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Three-Wheeled Kart Design

New car design sample for now, this time I go smaller, and only having three wheels. I know three-wheeled cars aren't new anymore, but I'm just doing my own design of them. 

Also, featuring my new character Twix Valencia here. A bunny character I made last May inspired from my acoustic guitar I named "Twix". I decided to add her to this drawing to deliver a classy feel of and anthro character with a car design, same way I did to the flying car and kobolds.

Hope you like it, guys ^v^

character, car design, drawing (c) 2020 J.L.B. [Jay]

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That's an awesomely designed car! Curvy bunny, too.

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Outstanding work on the background, car and character!

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This looks amazing bro

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You named your guitar after a candy bar? Sweet. Pun intended. XD

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You guessed it right. My guitar looks like this:

And since I bought that guitar I named her Twix. ^v^

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The refection in the floor is a new neat feature of your latest artworks.

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Thank you ^v^

I really wanted to do the neat glassy effect on it. I got that style from car designing.

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