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OWL Suite

OWL2 Suite is available now! get it here -> OWL2 Suite

Updated version of my OWL Openbox, gtk, tint2 and conky themes now with dark variation ...

It's pretty simple and minimal without much gradients or any other eye candy which could distract your attention. Simple and nice base to build your desktop experience on.

GTK3 still needs work to look nice but I'm pretty much noob with gtk theming and not much free time to work on it. Hope you guys find it usefull ...

To get it looking like on screenshot you'll need :

Awoken icons by alecive and Aller font.
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I will follow your work! It is very good. Im using right now i3 and openbox, both made on ubuntu server 16.04 and Debian 8 netinstall. I love this way because I make it very very minimal, and your themes help me very much! thanks! 
Hi, great work! I love it on my crunchbang box!
I'd really like to have that wall... Could you direct me where to get it?
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Love the dark theme.
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Awesome work!!!
Thanks :D
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Thnx, new version is available now you should try it ;)
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i love it :D
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I'll say again that I like it a lot! Gtk, tint2, OB, everything. Nice presentation too.
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Looking good! Would I get your permission to modify this theme? I would like to add a blue tint instead of brown :D
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Rly no need for permission you're free to modify just leave some credits, this theme is made to be base for building thats why i made it minimal and removed all stuff that wasn't needed ;) GTK3 themes need work rly to make it full experience.
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Ok, thanks! I'll see what I can do with the GTK3 theme and share my changes. I find GTK3 themes to be easier than GTK2 so.. :D

Thanks again!
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Thnxxxx for feedback and favs my friends :d
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Very nice colors! Good job! :)
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Awesome work on the theme! ;-)
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