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Nimi Visuals


Download here

Developed: since August of 2008
Summary: Windows effects engine and customization tool. It offers various visual windows effects for such events like minimize, moving window and other.
Description: Adds eye-candy effects to windows (and start menu) like deformations (e.g: jelly windows - that makes moved window wiggle like being made from jelly; or fold - which hides windows by folding up horizontally, and unfolds when showing), physics (e.g.: keep momentum - making window to conserve move momentum; or bounce - that makes windows bounce upon receving focus ) and other SFX (e.g.: pixie dust - which makes moved window to leave a trail of twinkling pixie dust; or close puff - which displays puff cloud below cursor when closing window).

List of features

NOTE: there is online help available here
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Hey, man. I was looking forward to giving this project a try, but it seems that it's no longer available for download on your site, and no third party sites like Majorgeeks have it hosted either. I was hoping you might have a file hosted somewhere? I'm on Windows 10

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now lost software because original developer no longer provides a download link.

Hey, are you planning to resume this project or turn into an open source project? I would love to contribute to Nimi Visuals. I lost the portable version i made, two months ago and can't find it anywhere to download. Thank you!
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I apologize for the late reply. Please visit official website for more information on specific projects development and availability.

From what I see it is only automatically marked as no longer developed.
Hey Sami, Thank you for replying. I saw that "no longer developed" warning, but there is no download link. Turn this open source is a possibility or share a download link for the latest version? I've used Nimi Visuals years ago and the only similar available for windows is WindowFX which have some flickering issues and the lastest update was a long time ago.
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no Download anymore.
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Also it doesn't work with Microsoft Edge running during lengthy periods --Please fix this!
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Amazing, i loved this app, specially Push other windows,  :) great work.
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does this app. eat a lot of RAM?
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If by "eat" You mean memory usage, then it depends what would You classify as "a lot"
and secondly what allocation aspects You are taking under consideration when measuring it :)

P.s.: Oh and those can be faked :meow:
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will this work in XP?
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Everything should - except for effects requiring thumbnails support (transitions could be working - if secondary thumbnail service mode was not voted out).
samiwieciekto's avatar
Sad to hear that, however is there any error message?
samiwieciekto's avatar
Could You specify what error You are writing of? :hmm:

Secondly, did You choose version proper to Your processor architecture?
Welton-Arruda's avatar
The page simply does not open. Except Those used in the Internet Explorer cached mode but in only displays text.

My processor is. Intel Celeron E3400 2.60GHz CPU :: ::. Which version should I use?

PS: Sorry for my english I had to use Google translater
samiwieciekto's avatar
Most likely Your IP was in banned range, nevertheless ban was outvoted - You should be able to open it without problems.

On version - depends on installed operational system (x64 or x86).
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understood. Mine is Window 7 x64. I'll try to access from another computer. thank you very much
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Ban was lifted, so if it was a case - any IP should be fine now.
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Will try to, but first I need to know if "nv_x86.exe" (x86 bridge for x64) is present when You launch x64 version and from what location (e.g. Program Files - and doesn't have to be exact coordinates)
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If by following question You mean: does it use documented Microsoft DWM API - yes, and no it does not use undocumented API of User32.dll as well as Microsoft DirectX API proxies [hooks] for obtaining surfaces.

Secondly, upcoming version will be faster and with fixes to on creation etc. effects (Microsoft Windows 8 still is not fully supported)

Kindest regards,
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