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Now don't get me wrong, I love Sans.
He's a great character who has probably had the best character development I've seen in a long time.
But, the fandom likes to act like he's the only character that matters. Y'know besides them screaming about Frisk's gender or if Mettaton is trans or not.

People like to explode over him because, he hides his emotions for his brother because, his brother is too precious. So that immediately makes him "relatable" to the kids in middle school who like to think they're the same way when they're really not.

That and fans make him "cute" for no reason. Like cat Sans pisses me off. It was cute the first time but, now it's just out of character and annoying.

Not to mention people like to pair him with everyone under the sun when he is canonically ace and probably doesn't give a shit.
Like, shipping is fine, but don't ruin his character for your sick fantasies with a skeleton.

That reminds me. Don't get me started on Undertail.
I'll be frank, it can be cute if in character but, people like to make him this sexy top when that probably isn't the case. He's literally too lazy.

I just-
You can love Sans.
Just make sure to love the other characters too.
Like damn show Asgore and Alphys some more love.
They need it more then Sans does right now. 
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