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The Appreciative

By samirmalik
Ink on paper, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. 

One of the beautiful names of God.

Imam Al Ghazali translates Ash Shakur as "The One Who Expresses Thankfulness by rewarding bounteously". He goes on to say that Ash Shakur is "the One Who rewards trivial pious deeds with many grades, and the one who gives unlimited happiness in the life to come for activity during a limited period (in this life). The one who rewards the good deed with multiples of it is said to be thankful for that good deed, and the one who praises the performer of this good deed is also said to be thankful for it. If you consider multiple rewards (to be the criterion in this matter), then there can be no absolute Ash Shakur except God Most High, because His increase of the reward is not restricted and limited since the blessings of Paradise are infinite."
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