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So I haven't really written a journal here in a few months, but I do visit and sometimes I comment, llama, favorite and submit art.
For a few months I was unemployed which, rather than doing a lot with my free time, I was more depressed.  Luckily I am currently employed and I work in a place where I can work on crafts and also be creative while at work, so it helps me a bit to push myself to do art.  I also have worked on a lot of handcrafted stuff that isn't my usual 2d drawings, so I'm not sure if I'd ever add it here. =w=;

Anyway, I should soon get back to drawing and illustration since there's some conventions coming up for me and JammerLea 

Mini-Mini Con – May 5, 2018. San Antonio, TX
San Japan – August 31st – Sept 2, 2018. San Antonio, TX

We haven't focused on anything beyond that yet, but it's exciting since last year we only went to one... so we're slowly building back up.  Hopefully next year we can add on more.  We shall see.
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(Almost there!)
I hope everyone has had a good holiday season.  Even if you haven't...  I hope you've at least had enough to eat and stayed warm (if you're in the northern hemisphere).  I was totally blessed by JammerLea's parents and they gave me a dickblick giftcard.  I've loaded up on Copic Sketch markers!!  It's seriously made my Christmas that much more awesome.  I do also have a renewed drive to talk less about "doing" art and actually just do it!  

I think I always resolve every year to get better in art, but I do have a kind of real drive and desire to TRY now.  We have a one day convention coming up in May and we have TWO tables to fill of our art... so I hope that'll be some motivation. lol  

I realized, too, that I want to be a better cheerleader and better at communicating with other artists.  I don't outright ever attack artists, but I don't go out of my way to praise artists, like I should.  I mean, there could be artists out there who like me struggle to feel like their art is good.  I struggle with that a lot, so it would be good of me to push to be more positive for others!!

Year Summary
Sammich's 2017 Summary of Art!! by sammich

My birthday is in January (late Jan) so I'm hoping I'll get a replacement Wacom tablet.  (nothing too fancy, but something that works!)  

Short THANK YOU list!!
There's a lot of people that I'd like to thank for helping me out this past year.  Like I'm currently in a rough spot, but it's through the kindness of others that I can live my life.  I'm seriously grateful to people like JammerLea who is nothing short of a saint and who has been there for me sometimes more than family has.  She's a true sister and best friend.  Milkbatty whose words have really helped me in dark times this past year and who knows these struggles well.  Shadsie who has a way with words that is unlike anyone else and a creative force that I've admired.  I regret that I'm so bad at communication that I don't always comment on the really interesting things you do and write about. mallettepagan0 who is always kind and thoughtful.  I'd like to be more like that in this coming year.  Jessami who has their own struggles but has always been kind and supportive.  I appreciate that so much!  yesse-the-hedgehog who has so much more talent than she credits herself with.  She's always been a kind and tough person in the best way.
Forgive me if we're friends and I didn't mention you.

And to anyone else: I hope we can grow as artists in 2018!!
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I haven't really updated my journal entries in a long time. Wow!  

So for a while I was working and lacked the drive for art, but then I started working a lot at a new job and next to zero time for art!  And theeeen.... I kinda quit that job after having a mini-break down.  So that's where I am right now.  Kind of jobless.  My old job left an open invitation, but I don't know if that's what I really want to do.  I'd really like to do more art, since that was always my passion.  My anxiety and depression that sometimes gets stirred with other jobs stops me from being creative. 
Anyway,  what I'd like to do is start some new commission work!  Commissions are OPEN!
You can find most of the info here:

If that's too hard to read, please view this doc:…

And if none of that interests you, but you'd like to toss some coin my way  I do have Ko-fi and Patreon
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I really want to push myself to 1. Draw More, 2. Interact and be more SOCIAL!  These two things are something I struggle with in general.  So since I've had free time after work, I'll try to push myself to draw more and to not get distracted with games or shows or internet!!  It's so easy to do that.  I'd also want to be better at... being a better friend and just nice person in general. lol.  I tend to shut down and keep to myself and then I start to feel lonely and isolated when I'm the one doing it to myself mostly!!  

