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A Different Perspective part3
Chapter 3
I wrung my hands nervously, something I was definitely not used to when it came to world conferences, I mean I was England! I had never felt any need to do anything besides speak my mind during these godforsaken things, but today, well today was going to be different. I scanned the room trying desperately to invoke some tiny amount of recognition but, of course, all I saw was a room almost completely full of unfamiliar women and a small scattering of men. How could I expect to find someone in here I knew when I couldn't even recognize France!?
"The game is easier to play when you know the rules." Marianne whispered sliding her hand reassuringly into mine. "Just remember they are female counterparts to people you have met, I'm sure they couldn't be all that different, at least their outwardly ethnic appearance will be the same. Look at the person your talking and try to visualize what area of the world you would think she was from, at least that will lower it down for you."
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A Different Perspective part2
Chapter 2
"A man?" She managed to gasp between fits of laughter, typical France reaction, honestly! "Thats just..!" She laughed again grasping onto the bed. "Wow, thats one way to make us stop fighting!"
"I'm serious Francis! Thats really why I'm so..."
"Francis is that me? It's Marianne here, but don't worry." She said giving me a quick hug.
"Mom!" I heard called from downstairs. "Rose!" The same panic that had surfaced when I woke up.
"Rose is you. Oh so charming America must be here." France said with a smile regaining her composure. Mom? Why would she call me that?
"Mother!" The footfalls stamped up the stairs, heels cracking against the wood and coming down the hallway.
"Emily. Emelia actually but we call her Emily" I looked at the blond by my side raising an eyebrow, just as the door opened. The girl was perfectly hourglass shaped, her taunt tiny waist fully exposed under half a white long sleeved shirt tee-shirt and cut off shorts. Unlike my America she didn't wear glasses, her
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Feliz Navidad
My breath hovered in front of me in a cloud evaporating into the frigid air as I lay back against the monolithic mass of metal and cement that separated my land from that of you younger brother in the Western half of our country. It wasn't everyday that I allowed useless sentiment to bog down my thoughts and ruin what was otherwise a perfectly bearable day, but somehow today I couldn't get the oppressive onslaught of sappy images of my past to leave my mind. Normally I would easily lock these away into coded safes in the back of my brain never to be touched again... Unfortunately not today...
No today was the one day of the year that even my cynicism couldn't squelch everyone else's invasive good cheer.
It was Christmas Eve...
I flicked a match against its box and held it to the half melted candle that I had crammed into one of the many bottles that riddled the snow dusted ground around me. Stupid thing didn't want to stay  lit no matter how many times I tried to keep it that
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Mature content
A Different Perspective part1 :iconsammccourt42:sammccourt42 11 5
Sherlock Fanfiction Chapter 2
"That can't be right!" I jumped up disregarding the machines and needles that were still very much attached to my body.
"Sit back this instance John!" She pushed back on my chest rather harder than I suspected she would if I had been any other patient.
"But he was with me, I remember Sarah I preformed CPR on him after he fell into the pool!"
"Which would explain why you were in there..."
"I have to talk to the people that picked me up!" She had to understand that this was serious to me! Why would I just lie about someone being with me!?
"I'll see what I can do for you, just sit back, you were in an explosion you bloody idiot! You have bruised bones, mild head trauma and internal bleeding. I don't want you...No I can't let you move from this bed, just stay down!" She said with such finality that I almost didn't want to disagree with her. I sank back defeated, it was no use, I wasn't getting anything done with her hovering over me...Not that I didn't appreciate the concern. She sighed an
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What used to be.
I brushed floods of water out of my eyes trying to keep from being blinded by the rain. The cold was intense, cutting through my clothes and freezing my skin straight through to the bone. My poor tiny boy, I held the swaddled child in my arms tighter, afraid of his frozen body which was already ailing enough without  me dragging him clear across the world! I could barely stand, though of course  Matthieu need not know that, in his mind I was well and he was the one who was sick. My head spun viciously, I couldn't stop, nor could I drop my child in this horrible rain, bloody stupid useless England was the worst nation..!
"Papa where are we going?" Matt pushed back his hood from his blue eyes. I pressed our faces together keeping my almost clear vision on where my feet were falling against the cobblestone streets.
"We're going to see daddy and Alfie." His flush face brightened with the first really true smile I had seen on him in ages, oh my sweet baby boy, he
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Sherlock Fanfiction
        It took me approximately ten seconds to react from the initial shock of being thrown backwards and colliding rather harshly with a wall. At ten seconds every ounce of field training I had to kick in with vengeance. Nine, I regained myself enough to move even the smallest amount. Eight I managed to throw my body sideways and at seven I found a doorknob to pull myself from the ground. Six seconds to take in the utterly destroyed walls that now lay crumpling around me. Five, my brain catches up to the situation and I realize my flatmate, my friend is nowhere in sight. Four I can feel every injury I have ever sustained resurfacing, the limp I know I shouldn't have holds me back. Three seconds I move with far to little speed across the mind field of shrapnel. Two and I knew exactly what must have happened. Before I could think, one I hit the freezing water.
I had no idea what I was going to do when I got under the layer of dust on the surface
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It's been a while since I wrote anything here so I thought I would change it. It's nearly the end of winter term and I am excited to have a week of free time to do art, not extremely good art but its fun, and just relax after a much better term then the last one (which sucked actually) this one was good. I am glad to see all of the others I follow on deviantart doing well and getting my inbox filled with the good work!
Life is pretty good,
now to go study for my last two tests and I will be done,
Unfortunately next term will have more work and getting closer to being done eventually...
Hope everyone else is well!
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
Birthday art will be a day or two late, but it is drawn! (Now I just need to in and letter it~ *le sigh*) Hope your birthday is great!
sammccourt42 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks!! No worries about it being late, I appreciate that your making me something :)
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Are you ever going to finish your Sherlock story?
It is a bit of a cliffhanger but it's delightfully well written- I love the style.

So please please please please please please please please please please please please please please pleasepleasepleasepleasePLEASE write more- and soon?
sammccourt42 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
hopefully I will find time to work on it soon! My computer died and I just recently got a new one, so hopefully that will mean updates, thanks for your interest!
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