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[PTS] Adv. BB: Dance! (Feat. RaindropLily)
Cerise was definitely excited when she saw that there was a dance company that opening its rehearsals to the public. Naturally, she had an affinity for the arts, and dance was included! She was open to doing some dancing herself, if they let her. When she entered the dance studio, it was with Raine the Espurr and Simon the Taillow in tow. Raine came along because he was Cerise’s partner that came along with her everywhere, and Simon came along because birds and dancing made sense to her on some level. Either way, she thought that the duo would be good partners to have in a dance studio.
With Raine and Simon behind her, Cerise practically skipped into the dance studio, and was standing around trying to figure out where the dancers were. She was taking a moment to steady herself, however; she needed to have poise around others who were poised.
Small footsteps ran in the direction of the trainer and her two pokemon, and appearing down at her feet was a small elephant pokemon, waving
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[PTS] Adv. BB: Tea Tasting (Feat. ScorchedPoet)
Beau didn’t really consider himself much of a tea person. It all tasted like scented hot water to him, but he was also pretty sure that he was preparing the tea wrong. Something about steeping for too long? In any case, when he saw that someone had posted a notice on the bulletin board asking for some new blends to be taste tested, he thought he would give it a go. Maybe, if he was lucky, he’d find tea that actually had a flavor. Cerise was generally in favor of tea (or at least, she acted like she was), so it would be nice if he could go back and tell her that hey, he’d actually found tea that he liked.
Beau stepped into the tea tasting room with Cherry the Darumaka and Riley the Marill, noticing that the seat across from his was empty. He wondered who else would be attending the tasting, and if they knew what exactly they’d be tasting for, so to speak. He was feeling a little out of his depth.
Teddy tended to find himself in the strangest of places during his
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Kamitsune- Melenas by Sami-Fire Kamitsune- Melenas :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 9 10 Possible Cosplay Design? by Sami-Fire Possible Cosplay Design? :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 0 3
[PTS] BB: Unfreeze!
Someone… had frozen the daycare?
What did that even mean? Obviously, it was bad news, but how did someone freeze the entire daycare? Was the building suspended in a block of ice? Was it just snowing inside the building? What did it mean?!
In any case, Beau decided to help the poor requester before his bOSS DestROyed him or something. That guy probably deserved a little destroying depending on the extent of the damage, but regardless of the requester’s fate, the daycare needed to be put back in working order. Fire Pokemon were more Cerise’s jam, but Beau did have two fire-using partners that would be willing to help out. Grabbing Cherry and Lemon’s Pokeballs, he headed out to the daycare. (It occurred to him that both his Fire types had fruit names. That was funny.)
When he got there, the building was not entirely encased in ice, which was a relief. It seemed to mostly be chunks of snow and ice encroaching on large areas of the daycare. That could be managed, pro
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[PTS] BB: Get Fancy! by Sami-Fire [PTS] BB: Get Fancy! :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 5 1 [PTS] Ivywood Radio: The First Sounds in Space by Sami-Fire [PTS] Ivywood Radio: The First Sounds in Space :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 5 1 [PTS] Ivywood Radio: Put It On My Tab by Sami-Fire [PTS] Ivywood Radio: Put It On My Tab :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 5 1 [PTS] Ivywood Radio: Serenity by Sami-Fire [PTS] Ivywood Radio: Serenity :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 4 1 [PTS] BB: Fire Safety (Supposedly) by Sami-Fire [PTS] BB: Fire Safety (Supposedly) :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 5 1 Moon-Alikes: Royal and Ember by Sami-Fire Moon-Alikes: Royal and Ember :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 5 0
[PTS] Ren Faire: Clash of Wills
When Cerise was approached by the green-haired boy in the oversized armor, she didn’t quite know what to expect. She got the hint very quickly, though: there was a Honedge advancing on the boy faster than anyone would think a floating sword could do. While she initially wanted to ask what this guy had done to get that Honedge that irate at him, pacifying the Honedge was more important. Questions could come later.
She reached into her bag and rifled around for a certain Pokemon’s Pokeball. She pulled it out and tossed it to the ground, releasing the Tepig inside: Apollo. Apollo lifted one of his forelegs and gave a surprisingly loud “Te!”, pointing at nothing in particular. “Apollo, look out!” Cerise called out, and with a startled squeal, Apollo rolled to the side, narrowly dodging the Honedge as it thrust itself into the ground. This Honedge clearly meant business and was intent on taking out its rage, frustration, or something on someone.
:iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 1 1
[PTS] Ren Faire: Arts and Drafts
Cerise had left Beau at the turkey leg-eating contest, on a hunch that he would be there for quite a while. Going to the Ren Faire had almost completely been her idea, though food was as good a bribe as any for Beau. Cerise knew that he had a tendency to flip-flop from being shy about his eating habits to diving headfirst into eating contests (and winning), and she was glad that he was feeling a bit more outgoing this time around.
That aside, Cerise didn’t mind the opportunity to explore by herself. It wasn’t that Beau was a drag or anything, but a kernel of independence was important alongside the closeness. If they couldn’t handle themselves, they probably couldn’t handle each other. As Cerise mulled over where her next destination in the fair would be, she suddenly felt herself being yanked to the side. When she regained her bearings, a blue-haired girl had dragged her to the arts and crafts station and was going on about needing to make crowns. Cerise was al
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[PTS] Ren Faire: All-Devouring Maw by Sami-Fire [PTS] Ren Faire: All-Devouring Maw :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 2 1 [RQ] Reliqual Mascot: Sho by Sami-Fire [RQ] Reliqual Mascot: Sho :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 3 0 [RQ] Reliqual Mascot: Zelia by Sami-Fire [RQ] Reliqual Mascot: Zelia :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 2 1