Is anyone on Discord???  I've been on that a lot.  So I can chat on that, especially if you guys know of any chatrooms with anime/fandom/pairing/art-related themes.  I am ALL for that kind of geek talk.  SRSLY. 

I've been open to requests, so a few might end up uploaded to Deviantart.  I'm trying to get myself motivated to draw/sketch more in general.  If you have a request, feel free to send it, but please keep it to one character.  Keep in mind that I may or may not draw it.  Depends on my interest, time and motivation.

I'm also trying to finish up a commission I've owed for some time to a dear person.  I hope I can finish up "Dream Buddies" soon. ;w;
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I have been watching Magical Girl Raising Project and wow.  It's been a pretty engaging series!  I kinda want to draw some of them, they have cute designs.  Other series I've been kinda watching are Kiss Him, Not Me, Yuri On Ice!! and Touken Ranbu Hanamaru.

On another note, I'd been a bit busy getting prepared for our local Hetalia Day at the end of October, then got kinda depressed over the election.  I've been trying to calm down and focus, but it's been a little tough!  Jam and I are doing a mini local event in early December and it's a hectic time at work, since I work retail.  Ahhh.  I gotta use my time wisely instead of playing with the new Animal Crossing New Leaf content!  (The update is so cool....)

I kind of went through my old friend list and purged a bunch of non-mutual friends and people who hadn't updated within the last 2 years or so.  If I made a mistake, by all means let me know and I'll re-friend.  I actually do kind of want to be a little more active on dA.  (rather than just say "wow, I haven't updated in a while!")
  • Reading: Kiss Him, Not Me
  • Watching: Magical Girl Raising Project
  • Playing: Animal Crossing New Leaf
Sorry, I don't think I've been around on dA too much!  I'll sometimes check the messages and see "whoa that's a lot of messages!" and I'll kind of go through a few and then slink back into the unknown parts of the universe.  
Truthfully, I've been busy with work and when I actually work on art it had been geared more towards things I could sell in conventions like button art and keychains and a bit of prints.  I also do a lot of color collaboration with JammerLea so it feels odd to upload that here if it's mostly her art with my coloring. lol

I hope everyone has had an okay time.  I've been getting ready for Halloween and Hetalia Day.  I love the autumn season!!  
Currently I have commissions open, but it's on tumblr:…
I don't know how the dA commission system works. lol.  ;w;

alright, well I hope I can draw more!  I'm participating in INKTOBER!!  I'm trying to do my best!  I'm always afraid to upload "crappy" art here. ;w;  I feel I shouldn't upload work if it's not very good.  Is that normal??  haha.  oh well.  
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Where has Sammich been?  Is she gone forever?  No.  No I'm not.  I've been busy.  

Unfortunately, I think I got a bit distracted with work and not doing too much art.  I also happen to do a lot of coloring for other projects that JammerLea  and I do together.  So I tend not to post those things.

I'm currently working more on fanart for cons.  I still love Hetalia, but I think I end up drawing things for cons more.  I should probably post some of my other button illustrations here as well!
I've recently been watching Osomatsu-san, watched Gravity Falls, and I'm kinda excited about various new anime adaptations like Kiss Him Not Me, Yuri!! On Ice, etc.  Fun stuff!!  I watch a lot of Game Grumps and I've been meaning to draw Arin and Danny sometime.

Oh I've also been playing a lot of Miitomo, ACNL, Happy Home Designer and Fire Emblem Fates (Conquest, currently).

I also want to give an update on this piece:
  WIP - Yuna and Tidus by sammich  
Basically, I tried to color it and discovered I INKED THE WRONG SIDE OF THE PAPER.  and the wrong side didn't take the colors.  It looked awful.  I had to redraw it.  It's inked and I need to color it.  Let's just say I had a mini-meltdown when I first realized I had to do it over.  lol.  So that's a WIP currently as well!

