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one access to becoming a successful artist...

I had a conversation with a wonderful Australian artist who sells art for millions of dollars- thought he might be able to give me some tips. It was so great to speak to someone who has the complete freedom to be an artist in the world without all the stories and struggles - at least in my experience a lot of the times- that usually come with that identity - 'artist'. The conversation was very beautiful in many ways because i saw that what he has learnt over the years on how to become a successful artist spoke to my soul. He gave me some tips on how to also sell art for millions- he said an artist might as well do it whilst he/she is alive ...

So, one of the tips he gave me is what i will write about and share in my first entry in my dA journal today.

Every night, before sleep, he told me, i should sit down and write at least 4 lines in a dedicated book that i could call my 'gratitude journal'. In this book, i will record every night all the things that I am grateful for in my life that happened on this day. Little things, big things, all kinds of things. The artist- I will ask him if it is okay to name him - said that he has noticed over the years that the nore he writes in his gratitude journal every night, the more Artworks he sells and the more money he makes.

I have been doing this now for 3 months. It is a practice that i have grown to love because of so many things that turn up due to being in that frame of mind. I see the world differently, everything seems more alive,  my relationship to the people in my life is different - more relaxed and deeper reaching with much ease and love - I have found that my Art has transformed much- i must post more of the new stuff but must first overcome the bearing of my naked soul that accompanies showing my Art to such a wide audience- i actually earn a whole lot more money and sleep much less. Many others things have shifted and i do realise that this could be due to so many factors outside of my 'gratitude journal' but i wanted to share about it to let others also try it out- i make no promises but who knows what is possible from something that is so small, subtle yet in my experience, profound and deep reaching.

try it out.

let me know, and I will post some more of the tips i got.

be blessed.


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Did you see the show of Hassan Massoudi at the October Gallery (London)?
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keep in mind that nothing lasts... appreciate your present and reconcile with the past.
thank you for sharing.
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Hey thanks for the fav and for watching. I thought your journal entry on gratitude was fantastic. I recently read a book "How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci" and it recommended keeping a journal. . . of just about everything and your tip reminds me of that. If you ever want to get some other advice, check out that book. Can't wait to read what other advice you post.
have seen your work from some time now but did not the artist. MashAllah its inspiring & reaaaly good. May Allah n Prophet SAWAW give strength & light to carry it on Ameen
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It sounds like a really good idea and I think gives a more optimistic approach towards life. Thank you for sharing a simple yet thought provoking tip.
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Inspiring..i shall get down to writing my gratitude list too. Good idea! thanks for sharing
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Thank you so much for sharing this, I look forward to trying it out ^^
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Wonderful idea.
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How absolutely wonderful. It's like a meditation. ^^
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Thank you so much for sharing this! We should certainly try it cz not only we are grateful for the beautiful/successful things we have done each day.. but for Allah's gifts; the gift of life, the gift of waking up every morning to make this day another successful/ beautiful day!
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hi i m doing this for three years now...i this is my hobby you can say...i my personal experince about this is that it keep you focused and you can run your imagination wild..
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forgot to add that too.. very true - there is much more 'space' for my imagination.... thanks.
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you are welcome...n sorry for those typing mistakes... :$ i dnt know how i put those "I's" :d
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hmm. Lately, I've been verbally doing that in the night..and in the morning when I hear my alarm, I am thankful I get live today.

I should try writing too. Is this artist you interviewed Muslim?
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i feel doing it in writing makes a difference. Try it out and see if it is diferent for you.

And th artist is not muslim, no.
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Alhamdullilah. I asked if he was a Muslim because I strongly believe you don't have to be Muslim to be a 'good person' and more importantly being Muslim doesn't necessarily mean you are a good person.

I will def. try it out starting tonigt.
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Sounds too good to be true!

Its sad that we don't enjoy the things that we already have in our lives! :(
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وأما بنعمة ربك فحدث
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Thank you for your tips!! I'll immediatly start to write :)
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Jazakallah! samir bhai. for sharing this. i was doing something similar in malaysia during late night hours.

i strongly believe other then making money, it's really a +ve training for soul. to be thankful always for the gift we may not see. but its gifted by Allah.

i think it works like
practise, write, read.

thank you for a great reminder.
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i will definitely try it...
coincidence, i was listening to The Namesake soundtrack this morning
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