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Matt GIll - Portrait - Digital Art
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This one was a lot of fun.
It’s a portrait of my friend. Then I stuck him in this world based off a description of his name we found on urban dictionary on day at lunch.
I think Matt would make an interesting movie dont you?

The description: A mythical Irishman who was said to have destroyed Superman’s home when he first synthesized Krypton in chemistry. Standing about five feet tall, Matt Gill can fly, shoot lazer beans from his eyes, drink any amount of beer, and turn any frisbee he touches into straight, heat-seeking, side-winding, and lazer-guided missles until they reach their intended targets.

Matt Gill commonly insists that he hasn’t drank, as less than 99 beers off the wall doesn’t even count in his book.

Matt Gill is an Omnihero, and as such can outrun any superhero. He eats gold and pisses rainbows, allowing him to follow the Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet River to more gold, in a vicious cycle. Leprechauns worship him as their savior and upholder of Irish traditions.

When Matt Gill threw a frisbee the length of half a football field against the wind, and abruptly appeared to catch it with his left hand while not looking for a touchdown.
Thank you Urban dictionary  www.urbandictionary.com/define… . you are always so fun to look at!
Throw in some gold, a leprechaun, and a rainbow with Matt and Bam it all comes together!
But that Damn hat, did it ever cause me problems lol.
Matt got this as a Christmas gift, but committed a Christmas violation and opened it before Dec even started. Thankfully he didn’t eat all the chocolate form his Advent calendar. Lol, poor Matt, I get to make fun of him in his special blog >:)
But I think its ok, He is also my favorite Ginger, even if he’s the only one I know


-Samantha Lim

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Comments (3)
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PokeDamosEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
Lucky: Give me back my Lucky beer! Love the story and description by the way as well as the pic.
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sammacha|Hobbyist General Artist
Rofl, noo Lucky is running away with it xD

Ha ha thanks so much, I thought it was a pretty fun pic to do
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PokeDamos|Hobbyist General Artist
Your Welcome.
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