Well, I hope I'm able to put out more art. Haha.
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  • Watching: Osomatsu-san
  • Playing: Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?   12 Years

  2. What does your username mean?  A sandwich.

  3. Describe yourself in three words.   I am groot.

  4. Are you left or right handed?  Right handed

  5. What was your first deviation?  This.  It won't even load anymore.....

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?  digital

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?  Anything better than my current capabilities.

  8. What was your first favourite? This is the first thing I favorited from Jamie.

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?  Spamano-y things because I'm Hetalia trash.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?  I can't choose just one.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?  I've met people from dA in person.  I live with someone I met from dA.

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?  Um, best friend was met on dA.  so quite a lot, actually.... but dA itself has gone down a great deal in QUALITY.

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?  .... tablet?  digital art.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?  My desk.  it's so.... desky.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?  None.

I've always loved to dabble in free art programs and generally it's how I found out about the current art programs I use.  So I thought it'd be good to list in a journal the Free and reasonably priced art programs for Windows.  (Sorry Mac users!!  Though some of these have Mac downloads too.)
I am specifically leaving out Painter and Photoshop as those programs are pretty high-priced.  Though they do have trial versions.

Alchemy - Freeware, Experimental.
Art Weaver - Free with a Pay option for PRO version at 29 Euros.
Autodesk Sketchbook Copic Edition - A small program with a limited pallette of 72 colors.  More colors available with Pro ver.
FireAlpaca - Free painting software.
Fresh Paint - App for Windows 8.
Gimp - Free software for both photo editing and digital painting. (Sell also Gimp Paint Studio for presets and brushes)
Krita - Free painting program with unique brush system.
MyPaint - Easy open source painting program.
Pinta - Open source image editor and painting system.
Pixia - Created in 2000 and still being updated!  A nice free painting program.
QueekyPaint - Drawing App and art program for desktop.
SmoothDraw - Freeware boasting a customizable toolbar.
SpeedyPainter - Free lightweight OpenGL software with ability to export videos of drawings.

ArtRage - Free Demo version. $49.90 USD for Full Version.
Clip Studio Paint - Free Trial version that won't allow saves. $49.99 USD for Full Version.
DELETER CGillust Neo - Demo version available.  $75 USD.
DrawPlus - Vector based drawing program. $99.99 USD.
Mischief - Free limited version.  $25 USD for full version.
openCanvas - 120 day free trial. $59 USD for full version.
PaintTool Sai -  31 day trial.  5,400 JPY for Full version.  Sai 2 is in development!
Sketchbook Pro - Trial available. $65 Individuals or $210 Business.

Feel free to suggest other programs for this list! 
And I've been here for 11 of those years.  Damn.  That's a long time!
Because of DeviantART I got to meet some wonderful people.  I literally met my best friend for life JammerLea on this website!  It was here that we saw each other's art and decided to make connections and chat.
I've met some other cool people as well!
Through DeviantART I got to see a lot of varied art styles and because of dA I can look back on my old art and see my art transform through the years.
I think there have been some bumps along the way as dA has grown.  It felt more like a small community and I remember being too intimidated to sign up and join at the start.  The art was so good!  Of course, now everything is in Groups, so stuff just tends to filter to Groups now.  The dynamic has changed, but I still want to stay in touch with active watchers.  and I really want to be good at actively watching people too!
A long time ago I used to hate "faves" with no comment, but I grew to not care as much.  I truly do cherish comments, though!  They're rare so it's easy to get me happy with that.
I really hope things improve for this site.
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Just a note that I had a LOT of fun at San Japan this year..... and since it's con season... JammerLea and I will be going to Omnicon next weekend (August 1&2) in McAllen, TX! 
Sorry that this note is so short.  I promise that I am drawing when I'm out of work!  I unfortunately don't have the time to update this right now, but I probably will in about two weeks.

