. "Ha, nice try princess," Lunar said cheekily, "But only the Queen can do that." "We'll, she is the future Queen," Darien pointed out. "Yeah," Serena said, "So you'd have to do what I tell you." "Hmph! Not yet I don't," Lunar said irritated, "And with an attitude like that, you're shaping up to be a pretty pathetic queen indeed." Soon a song started to commence as Serena answered, "Well, not the way I see it."

Serena: I'm gonna be a mighty queen
So enemies beware

Lunar: Well, I've never seen a queen of beasts

With quite so poofy hair

Serena: I'm gonna be the main event

Like no queen was before
I'm brushing up on looking down
I'm working on my roar

As Serena scared the bat into a mud puddle, he dried himself off with what he thought was a leaf, but saw that it was a wing belonging to a red winged centaur. Angry, the winged centaur swatted the bat with the wing he was using to dry off sending Lunar flying.

Lunar: Thus far, a rather uninspiring thing

Serena: Oh, I just can't wait to be queen

As Lunar bounded along a river, flamingos flew as the two centaurs bouned along the water.

Lunar: You've rather a long way to go, young master, if you think-

Serena: No one saying, "do this"

Lunar: Now when I said that, I

Darien: No one saying, "be there"

Lunar: What I meant was

Serena: No one saying, "stop that"

Lunar: Look, what you don't realize

Darien: No one saying, "see here"

Lunar: Now see here!

Serena: Free to run around all day

Lunar: Well, that's definitely out

Serena: Free to do it all my way

As they bounded across the savannahs of the kingdom, Lunar irritattingly flew after them. As he caught up with them, he was about to talk with them sternly, but crashed into a mammoth instead.

Lunar: I think it's time that you and I

Arranged a heart to heart

Serena: Queens don't need advice

From little fruit bats for a start

Lunar: If this is where the monarchy is headed

Count me out
Out of service, out of Enchantia
I wouldn't hang about, AAH!!
This child is getting wildly out of wing

Serena: Oh, I just can't wait to be queen

Soon the two centaurs were amongst the other centaurs now along with ponies, gryphons, mammoths, and other creatures. As he was about to try and sternly talk some sense into them, he was met with creatures stomping all over him.

Serena: Everybody look left

Everybody look right
Everywhere you look I'm
Standin' in the spotlight

Lunar: Not yet!

Creatures: Let every creature go for broke and sing

Let's hear it in the herd and on the wing
It's gonna be Queen Serena's finest fling

As they all gathered together, the creatures all formed a giant tower amongst them while Darien and Serena were up on top as they attempted to bring the song to a close.

Oh, I just can't wait to be queen

Oh, I just can't wait to be queen
Oh, I just can't wait to be queen

But as they finished, the tower began to topple over and it soon turned into a pile of creatures that landed right smack on top of lunar who somehow ended up on the bottom and underneath the butt of a mammoth. Soon the two centaurs took off as the other creatures left Lunar underneath the mammoth. "I beg your pardon madam but, GET OFF!!" He yelled, but soon realized he was all alone," Serena? Darien?"

None of the characters and stories mentioned don't belong to me, they belong to their respective owners.

Lunar (c) Dragonfire92379
Serena and Darien (c) Toei Animation

Wayside School Musical: The Magic Stone
Here's the next chapter for mine and :iconohyeahcartoonsfan:'s collab story, Wayside School Musical!! Enjoy!

The next day, things were going like they normally would as usual at Wayside Middle School. As the day started out at the school, Todd was gathering his utensils and books for his first class. As he closed his locker door, he got a jumpscare from Maurecia. As he looked at him with a creepy fan girl smile, she had a DVD copy of the Middle School Musical movie in her hands, was wearing a leather jacket similar to one of the movie's characters, and was wearing a helmet that had the movie's initials on the front. "Uh..........hey Maurecia," Todd said, "What's uh........going on?" "Oh my gosh Todd!" she answered, "Did you hear the news?" "What news?" Todd asked. "They just released the extended PG rated anniversary edition of the tween sensation, Middle School Musical!!! On DVD and Blu-ray!!!" Maurecia said with a squeal, "Featuring bloopers, outtakes, deleted scenes never shown in the original G rated version, and two extra songs! An awkwardly inserted new number, and a love ballad. I'm thinking of making the ballad our song."

"Hehehe, I see you're loving the musical since I showed it to you eh?" Todd said nervously. "I know!!," Maurecia added, "Aren't you as excited about this as I am!?!" "What, no." Todd answered. This soon made Maurecia's smile go to a frown as she whimpered saying, "Whaaaaat?" "Look, I'm sorry Maurecia." Todd added, "If you enjoy it and get invested in the atmosphere of it all, that's great. Go right ahead, but like I said, I'm not a fan of musicals. Too unrealistic, remember?" "Okay Todd," Maurecia said as she took a deep breath, "If you won't love this amazing series like I do.......... THEN I'LL MAKE YOU!" She soon angrily smacked him with a clenched fist. "OW!!!" Todd yelped, "Maurecia!! WHat the heck!?!" "Hurts doesn't it?" Maurecia said with a smug grin, but was met with a smack to the shoulder. "Uh!!! You can't hit me, I'm a girl!!" Maurecia angrily said to him, "And watch the jacket!!! This is something reminiscent to what the mean girl wore in the movie!!!" Soon enough, a vicous brawl between the two commenced. 

