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Bang Suite

This is my new theme suite for archbang linux it includes :

GTK2, GTK3 Themes Dark and Light with 3 different color variations each green, olive, orange so it's 6 different color combos

Openbox themes 6 different color combinations

Tint2 config and conky script

2 Wallpapers

SLiM theme : Bang SLiM

One more cool wallpaper: Bang Wallpaper

Other stuff you need to make it look really cool :

Awoken icons by alecive and Aller font
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hey stupid.... try to work without spaces in names.
kenharkey7's avatar
really really cool
munkybeatz's avatar
Freaking awesome! You really made this pop, without it being gaudy. Simple/Clean/Nice...
shockvaluejj's avatar
This is kickass, man. Improves the look of my whole system just like that.
mrneilypops's avatar
Great suite!
Could you do a version with dark menus in the apps?
morgengenuss's avatar
nice! i really love the panel-style.
CraazyT's avatar
Whoa that's like BAM! In your face! I like it great job! :thumbsup:
LaGaDesk's avatar
Looks good man! I'm sure it will a great release. :)
samirkahvedzic's avatar
Thnx bro! It's my fav distro so i hope they accept it as official theme ;D
LaGaDesk's avatar
I hope with you! :)
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