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Allons-y !

By Samkaat
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A fanart dedicated to that period when the show was actually good <3

My fanpage : [link]
My tumblr : [link]


Ohmagad thank you for DD ! :') Love you !

Much love <3
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It feels so good when you find something that is made of pure awesomeness. :)
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This is fantastic, love how it all comes together.
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Beaultiful work my friend!
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No, Series 2 was the worst of the new series with its flaws and slight racism towards Mickey. I know Rose rescued the Ninth Doctor himself but simultaneously condemn and damaged the Tenth Doctor. Thank God for River Song, the Eleventh Doctor could be free of that petulant brat blonde.

I also do not like the Master of RTD, even "John Simm" confessed he would have liked to play the character more sinister and less funny parody.

I love all the Doctors, so I consider your opinion a sign of disrespect.
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This is gorgeous! I love the colors you use. It gives it the very 3D feel to it! Ten and Rose has such fierce expressions rawr those cuties. Your composition is brilliant! I'm not really understanding the triangle. Is it needed? The type of "BRING IT ON" is very clean and sharp against the TARDIS (though this is also for the point of the triangle.) Also, love the glimpse of the interior of the TARDIS. =)

This would make such a gorgeous poster! :D Just absolutely brilliant fan art. <3
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Great Rassilon! This is beautiful!!!
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"...dedicated to that period when the show was actually good"

Wait, what?
Okay, maybe Series 5-7 isn't QUITE as good as Series 1-4, but it's still good!

Oh well, your opinion, and this is some amazing art. Love it! :D
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Hot damn, this is some fine art. My only complaints are the description and your inclusion of Rose Tyler. But that's personal, keep up the good work.
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i love you for this.
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its amazing - i love your style
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Wow, this is AMAZING!
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I think the best part about this, is that the TARDIS reads 'Bring it on' :)
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I've featured this in my latest journal design: [link]
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I feature your wonderful deviation here [link]
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THIS IS AMAZING! *___________________*
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The show's still awesome! Watch harder
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Awesome work! One of my favourite subjects!! ;)
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Featured on geekdraw today. Awesome work!
Care to share with us the process of creating this piece of art?
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Here's the link to geekdraw btw.
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