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Dear DA friends,

I'm finally back and updating my DA.

Wonder what happened to me? Well a lot of things...

I know its not only me but quite a few people who I spoke to often on DA just up and left to other places. Since then DA has felt/seemed a little bit empty. I went to fidn a new place but no such luck.

At one point I was quite active on Weasyl, but its... redundant and not worth the time imo. I met some great people there and the site is pretty nice, dont get me a wrong a decent place. But for the most part, people were simply dumping old artwork, not really commenting and rarely faving. People there are simply not that active. Even the forum isn't great. I will still go there and visit, but I won't be putting as much effort into it as before.

FA. FA is still a decent place so yes, you will find me there, as well there are some more adult pieces which aren't allowed on here. .Some of you who have been watching me in the beginning might remember the Erotica art which was removed from my account even though it wasn't really showing much. lol. Haven't posted any here since that happened. I've also been doing a few YCH commissions. I find that site is really working well for auction type stuff

Job and life stuff. Some of you may know that i have been having problems with work.  Having to work random and odd hours really takes a beating on your body. You feel tired all the time. Not only that but I have worked for some terrible people.... In my work I am always moving form place to place and working with new people. The company i was previously working for hasn't had much work, and I am really hoping that something steady comes up soon....
As for life stuff, well its all over the place. Personal things I guess.  I've dealt with close family members being in surgery and fighting cancer. At the same time My cousin have 2 new children (second cousins?). Its just been, well hectic. All the while a good good friend of mine has become somewhat disabled. Been doing my best to help him out. he is a great friend that I really care about, but there isn't a while lot that can be done to make the situation better...

About commissions ~

So you may have noticed my commission's have been closed for a while. I have been working on a few commissions, only for good friends/previous commissioners who have PATIENCE! Due to the weird hours I've been working and just life in general I haven't been able to have a good schedule, so thank you. Thank you so much to the people who have patiently waited for the custom work without harassment and complaints. I really enjoy working with you.
I have also done a few smaller commissions in between such as Icons.
i will most likely continue to work this way until I find a good schedule with my job. if you are interested in a commission or want a small one you can always inquire about it. Send me an E-mail or a note and I will let you know.
Small commissions such as Icons I will usually take and have out within the week.
I also have a few YCH going via FA for Halloween if that interests you.

For the most part, just letting you all know what the sudden jump in artwork/activity is.
I just finally have a bit of free time, and I am uploading some work I had previously done but had neglected to post here.

O and I have also started streaming art again, not sure if I will do it often, depends on my schedule, but i have reset my LS, and there is currently an Owl WIP if you are interested. Once its finished I will do a time lapse for Youtube ~


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Thank you all for you support

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Submitted on
September 28, 2014