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Family Reunion Lunch

....this few days is Chinese New Year....

Yesterday when I drive across a small vegetable farm
country yards, I saw a group of family enjoy thier
family reunion ' steamboat ' lunch...

I can feel love exits here....
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Helloooooooooooooo! I featured it here:[link]
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Your work is much appreciated.

Featured in Helping Hands.
Have a beautiful time,as it comes.
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I believe you are right!
Peace&Respect Jojo
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and to me that food looks so surreal. nice photo
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Walao, where's your hometown, why got kebun de?? GOT ANG PAU MOU. LAI SHARE SHARE.
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reunion eat steam boat? I thought it was Loh Shang from the thumbs :P
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ya,....that's could be the best they can have from thier family income/budget...

A this moment, some richer family already wear exclusive new cloth & drive thier
family big car eat at 5 star restaurant enjoy ' Loh Shang ' food.

Look at the vegetable/mushroom & chicken meat amoung that steamboat,....all was
from thier own family farm cost celebrating another chinese new year.
...thier main focus is gathering...happy...enjoy thier affortable food....

' life is great....not all was born with silverspoon '
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But nowadays rich people also wear like that. There is tai fong or gu hon rich people. Some rich men wear pasar malam cloths and drive a Mercedes S class, some drive the mercedes and spent a lot. So it really depends, I had known both sides, you'll be surprised.

' some people has built their silverspoon but never get to taste from it '
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awww look at the children how cute!
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awww that's so nice
it's so comfortable to be with family isn't it ^^
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happy new year Sam :)
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