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german but not a nazi
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Published: May 17, 2009
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I wanted to try this stamp thing xD.
It was fun :).

Feel free to post it in your journal :3~

Template : [link]

I wish I had a subscription now ;_;.
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Goldenmaple12Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have some German ancestry.
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death-magicHobbyist Digital Artist
I have some German ancestry. I hate Nazis like many people here.
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MatthewDaAnimeFanboyHobbyist General Artist
I'm German ancestry. Thank you for making this stamp. I hate Nazis irl but I've studied them
Amanda4778's avatar
I’m not German but I love this. :)
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furrysweetsanswifeStudent Digital Artist
I'm not nazi uwu USING!! I didn't really like Hitler like my grandma did XD btw I'm from german ;w; I luv Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism! uwu
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elidrawzHobbyist Filmographer
hallo du deutsches schnitzelchen
furrysweetsanswife's avatar
furrysweetsanswifeStudent Digital Artist
Hallo! -w-
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L0V3L3TT3RSHobbyist General Artist
I find it ridiculous when people bash Germans and Germany for being "nazis". They don't deserve this hate just because of their country's dark past. Heck, practically every nation on God's green earth has a dark past, so should we bash everyone and every nation for it?
Revatel's avatar
RevatelStudent Digital Artist
Well, don't most Germans hate Hitler's genocide tho?
Goldenmaple12's avatar
Goldenmaple12Hobbyist Digital Artist
XxAlphysNEOxX's avatar
XxAlphysNEOxXHobbyist General Artist
Nazis are an entirely different thing. The country isn't made of Nazi. ...Calling all Germans Nazis is basically what Hitler wanted with Jews. Wanted them to die and blamed them for his problems.
n0-username's avatar
n0-usernameHobbyist General Artist
I'm 1/3 german. And when i said that once in the 7th grade some american Indian kid asked me if I was a nazi. I said no w/ a wtf attitude. 
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pxlpicturesHobbyist Digital Artist
ME too.
littlewhiskerpaws's avatar
I'm German, yet i'm still not a Nazi.
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technoRockstepHobbyist Photographer
damn unt blast
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PrincessPeach20Hobbyist General Artist
I really hate that some people say that all Germans are Nazis, just to point out, if you do a quick Google search on Hitler, he was Austrian. And yes, this stereotype really needs to die. I know I'm mostly Irish-Norweigian, but with some German. But my point still stands, it's pointless to judge a country (and it's people) by their past.
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kaciekkHobbyist Digital Artist
Nazis were German, but Germans are not Nazis. I hate stereotypes so much.
ZillaFan89's avatar
Today Nazis are more than German...
BlendyNoodle's avatar
BlendyNoodleHobbyist Photographer
I am 100% German, but I AM NOT a Nazi.
julitheripper's avatar
Ebenso, ich würde denn Deppen so gerne maleins auf die zwölf geben .
julitheripper's avatar
Thx i will use this everytime someone says i am a nazi becurse i am german
ladyblackbird13's avatar
ladyblackbird13Hobbyist General Artist
The next one who calls me a Nazi gets a slap! And your stamp is awesome, btw. :)
1230james's avatar
1230jamesHobbyist General Artist
Wot? People actually think every German is a Nazi?
Hmm... society never fails to surprise me with its stupidity...
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