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Published: January 31, 2016
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Request for :iconminidiren: !!
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Legendary--Warrior Traditional Artist
I don't like those kind of people.
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Sparkling-SkiesHobbyist Digital Artist
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There are people who guilt trips picky eaters
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jerukmasamanisHobbyist General Artist
If your parents are the one. :/
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Legendary--Warrior Traditional Artist
Yep, they were in my case.
Buniis's avatar
Some of the biggest suicide baiters, tbh.
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TacoTiigerHobbyist General Artist
We all have dealt with these kind of assholes, both Internet and real life.
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AustakuHobbyist General Artist
ugh I may as well go die, because that's all I seem to do unintentionally without meaning to.. at least.. that's what everyone tells me I do.. just guilt trip people..
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ReixianxStudent General Artist
 No no. Everyone makes mistakes, I've
done shitty things before. I understand you

 Sorry, if you don't like replies to expired 
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BassMaxAttackOFLHobbyist Digital Artist

I have a stamp to tell how I feel about you sub!
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frankier-oStudent Digital Artist
honestly if you guilt trip someone who is already paranoid about making people feel like shit you are a piece of shit. i constantly feel like i'm angering people or annoying them, then they go and guilt trip me and i feel 500x worse. 
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SpongebobCoffeeStudent Artist
One time someone almost guilt tripped me because I unfriended them on skype
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ThongchanHobbyist Digital Artist
This stamp speaks out for me

I had idiots trying to guilt trip me right after all the shit they done to me in the past. Like one of my ex boyfriends tried to get me to forgive him after I told him multiple times that I would never forgive someone who hurted me in the past and I blocked him as a result. Even though he made new accounts to start fresh, I always block them just to be sure.

I have many stories I would tell, but yeah.. I just hate people who try to guilt trip me.
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LuciferianPrincessStudent Digital Artist
That happened to me....
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CabookiSugarStudent Artist
My friend does that a lot, and it angers the shit out of me, even when she does something that's her fault, she guilt trips me into thinking that the problem was my fault
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sweetangelpieforeverHobbyist General Artist
My narcissist mom in a nutshell.
Every time i mentioned when she treated me badly, she always goes to the "I'm mentally disabled and, was abused myself" crap.
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reminds me when my abusive rapist racist ex tried to guilt trip everyone to forgive him
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Yoshi1337Hobbyist Digital Artist
My friend on another site used to do that constantly to try and force me to get back onto his friends list, just so he can be an asshole to me and boss me around more.
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is it alright if i ask what you use to make these? ;o; and what font you use?
These seem amazing honestly! ;u;
Sammi-Stamps's avatar
I use Paint Tool Sai to make all of my stamps !
For animated ones, I use to make them !
If you want the fonts I use, I have a folder in my favorites called "Resources". You can find them all there c: 
And thank you so much ! ; u ; <3
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pastelgazelleHobbyist Digital Artist
I thought Paint Tool SAI didn't have an option for text. Do you use a modded version?
Sammi-Stamps's avatar
No, I have a few resources for text that I take the letters indivdually and put them on the stamp myself :'D
It's time consuming but, at least the stamps look nice LOL
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