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Journal Entry: Sun Feb 24, 2019, 11:02 PM
⛧gender: genderfluid; i have a tendency to switch back and forth a lot >_>
⛧sexuality: bisexual
⛧height: 5ft 1in
⛧eye colour: blue hazel
⛧hair colour: blue currently / blonde naturally
⛧relationship status: takennn <3
⛧favourite colour: red and purple
⛧favourite song: right now face my fears by hikaru utada
⛧favourite band/artist: fall out boy, imagine dragons, system of a down, etc
⛧favourite youtuber: markiplier & jacksepticeye
⛧favourite food: sushi <3
⛧favourite family member: my mimi (gram) <3
⛧favourite bird: cardinal
⛧favourite animal: red panda or fox
⛧favourite celebrity: eh idk... Chris Hemsworth i guess?
⛧favourite time of day: evenings are nice <3
⛧favourite holiday(s): thanksgiving, christmas, and recently valentine's day <3
⛧favourite season: summer
⛧favourite fruit: berries berries berries
⛧favourite flower: rose
⛧favourite emoji(s): heart eyes emoji and cry-laughing emoji
⛧favourite app: uhhh... facebook and discord i guess??
⛧favourite hobby: drawing, playing games, watching netflix
⛧favourite country: Japan and England
⛧favourite weather: Sunny with a cooling breeze <3
⛧favourite element: earth/air
⛧favourite language: German/Italian
⛧name of your crush: my boyfriend Colt <33
⛧name of your pet(s): Nero (dog), Cali (cat), and Lucy (sisters dog)
⛧name(s) of your best friend(s): Colt definitely. Tiff, Devin, Ricky, and Richard...
⛧introvert or extrovert: introvert
⛧nerdy or sassy: uh.. yes
⛧tall or short: im short, prefer tall peoples
⛧looks or personality: both are nice but i dont care that much
⛧homesick or traveler: i get homesick easily, but would love to travel someday
⛧musician or artist: artist, im not a musician lol
⛧woods or city: little of both??
⛧tv or youtube: youtube / netflix
⛧phone or computer: both
⛧family or money: why not both
⛧books or movies: i like reading, but mostly tent to watch movies
⛧food or sleep: sleeping definitely

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February 24


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