[The Cauldron] Birthstone June- Stage 1 by furesiya [The Cauldron] Birthstone June- Stage 1 :iconfuresiya:furesiya 10 5 Custom Character (Sami-Fire) by 96-Adopts Custom Character (Sami-Fire) :icon96-adopts:96-Adopts 16 0 P2U Base 6 pack by Kariosa-Adopts P2U Base 6 pack :iconkariosa-adopts:Kariosa-Adopts 914 105 [Sailor Moon Crystal] FreeDL and PremiumContent by Metra-Philia [Sailor Moon Crystal] FreeDL and PremiumContent :iconmetra-philia:Metra-Philia 46 0
Commissions (OPEN) + NEW Mobian prices!
They are priced according to how long they take me, and amount of people who ask me for one <3
If you have any complaints, keep em to yourself ;) (Wink)
If you are low on money, we can talk about weekly or bi weekly payment plans
Canon characters get 10% off each character. ex: sonic, silver, naruto etc..
This is my full time job.
So please be sure to read thoroughly before ordering.
I ACCEPT PAYPAL AND POINTS (paypal preferred)
Bullet; Blue I CAN DO Bullet; Blue
- Anime
- Anthro/Sonic
- Extreme light mechas
- Feel free to ask
- Gory-ish
- Pokemon
- Oc's
- Is able to do sexual/sex scenes etc..
- Fetish stuff like.. Bondage.. but fetish stuff will have a 20% charge fe
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PPCom - OC Cor Caroli by Venera-Taro PPCom - OC Cor Caroli :iconvenera-taro:Venera-Taro 14 2 Tip Stream #26 by Lunathyst Tip Stream #26 :iconlunathyst:Lunathyst 62 2 [The Cauldron] Tsukuyomi (Deity)- Stage 1 by furesiya [The Cauldron] Tsukuyomi (Deity)- Stage 1 :iconfuresiya:furesiya 12 7 558 by DextrolumaMasterlist 558 :icondextrolumamasterlist:DextrolumaMasterlist 3 2
333,333 PV Watcher Appreciation Unicorn Raffle WIN

:new: Thank you so much to all my watchers, and to everyone who entered! The winner of this Unicorn, as selected via iiiiiisssss...

Congratulations to Sketching-Panda-Ren I'll note you the files for your cutie! :heart:
Sometimes it's fun to celebrate milestones and I noticed yesterday I was almost at 333,333 page views so and decided to celebrate by giving away one of my Unicorn Adopts. Thank you to everyone who has been amazing and supported me; from a kind word to commissioning me/becoming a Patron, from my long time watchers to those who have just started watching, it means the world to me Heart Now, let's meet a pretty unicorn adopt who needs a loving new home! She's a mini unicorn (you can of course draw her small or full size, it's up to you if you win her!)
:iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 40 101
NSG - Chibi Female Hair by nads6969 NSG - Chibi Female Hair :iconnads6969:nads6969 46 12 NSG - Chibi Male Clothing by nads6969 NSG - Chibi Male Clothing :iconnads6969:nads6969 40 12 NSG - Chibi Clothing by nads6969 NSG - Chibi Clothing :iconnads6969:nads6969 45 40 PPCom - Sailor Megrez - Luca Krantz  by Venera-Taro PPCom - Sailor Megrez - Luca Krantz :iconvenera-taro:Venera-Taro 26 5 Sprite Set - Rianna by miririri Sprite Set - Rianna :iconmiririri:miririri 13 2


Got shorted $50 by my mom. I don't know what I expect anymore. :/
Hey, so, head's up, if you were planning on donating to my gofundme, I don't recommend it. It requires a bank account to deposit money into, which I no longer have. If you want to send me money (donation, commission, so on and so forth), please pass it to me through this link:

Thanks. All donations are very, very, very appreciated.
Situation getting worse. Homelessness a very real possibility. Mother did not take a gentle forewarning well. Blew it up monstrously. Danger also a very real possibility. As usual, no money to support an escape. Need a plan, and fast.
-punches Art Fight through a wall- It tanks whenever I try to do anything important, like log in or actually join a team. This is kind of ridiculous.


United States
Howdy! I'm just someone puttering around DA with sailor senshi, character designs, writing, and the occasional adoptable.

Right here is my current commissions journal!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hi, folks. So, I'm having trouble connecting with my two oldest Kamitsunes, Corrinne and Rocco. After talking with Cake, I have received permission to resell them for the price they were bought at (I'll screenshot my proof if need be!). As bad as I feel about it, my muse for the two of them just totally died, so I'm hoping they can find homes with someone(s) who can give them the love they deserve. T_T In any case, onto the floofs...

Kamitsune Adopt #7 - CLOSED by TsuzukikunThis is Corrinne. She was bought for $30. SOLD to DarkfireVengeance!

Kamitsune Adopts #18 - #20 - CLOSED by TsuzukikunRocco is the red one on the left here. He was AB'd at $42.

Due to my general situation, offers to buy through PayPal will be prioritized, however, I may accept offers of art or other characters if they're super good and in line with whatever I'm looking for (which... I don't even know what that is right now XD). I will be suuuuuper picky on that note, though. Again, PayPal is priority.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope these babs get good homes! >3<


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