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Female Saiyan Squadron

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Female Saiyan Squadron are the main protagonist group in my own Dragon Ball AF and the rebellion group which they don't serves Frieza who has his true motive to destroy Planet Vegeta because he was afraid of the Super Saiyans. The group is all-female Saiyan group led by Seripa (Fasha in English version) who was healed by Beyley's friends by using the Healing Chamber on the Frieza Force starship that they stoles Frieza Force's ship which is named Starbright. They heads to the Earth and starts their training after saying goodbye to the Yardrats on Planet Yardrat having Beyley learned to use Instant Transmission technique like Goku.

I'm made four Female Saiyan OC except Seripa who is canon character.
  • Seripa (Leader) - Originally the member of Bardock's Planet Elite Force, a crew of low-class Saiyan soldiers led by Bardock under the Saiyan Army to decimate the defenses of these civilizations and prepare them for Frieza's Planetary Market under the Frieza Force until they were destroyed by Dodoria's Elites. Beyley and her friends founds an badly wounded Seripa while Choco and the others give an deceased Tora to a flower. After being healed, Seripa and Beyley are become friends since Beyley and the others killed all Dodoria's Elites and they formed the new group: Female Saiyan Squadron, the protector of the planets to avenge Bardock and his crews' death.
  • Beyley [Apuru] (Fighter) - Beyley, also Saiyan name: Apuru is the main female protagonist in Dragon Ball AF. Beyley lives on Planet Vegeta so long until Frieza Force attacks where she and her friends escapes her home planet with the stolen starship.
  • Choca (Designer) - Choca is the one of Beyley's friends who making the battle armor or weapons that they stoles the Frieza Force's arsenals from the large numbers of decimated Planet Frieza that they killed.
  • Kuchigo (Researcher) - Kuchigo is the one of Beyley's friends who research about any living species' origins stolen from the Frieza Force's research data from the large numbers of decimated Planet Frieza that they killed.
  • Limela (Pilot) - Limela is the one of Beyley's friends who became a pilot of Frieza Force starship (now named Starbright) to travel any planets including the Planet Earth who meet Goku and the others, though Goku is still missing. With Starbright is on their side, she travels numbers of Planet Frieza and decimate the Frieza Force by stole the armors, gears, weapons, species data, and the planet location data then go back to Starbright to research the data.

UPDATED: Beyley's clothes changed into more sexual attire.

NOTE: I'm retcons Dragon Ball Super: Broly's flashback story of Planet Vegeta and mixed with Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku to become canon where Seripa is still alive after being defeated by Dodoria's Elites. Please understand me. >u<d
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