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Sam Ref. 2010

EDIT EDIT: I drastically changed the size... Sam is now the size she was originally when I first made her. I had upped the size because I thought she was too small... and now she is small again. Yay! I also changed the way you peoples get to see the glasses... they were horrible before and made it a little harder to see the multi-colored eyes. Because of that, I gave you a closeup kind of thing on her eyes with the glasses. Yaaaaayyy. lol XD

EDIT: I felt as though I was missing something... and then my brother walks in to see and he was all "Sam... where are the glasses?" and then it occurred to me what I forgot. XD
Those glasses fail but you get the basic idea... they are rectangular and black.

It looked a lot better sketched out in my notebook... T.T
Anyways... I figured that I probably need a new ref... and I was up for a few hours early this morning... and so I got this done... but then my spacebar died temporarily as it often does so I shut off my computer and went back to sleep. :)
If you have any question feel free to ask.
And I know, my handwriting is fail.

Sam (c) =SammehDx

:bulletgreen: Sam is now taller.
:bulletgreen: The tail is less long.
:bulletgreen: SamBuddy has an actual height in comparison to Sam now.
:bulletgreen: Sam has no paw pads so just don't draw them.
:bulletgreen: SamBuddy now has official colors not just random whatever you want colors.
:bulletgreen: Sam has glasses.
And.. that's it... I think.
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daaaaaw cuutee <33
SammehDx's avatar
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I'm wanting to draw her again. xd
would you mind? *.*
(I love your charrie and style) :love: It's one of those "cute" styles not everyone has.
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No I wouldn't mind at all. 8D
This ref hardly shows cuteness... this one picture I drew a long time ago... oh man.. that was cute. lol Maybe I'll put it up sometime.
But thank you for your compliments. I love your boosts to my ego that I hardly need. C:
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YOUR STYLE is cute.
Understand that already. :iconnotimpressedplz:

:heart: :>>
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Okay I understand. lol
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