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The Dancing Memorial

"...Yuna's statue had miraculously landed on its base intact. The others hurried over to peer up at the slender, dancing figure, around whose shoulders a few tattered garlands still fluttered. Frozen in stone, the youngest High Summoner twirled on the slopes of of her childhood home with staff held high."

"Isaaru knelt before Yuna's statue and cupped his hands above and below his heart in Yevon's prayer."

Read the story: [link]

I think I went a little overboard on the colors on this one, to be honest. :XD: Scenery was never really my strong suit, but hey at least I tried right? ^^;

Maroda, Pacce and Isaaru all have NEW clothes and character designs. Even if Square is lazy when it comes to that, I am NOT! :nod: Hope you like it, Auronlu!

Story belongs to :iconauronlu:
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What?! No great big horn? jk, nice concept.
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Its so beatyful!
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What is the story about?
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It's an alternate-ending sequel, it takes place several years after Yuna went through with the Final Summoning.
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I love the fanfiction "Love Her and Despair"! It's really sweet but heartbreaking, and I need to catch up to it! I love all of the colors you used in this, especially the sunset (or sunrise). And you didn't go overboard!
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I adore the fanfiction. :D I'm glad you like this piece! :hug:
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I really like it, great work, and great story.
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I love the clothes better than Square's, and if Maroda was still wearing the same leathers after 13 years, they'd be pretty awful!

The Japanese style of this makes me fall in love with the game all over again. And it looks like all of them. I don't mind the colors at all -- FFX had a lot of stained glass colors, which I desperately missed in FFXII.

Why did I not get back to my journal sooner? Anyway, I am so sorry I did not see them sooner, but I adore this, and I am so grateful.
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I'm glad my liberties with the clothing meet your approval! :D It's the highest praise when the author likes my work.

And lol no prob, you're busy, I'm glad you finally got the chance to look. :)
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I love all the beautiful colors! And the sceneray looks awsome! Wonderful work Bird!
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Glad you like! :D
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Your art for this looks really good. Some of your best, I think. :) Now I really want to go and check out this story. :nod:
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Thanks! Yes, you should, it's soooo good!
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Ooh, I love the posing on Yuna's statue.
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