Thanks to anyone who stopped at the table at San Japan. ;w; and just thanks in general to everyone because wow it was a lot of people. (14k) but also there were like 130+ artists and the AA was kinda easy to get lost in. lol

Omnicon is a lot smaller, so that'll be slightly easier to deal with! 
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I know most of my followers aren't located in SA, TX... but!!!!  If you are located in San Antonio (or surrounding areas)  There is going to be a mini-con one day event.  It's called Anime and Manga Art on the Museum Reach.  It takes place on Saturday, June 28th.  It's a little short notice, I know.  But if you happen to have the free time, why not visit?  It's FREE to attend. 
There will be music, fashion show, cosplay and an artist alley.  It takes place outdoors, so keep that in mind.
More info can be found on the facebook page here:…

I will be attending this event with Jam as JamSammich. owo  So please stop by and say hi!

Otherwise Jam and I have mostly been busy with work and I've been doing some art on the side.  I'll try to upload something soon.

I'm really excited about upcoming anime this summer, too.  Free!  DRAMAtical Murder and Sailor Moon Crystal!!!!!  I can hardly wait for this stuff.
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I guess I'm looking for active watchers so that I can kinda clean up my friends list.  I know a lot of people either no longer are on dA or moved elsewhere.  I guess I'm really looking for people who are still here and actively participating!  So I can add you to my friends list, watch and comment on you!  That way we can continuously keep active on each other's work!

I have this weird love-hate relationship with Tumblr too.. because of all the weird policing that goes on.  It's like I'm very much a supporter and ally of equal rights and treatment, but people on Tumblr just go too far and it's like man, I just want to relax and look at pretty pictures and maybe post my art, etc.  But I guess it's just all in who you follow?  IDK.

I know I hadn't been active in a while, but I'm going to have to work more on art anyway as I've got a lot of cons lined up.
Speaking of which: I'm going to be going to San Japan, July 18-20th in San Antonio, TX.  So that's the next thing I'm looking forward to!

I'm really looking forward to this summer and all the summer cons.  I hope it'll be a good year!
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Soooo Saturday (22nd) was Mizuumi-con's 7th year!
JammerLea and I went to the con under our usual Jamsammich banner.  It was pretty fun!
We had gone to a con earlier this year that was really slow and we were pretty bummed.  I, personally, was kinda down about going to cons because of that one.  It was just such a small con and very small sales.  The people were nice, but it was so empty.

Anyhoo, Mizuumi-con was just so refreshing.  It was nice to talk to so many people.  Meet up with familiar faces and just be able to share interests.  There were a lot of "crafty" artists and not so much illustrative artists.  It was busy and fun.  And I hope that I didn't seem too tired or in a bad mood, since I was a bit overwhelmed at times.  Heh.  Everyone is so awesome.  I'm so glad San Antonio has cool anime fans.

I really want to work on more things for the next two cons we have lined up this summer. (San Japan and Omnicon!)  I guess if anyone has suggestions we can try it.  We also may do a little bit of consigned art at locally owned game stores.  We're thinking about it anyway!

I'm also feeling a bit better about my commission art.  So I'll have to start doing that again.  We've been getting good feedback on our commission work.  that's always fun.
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Wow. There's so many people on this website who think tracing bases is "art".  That recolors are art.  Because DeviantArt is so greedy that they would rather not offend or ban children who use this website to post recolors or other base-related art.  Their interest seems to be to gain as many users as possible regardless of whether or not some of their users are stealing from others.  I mean, Tumblr is more strict on what you can and can't post. 

Another thing I've noticed is the amount of fan fic authors on this site who use other people's art as the preview image.  I've had my own art used without permission and without source.  Often times I'll just report it because if I even bother to talk to the writer they'll get deeply offended and make certain to ban me.  It's against dA policy to use images that aren't yours, but it's not like anyone on this site seems to care.

I really have been on this site for ten years and I've seen it start off as a very nice cozy place for people to chat.  Hell, I met my best friend through this website.  It's just disheartening to see the level of crap that is allowed to be posted on this site.

I've been kinda looking for a more dedicated art community that at least is more strict regarding art theft.  I'm just so disgusted with how dA is run nowadays. 
I wanna do more art, but I've been sick all week. x_x
Also my computer died so I had to get a new one.  It's Windows 8 and I'm not 100% used to it yet.  lol I had problems installing Sai on it.

