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Hi All,

for those who love my artwork, please follow me on my personal site , Artstation or Instagram

Also, please feel free to message me through Insta Direct or email, if you interested to buy exclusive print of my latest works, only one for each painting will be done by me personally.


The purpose of art

For those who always ask me, teach me about idea creating and how to make real art idea. Let me give you some examples of how it could be on a real piece of art I made some years ago. And it's meaningful in this day, the day of the great victory.


This is the art which I called A.I. (which means 'Artificial Intelligence'). Let's start to be practical in your ideas: the skull represents the idea of something is mortal or dramatic or even death, that in this scene something lethal is happening, death itself is in front of us). But the sculpture of this skull is not made of bones, it made of metal plates and as we can see the wires comes out from most of the part of the skull, this represents that this skull is the robot, you can see the upper part of the robot mostly contains CPU (or digital brain), so I added to the visual appearance of this shape some mustache which reminds us the person who got to lead the whole nation against other nations to the death, and wanted to make it's nation more superior than other. I am talking about Adolf Hitler. So, now the A.I represents something lethal to us, something dark which will bring to our future something unknown. That is going to happen with our future, we want it or not, that A.I. going to take the jobs of millions of people around the world, some of them will end with starting without money, this is not bad, this is not good. This is the fact which we're going to face. So the point of the art to symbolize and reflect the reality of real life.

This what I expect to see from the artist, revealing a problem of modern days or highlighting it, what is happening with me, with us.

End of the story, thank you for reading me.

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How to stay energized and inspired by fresh ideas, being a Concept Artist and Art Director So, a few ways to generate fresh concepts! This article is written for artists who are interested in exploring and being exposed to new ideas; including art directors and lead artists, but anyone who wants to generate new ideas will find some value and inspiration. I will attempt to answer the following questions: How do I explore and find ideas myself? How do I make something original and distinct from what I and my colleagues have made before? At the very least, I hope to point you in the right direction. The first point is don't be stuck inside your "box.” Working a lot will definitely affect your skills and increase your knowledge of tools and techniques, but if you spend all your time sitting in one chair, in one room, you never will generate any good ideas or find inspiration. Fig: 1 I've seen in many talented and famous studios and artists, and even art directors, that just copy and
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Congratulations on your DD!

Thanks a lot!

Many thanks for the watch....

thanks for visiting my gallery:)

Love your work !

Thank you for your feedback!

Maaaate... your work is amazing, absolutely breath-taking.