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The Summer of Anime: One Vial Down!

Welcome to the Summer of Anime!

Winner of the 3rd poll, gal 30 got drawn once more, and with a much more impressive size this time.  Those vials sure do the trick!  What could that other vial do?  Perhaps there'll be another chance for her to be drawn again- with the other vial drank!  Time will tell!

Gals drinking their vials to grow what you need more of during your Summer?  Consider throwing money at me in support of my art and what I do by clicking me!
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This going to be awesome! Good vial contents must say!

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Booba to the max

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She certainly got an upgrade. Nice work.

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Take another dose

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...But why stop at ONE? You have to verify it works after all. One trial ain't sufficient.

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Very great work :)

chibiBiscuit's avatar

This is quite excellent. :D

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Whoa, that's an upgrade! She looks marvellous!

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WOW! :wow: I love how insanely massive her boobs are! :love:

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