On the positive side, I finally got a scanner. owo/  So it doesn't have to be all digital art now. Whoooooo.

Um, if anyone wants to request drawings?  that would be good because I need to warm up and sketch more. ;A;  and I'm not good at thinking up things.

There's Mizuumi-con next month that I gotta prep for too.  =w=;  It's just been kind of a bad week for me in general.
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So JammerLea and I went to Ushicon 9 this past weekend.  Wow.  It was cold the first day!  We had ice on our car.  (this is rare in Texas usually!)  so anyhoo... we made it!  It was kinda slow and the attendance was small for our usual con.  Sooo this was our first Ushicon.  But it turns out it is probably our last ushicon, since they announced at closing ceremony that they are not going to do anymore.  That's sad.  Ah well.
Thanks for everyone who stopped at our table to say hi!

We're still going to have to gear up for Mizuumicon next month, so please look forward to that!

I'll have to post some newer artwork here and also re-do our commission page so it reflects what we do more clearly!

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Yoooo!  I have been busy.  And by busy I mean I have been busy with work and otherwise distracted by playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pokemon X, Super Mario 3D Land, etc. 
Basically after Thanksgiving I got a 3DS.  So that's a distraction.  If you want my Friend Code, pls send a note my way and I'll happily swap codes with you.  Just a note: I heavily play ACNL more than I play Pokemon, so I'm pretty useless for PKMN trading/battles, etc.

Also, my bluray player broke and my brother gave me a hand-me-down PS3, since he bought PS4.  Sooo, I've been playing Ni no Kuni with JammerLea!  It's cute.  I love messing with Drippy. Tidy!

Otherwise I'm going to try to do some new work.  At least playing a lot of games has inspired me to make more game-related buttons for con.  Heh.  Another focus is that I really want to do Free! related drawings because I have many OTPs in that series.

So yes, days off are spent with me trying to work on art... and also just games in my free time.  
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if upcoming means FEBRUARY. HA. HA.

Ok.  So, I haven't updated in forever.  Mostly I was busy with RL.  A roommate of mine decided to move back to California, so she's gone back.  And I've been re-adjusting and re-arranging.. and basically spending my free time either relentlessly fixing things or spending it zoning out and watching horror movies (of which I know at least 100+ horror DVDs... and it keeps growing...).

On to more important info, though....

1.) I'm trying to sell some of my old Zoids.  I love them, but I have no space for them.  So I'm parting with my collection except for a few choice models.  Please contact me if you have ANY interest in purchasing Zoids that were displayed only and still have sticker sheets, etc.

2.) I'm gonna prep for cons!!  For certain JammerLea and I will be going to
Ushicon and Omnicon.  The rest, we'll have to wait and see if the cons open up spots and such.  o3o;;;

Have I posted our storenvy here?  We have a storenvy:
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  • Reading: Attack on Titan

Probably more fan art in the future.

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 17, 2013, 4:19 PM

Lately I've been busy with work, but I've also had personal issues.  I suffer from depression so there are times I have a hard time getting motivated to do things.  This is kinda sad, since I love drawing.  

I've been watching Free! a lot and Shingeki no Kyojin.  So far I love both series.  I like Rei from Free! because I like megane characters.  From SnK, I like Armin, Eren, Levi and Jean.  Hahaha.  They're all adorable in their own way.  

I want to get back into Genshiken.  I had watched the anime version ages ago, so now I am trying to read the manga as a refresher and so that I can watch the new series.

As usual, I have money problems.  Where I work I do not earn enough money and I am not allowed to take on more hours.  So I'm not sure if I should take a second job or what.  It's troubling.  I think it would add more stress to my life.

I am going to try to sell my old Zoids.  And also I will take commissions.  

commission info:
Digital Sketch: $5
Digital Lineart: $15
Large Full Color Illustration: $25
Head-shot/Bust: $5

Accepting Paypal payments.  Please message me if interested.