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sura B.

By samirmalik
photoshoped wallpaper of my earlier piece. been experimenting with doing wallpapers to reach out more.
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© 2006 - 2021 samirmalik
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Good Work My Brother

I Wish You All Of Freedom And Luck, to find that what you search
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Beautiful , and clean , welcome aboard [link]
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jazak'Allah!! i am very honoured!
IslamicShots's avatar
We are making complete Profile about ,Arabic / Islamic Typography and you are In The List Indeed :D
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Allah Razı olsun.Kardesim.
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As salaamu alekum Samir.

Im really willing to buy this peace as a print. Please let me know when it'll be available.

Jazakullah kheyrun. Walekum as salaam!
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As salaamu alekum warahmatullah!

Jazakullah kheyrun, May Allah bless you with His presence inside your Heart, and all of us as well. Ameen

Walekum as salaam warahmatullah! - Your bro in Islam
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MashAllah god work.
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nice work friend
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MashaAllah...This is so pretty. It's nice how it's very traditional but has a sort of contemporary feel to it with the red and black ink. I like. :nod: :)
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great work brother as always, but you miss the Hamaza(the sympole under or above the alef) in your writing
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You have an amazing skill, mashallah.
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Good job with this...I was thinking...maybe we could do a collab? If you're interested note me, I've done extensive photoshop work so I could try something. :shrug:
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May Allah bless your efforts, bro. I am so glad to see your works again on DA. I love them as they give me a fresh interest in doing calligraphies again.

However, there is something about the translation of the end of the aya. Did you translate it yourself, or did you refer to a translation for it?
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thank you brother. :D

regarding the translation- i used many different transliterations to see which one felt most at home in my heart. The transliteration is therefore a combination from many different sources. I will search through all my Qurans, insha'Allah, to find which one gives the last line, and reposrt back to you. ;)
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You're welcome. I'll be waiting to see what you come up with.
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Excellent Excellent excellent Work bro..
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thank you. i always feel very humbled when fellow brothers and sisters like my attempts at expressing artisticly a faith i love so much. thank you very much.
Sonic-BooM's avatar
No Problem bro,,keep em coming..i have good trials in this also..ill show u soon
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