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one step closer

By samirmalik
acrylic on canvas
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© 2008 - 2021 samirmalik
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NicE ArT GreaT WorK...........!
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Masterpiece!! this is a work that should be in every muslim home :)
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Salaam again!

It's bold. That's all I have to say.
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Beautiful- very nice!
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who are you, you're awesome!
im iranian, icant speak english good, so i talk to you to persian: کارهاتون بسیار زیباست، تحسین برانگیزه، امیدوارم موفق باشید، خدا یارتون
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.thats realy cool work!
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this is a great piece ....

bless you.
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I LOVE this subhanaAllah
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lovely, i love how i can see almost faces of the silhouettes, and how simple everything may seem but how detailed everything actually is.
masha'Allah, very beautiful work!
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awesome ma sha2 allah
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fascinating....but wld b gr8 if 'maqam-e-ibrahim' was also thr!nvr theless its still beautiful!
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how creative !

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wow.. Allahu Akbar
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very beautiful
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Jazak'Allah........very beautifuly Done.
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Wow,, hope u'll be there soon.. =)
samirmalik's avatar
thank you!

I was there on Hajj in 2000. ;)
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must've been painful putting all those in!

youve got a series going on there then :D
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