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February 2, 2017
With its amazing details and lighting, Big birds in a small cage by Revan-svk presents an engaging, suspenseful story. 
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Big birds in a small cage


Inspired by big bird in a small cage by Patrick Watson I've worked on this painting quite a while outside of my freelance and game design work. It's been an absolute pleasure to work on this as it has consumed quite a few of my time.

I set out to put down an atmospheric view of an stuffy room filled with old stuff and interesting things to discover while maintaining a bit of a mysterious edge to it.

EDIT: Oh thank you for the DD! What an honor :)

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Heuh grats on the DD :D  I'm happy for ya!
Sammavanklaarbergen's avatar
Thaanks! :D Big surprise from my part
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I love the lighting and the detail! I look at this and I feel like I'm in the room.
Sammavanklaarbergen's avatar
That's great! It's kinda what I intended with this :) Thanks!
Alia-Moosvi's avatar
You're welcome :)
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Can't look away from it! I love it!
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the light is soooo COZY!!!!!!! Edd Gaspz 
Sammavanklaarbergen's avatar
Yesss that's what I was going for :D
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Very nice! Congrats on the DD
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Oh jeez, this is impressive! There's so many details, and so many things you've hidden in the darkness. I can see this as a scene to a movie. Great job!
Sammavanklaarbergen's avatar
Yes that's exactly what I was trying to do :D mission accomplished. Thanks! :D
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Nice lighting. I like how you can find all sort of fascinating things in the dark.
Sammavanklaarbergen's avatar
haha yes! that's what I loved doing in this piece! I love how people could just stare at it and find new things all the time ^.^
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It reminds me of Among The Sleep
Sammavanklaarbergen's avatar
I had to look it up but it looks really nice! I recognize the similarities in the mood :D
kind compliment - Thank you! 
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