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Fai's Staff Tutorial

By samhawkeye
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Woo, here's the tutorial!

Again, there are other ways to make this, these are just my methods!

In total this was a solid week's work, but spread out over several months around other things I had to do. Apart from the plastics, none of these materials or the tools used are hard to come by or expensive, and the casting plastic was not as horrible as expected.

Materials used:
- 8mm thick sheet of a light type of wood
- thin nylon thread
- wood glue
- thin, sturdy cardboard
- fun foam
- multi pupose glue
- wall filler (bought as paste in tube, but can also be bought as a powder, which lets you control its thickness for a smoother finish - will be using this for most layers)
- water clear polyester casting resin + dye
- tin foil
- PVA glue
- long wooden dowel, 20mm diameter (through preferably same width as the staff head)
- primer paint
- brass spray paint
- clear spray paint
- 1mm clear HIPS plastic sheet
- super glue
- transparent blue glass paint

The link to the pattern: [link]
It is not perfect, and needs to be adjusted while you work; the lower part where it connects to the staff is not entirely symmetrical.

Fai D. Flowright and his staff are from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle by Clamp.

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This tutorial is very helpful. I hope to incorporate your methods for another prop. Thank you for taking the time to explain how you made Fai's staff. I especially like how the gems look! 
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Hi ^^
Thanks for the great tutorial.
I made a template in vector graphics, and a PSD file for printing a template in A4 paper format.
I have uploaded it to my profile. If you want, you could link it in the text of this tutorial, but please reference me at the link please ^^

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Fantastic tutorial!


Now a silly question (because I'm new to cosplay): what did you use to cut the pine wood into that elaborate shape? Jigsaw?

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Thank you! And yes I did. I just have basic tools really.
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AHHH This is a great tutorial! I find it very insightful.
I might use this as a reference for a sword handle project.
What type of wood would you recommend? 

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Pine is nice to work with because it's light and soft, and over here that's the cheapest type of wood as well. :)
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Holy shite, this is a lifesaver. After successfully building myself Sakura's bird wand, I volunteered to help a friend with her Fai cosplay (I got off easy and am going as Kurogane, so I just need a sword). I was having SO much trouble with the top, and now my problems are solved.

I'm using PVC piping instead of wood for the main staff (here in the USA it's hard to find dowels any longer than a meter) and foam board for the head and foot. I had planned on using those stick-on giant rhinestones for the gems, but your idea is brilliant. Model Magic (or paperclay, or anything similar, for that matter) works really well to smooth everything out too :)

Grah. I'm so happy that you uploaded this, and I really can't thank you enough. :iconbegplz:
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You're very welcome! :) And good luck with your project!
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One question, though - would it be possible for you to just sort of sketch up the basic pattern you used for the center gem? I'm having a hard time coming up with something that doesn't have a shit-ton of gaps in it.
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I will when I have a bit of time - others have asked this as well ;)
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um where can i get the wall filler and is the tin foil the same as aluminum foil thx
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Any DIY store should have wall filler, or you could use regular plaster. And tin foil is aluminium foil yes!
yukiangel51's avatar
thx so much for the answer i was kinda stuck on the tin foil thing
samhawkeye's avatar
You're welcome! There's always google as well for when you get stuck and I've disappeared. ;)
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im dorry to ask but howd u enlarge the pattern
samhawkeye's avatar
That depends on the program you're using - you could probably find instructions via Google! ;)
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yukiangel51's avatar
sorry bout askin so much question where do u get the transulent glass paint
samhawkeye's avatar
I bought it online, but don't know where exactly. You can probably find a place to get it via Google. ;)
yukiangel51's avatar
say can i use gloss for the clear paint
samhawkeye's avatar
I think so - test it out on a small patch somewhere out of sight first to be sure!
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