"Maurecia, STOP!!!" Todd yelped as he was getting beaten by her. "Not until you develop a love for this amazing movie!!" Maurecia shouted as she continued to hit him, "Learn to love it Todd!! LOVE IT!!!" They hit and battled each other until the flopped and found themselves into the hallway. They soon stumble upon Jenny, who had a shiny pink rock. Jenny soon stumbled upon the two who were sprawled onto the floor while looking bruised and ruffled. "Woah, are you two okay?" she asked. "Oh, we're fine Jenny." Maurecia said as she got up and dusted herself off while doing the same to Todd, "Just a little friendly disagreement." "Yeah, that was friendly alright," Todd said sarcastically. Soon Maurecia changed the subject once she saw the pink rock in Jenny's hands. "Hey, what's that thing?" she asked. "Oh, this is just my magic stone." Jenny answered. "Magic stone," Todd said, "Ow, you can't be serious." "Oh I'm serious Todd, as serious as a shark attack." Jenny answered as she showed the two the stone. "Legend has it that whoever touches the magic stone whilst they make a wish, it'll come true!"

Jenny: When you wish on a Magic Stone,
It coul be the best thing ever known.
When you wish on a Magic Stone,
your fantasy comes true
When you wish on a Magic Stone,
life can be as great as a dog with a bone.
shiny things, maybe a new cell phone,
a marvelous fondue.
A shiny rock is a genie with gray skins,
just one act of kindness and the wonder begins.
When you wish on a Magic Stone,
don't be dumb and change your tone.
When you wish on a Magic Stone,
no matter what you do.
Cause when you wish on a Magic Stone,
what you get is magic prone.
When you wish on a Magic Stone,
then your wish comes true!

As her eyes grew big and twinkled with excitement, Todd just brushed it off and realized what time it was. "Oh jeez I can't deal with this right now. I'm already late!" Todd said, "I gotta go guys, see you later!" "So you say that if I touch this rock, I can make any wish that I want?" Maurecia asked. "Oh come on Maurecia," Jenny said as she chuckled, "The whole song was the instructions!" "May I?" Maurecia asked. "Certainly." Jenny said as she handed Maurecia the rock, "Just remember to hold it as you say it." "Alright. You know what I wish for?...........I wish for Wayside Middle School become, Wayside School Musical!" Maurecia chanted as she held the rock, "Then Todd will have to appreciate how fun it is to want to be in a musical!" Just then music played as the wish was granted. "Oohoohoohoohoo," Maurecia chuckled, "This is gonna be good."

Wayside (c) Louis Sachar and Nelvana
My Gym Partner's a Monkey (c) Julie McNally Cahill and Tim Cahill, Cartoon Network 
High School Musical (c) Disney
Red the Robin Concepts
Here are some new concepts I wanted to draw for my Sonic OC, Red the Robin, since I haven't drawn him in a while. These include a normal pose, a couple of faces he's making, a shot of him flying, him with all of the chaos emeralds(and Rouge looking at this from behind), and since I couldn't think of anything else, just draw a silhouette of a bird.

Red the Robin (c) Me
Rouge the Bat, Sonic the Hedgehog (c) Sega and the Sonic Team

Sammy(Cartoon Me)

Just a Cartoon Version of Me by SammyD-ProductionsMe as a Jungle Boy by SammyD-ProductionsMe as a Naga by SammyD-ProductionsMe as a Centaur by SammyD-Productions

Loosely based on yours truly, Sammy's cartoon alter ego is a character who not only loves to draw, eat, sleep, swim, and lots of other things, but also spend time with his cartoon pals and fellow deviants both old and new!! Throughout his Deviantart lifestyle, Sammy has made quite the jump with his storytelling and world jumping!! Not only that, but his appearance would change as well!! Not only can Sammy be a human, but he's also changed into lots of other things, including a jungle boy, a luck dragon, a cowardly dog, a kangaroo, a naga, a pony, a centaur, several animals, he was even a T-Rex at one point!


Jungle Boy Stories Concept: Kira by SammyD-ProductionsKira as a Centaurette by SammyD-ProductionsSammy and Kira Ponified by SammyD-Productions

Based upon Elsa from Frozen, Jane from Tarzan, and Shanti from The Jungle Book, Kira evolved from a girl from the village in Jungle Boy, to a love interest to Sammy. She has the ability to talk to animals, setting her apart from other humans she lived with, but Sammy loves her despite this special talent. 

