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My final wersion concept Necro in DIII .
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Well this is happening now, took a few years but the Necromancer will be here later this year.
Tire 3 and Tire 4 cloak with scythe 
His face looks like Bryan Fury from Tekken but otherwise great job
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I was a bit annoyed when they made the crusader and not the necromancer :/ maybe they'll do one in a new expansion?
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About 2 years later, I can in fact answer your question.

We're getting the Necromancer class early 2017.
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Very grim...Very cool
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It's just a damn shame Necromancers in real life were just pagan douchebags who liked to pretend to talk to ghosts.

But anyway, that's irrelevant. Great work there. I wish Blizzard was smart enough to do this.
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I don't know what to say because I‘m not good at English.
But it's very NICE!I love necromancer!I love necromancer in Diablo!
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Igsaw Face!!! D_D
Wygląda to niesamowicie, Szaman w ogóle nie pasuje do klimatu Diablo... Art robi tym większe wrażenie, bo zrobiony przez rodaka ;) 
Gotta say I wouldn't want to see Necromancer in D3 changed anywhere from D2 but Scythe and all of this... Could grow on me depending if gameplay is quite similar.
Thanks for this!
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This concept art and the Resource Globe is FUCKING AMAZING! We definitely should have gotten Necromancer instead of the Witch Doctah.
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While I would like the Necro to return, the WD is fantastic and has plenty of it's own unique flavor :) Still do hope the Necro returns though - there's plenty of unique skills and room for him to come back. Druid is also a class that could totally return for D3 given it's skillset.
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Awesome Work dude! =P Love necs
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P.S. What Voice Actors, would you hear if this in the game? 

Personally I can hear Sean Pertwee (Col. Radec) for the male, and either April Steward, (Selvaria Bles) or Claudia Black, (Morrigan) for the Female.
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Nice. This would be a great class to get the duel "Scythes of Malthael" 
Are you considering making the Female variant?
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i like it, it's very similar to Death from Darksiders 2, and he shares a certain similarity to the Lich of the WoW, they should make this character and the Lich King Armour or Death's Robes as set armors...
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because most probably too much for them you didn't play
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the concept looks great, but I don't really like his face tbh :P
the armor the design of resource power, looks like it could fit for D3. 

Yet I liked Necro the least in D2 due to boring playstyle. But that's not the case, great work you have done here.
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thanks all im so happy :)  this necromancer is my favorite class character in D2  and very much I am lacking it  : (
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Brilliant ! WOW! We need necros back in d3!! Damn !
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