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Developed: since August of 2008
Summary: Windows effects engine and customization tool. It offers various visual windows effects for such events like minimize, moving window and other.
Description: Adds eye-candy effects to windows (and start menu) like deformations (e.g: jelly windows - that makes moved window wiggle like being made from jelly; or fold - which hides windows by folding up horizontally, and unfolds when showing), physics (e.g.: keep momentum - making window to conserve move momentum; or bounce - that makes windows bounce upon receving focus ) and other SFX (e.g.: pixie dust - which makes moved window to leave a trail of twinkling pixie dust; or close puff - which displays puff cloud below cursor when closing window).

List of features

NOTE: there is online help available here
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Hey, man. I was looking forward to giving this project a try, but it seems that it's no longer available for download on your site, and no third party sites like Majorgeeks have it hosted either. I was hoping you might have a file hosted somewhere? I'm on Windows 10