Ed the Dog and Dunlap the Cat

Ed and Dunlap by SammyD-ProductionsCat Kong vs Dogzilla by SammyD-ProductionsThe Main Three by SammyD-ProductionsSLKTWC: Shy and the Misfits by SammyD-Productions

One is a smart-alek cat, and the other is a friendly dim witted dog. But together, they make an unlikely duo! Based mostly upon other characters from comics including Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, and others, Ed loves to spend his time acting like the friendly canine that he is, while Dunlap would just like to live his life the way he wants. Whenever these two aren't going about their daily lives, they make quite the resume themselves, including world jumping, traveling together, hanging out with their snake friend, Tony, impersonating their favorite giant monsters, to even performing their own acts in the circus. Some would say cats and dogs wouldn't prefer hanging out with one another, but these two can definitely make an exception for that.

Tony the Python

Tony the Python by SammyD-ProductionsTony Hearts You by SammyD-ProductionsBaby Tony by SammyD-ProductionsTony the Python (redraw) by SammyD-Productions

Based upon his other slithery counterparts including Kaa from The Jungle Book and Sir Hiss from Robin Hood, Tony is a six foot long ball python who would rather make friends with others and use his hypnotic eyes for harmless fun rather than to eat and cause trouble. Throughout his Deviantart lifestyle, Tony would often either be content with hanging out with his best buddies or just hang around in his favorite spots in the jungle. Whether it's to join his friends for a crazy adventure, or to hypnotize others for the fun and giggles, you can always count on Tony to be there. 

Queen Ular

Queen Ular by SammyD-ProductionsQueen Ular (redraw) by SammyD-ProductionsQueen Ular Snake-ified by SammyD-ProductionsQueen Ular's Two Forms by SammyD-Productions

She's half human, and half snake. But she's all charmer. Much like her snake brethren, Kaa and Sir Hiss, and the nagas that came before her, Dragonfire's Selesia the Naga Queen, and SYFYNUT's Agnita, Queen Ular(Snake in Indonesian) is a devious and crafty Naga who would often use her long and muscular body, her wits, and her hypnotic charms to get what she wants. Her hypnotic powers are not only in her eyes, but also in her soft and angelic voice, as well as through a snake-like belly dance. Besides her long tail(measuring around 40 to 50 feet long), she also has  other snake-like traits and abilities, including a long forked tongue, razor sharp python-like teeth, and her ability to unhinge her jaws to consume others. 

Murphy the Mountain Lion

Murphy The Mountain Lion by SammyD-ProductionsDo Not Disturb by SammyD-ProductionsHappy Cat Day 2018 by SammyD-Productions

The most recent in Sammy's gang of OC's, Murphy is a cranky old cat who likes to spend his time taking a perfect cat nap, or to just mind his own business. He is also snarky, yet friendly when he wants to be. 

Steamer the Locomotive

Steamer the Train by SammyD-ProductionsSteamer's Passenger Train by SammyD-ProductionsSLKTWC: ALL ABOOOOARD, LET'S GO!!! by SammyD-ProductionsSLKTWC: The Circus Pulls Out/Steamer the Train by SammyD-Productions

Much like the engines he's based on, including a Stainz steam locomotive, Tillie from The Little Engine That Could, Percy from Thomas and Friends, and Casey Junior from Dumbo, Steamer is a cheeky yet friendly little steam engine with a "can do" attitude and spirit. Whether it's to pull his passenger train on his own branch line, or pulling the Captain Ector circus train when Spring makes a return, Steamer is ready for anything that comes his way. 

Jake the Jungle Boy

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Adventure: Jake by SammyD-ProductionsCrash Bandicoot NSA: Jake and Random Concepts by SammyD-ProductionsCTR: Jake the Jungle Boy by SammyD-ProductionsCrash and Jake by SammyD-Productions

Originally the son to a couple that always travels around the world by boat, Jake was separated as a baby by his family thanks to Cortex and his plans to conquer the world yet again. Luckily, his parents saved him from suffering the same fate by sailing him off in the opposite direction in a lifeboat. The next morning, he was found by Crash Bandicoot and his friends, and has been living the good life with them ever since. But something tells Jake, why is he here? Where does he belong? Could he have a family out there? And what does Cortex have to do with it? But despite that, Jake is a fun loving native of the archipelago Crash and his friends call home.

Red the Robin

Red the Robin(My Sonic the Hedgehog OC) by SammyD-ProductionsRed the Showoff by SammyD-ProductionsSonic and Tails meet Red by SammyD-ProductionsRed Saves a Rabbit by SammyD-Productions

As a carefree, friendly, and high flying resident of Mobius, Red the Robin not only shares a similar design to Rouge the bat, Flicky, and the birds from Sonic Riders, but also has a passion for flying and taking on new challenges. Whether it's making new friends or taking on adventures whether they involve the chaos emeralds or not, Red is always happy to take on anything thrown at him.


SammyD-Productions's Profile Picture
Sam Dufrane
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi everyone, I am Sam Dufrane. My specialty when it comes to drawing and animation is doing cartoons with my own characters or doing fan art of animation!! My favorite kind of art style is traditional hand drawn animation, the kind that many of the greats have done over the years, most notably Walt Disney, Don Bluth, and many others! Drawing and making cartoons is my passion! To quote songwriter Richard Sherman, it's the itch I had to scratch all my life! Someday I would like to make a career out of it, but for now it's just as fun as an amazing hobby! Hey, I can dream can't I?


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