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4 gaza

By samirmalik
make your voice heard.

please feel free to distribute far and wide.
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thank you. so good.
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masha2 allah
great work
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hi, could u tell me what tools and type of paints you used to make this.

i look the style and want to try it for my self


p.s. love it
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Thank you! :D

For the arabic text I used acrylic ink on calligraphy paper and then as it was still wet I held it up to let the ink run. For the english I used photoshop and a font called "pseudo saudi".

Good luck.


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ur artwork is featured here: [link]
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Very emotional, i love this calligraphy! Keep it up!
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Nicely done and very effective!

Nafi Hakki
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what's the name of the font you used? I love it!!!
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it's called pseudo-saudi...
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thanks. I found it
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:thumbsup: GREAT really GREAT :#1: :peace:
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Do you mind if i post this?
I would really like to use your deviation on my personal page on facebook and hi5.
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Please feel free to- I would be honoured. :bow:
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Thank you very much!

I simply love all your work!

Take care brother.
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I love it masha'Allah :)
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wow, this is amazing!! masha'Allah.
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it is nice to see creative works about this issue; this is what we need - voicing our opinions in unique works of art... may these help to the silent crowd of the West to open their eyes and see the disaster happening in Gaza...
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this is extra creative and clever :heart:
May Allah save Gaza and all innocent people, Amen.
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there is no slaughter! there is a fight against terror!
you dont know nothing! israel will win! we have the right to deffend ourselfs!!!!!
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quite finished spamming my pages with your ignorant, self righteous teenage ranting?

Please read the comment I have left at my front page and yours.

Go educate yourself.
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