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The Summer of Anime: A Morning Briefing!

Welcome to the Summer of Anime!

This marks the 40th gal drawn for the Summer of Anime!  What a heckin' ton of gals!  This event has been fun and this gal felt appropriate to finish the gals off with.  From this point forward there will be no more new gals.  However there are still several images to draw and to post before the Summer of Anime concludes.  Keep an eye out for more images coming your way!

An officer, well endowed, giving you your morning briefing what you hope to have during your Summer Military retreat?  Consider throwing money at me in support of my art and what I do by clicking me!
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What a gal to end on. She looks lovely!

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>Military uniform >Chonk That hit both of my weak spots for massive damage

Love this soft thicc military officer!

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She is lovely

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I can't say enough how blown away and impressed I've been with this absolute cavalcade of babes. You've got enough here to fill out a smash bros roster, and they are all gorgeous and amazing with their own shapes and quirks that make them stand out. Thank you for an amazing anime flavored summer Sammy!

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This is a great pic! :D I love how huge her boobs are! :love:

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She's quite the strict one. She enforces strong portion control policies.

...No, it's not excuse for her to eat half your food, where would you get that idea?

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