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The Birth Of The Light

what once was hidden
the growing light will reveal
again and again
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4812x2483px 5.94 MB
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10/32000 second
Focal Length
70 mm
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Date Taken
Dec 23, 2012, 2:01:55 PM
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Silk-shadow's avatar
It's really beautiful *u* I love the light, the colors...
Really an amazing shot :D
StellaMystica's avatar
Incredible. Such a mysterious and very climatic picture. Wonderful light (:
samgreal's avatar
Kiitos,dziękuję! The sun is very low during the late Dec in central Finland so the light is something special then. Mysterious, yes. :)
StellaMystica's avatar
Oh, I would love to visit Finland. It must be a wonderful country. That's how I associate with such a mystery (:
samgreal's avatar
Finland is surely worth visiting. If you do not mind the cold, come during the winter :) We have plenty of snow at least :D if not mountains or anything like that.
StellaMystica's avatar
Just visit Poland, which is sinking in the snow! Of course I do not mind the cold:D Maybe one day I will come...(:
samgreal's avatar
I have Polish friend who told me that you have plenty of snow there. Easter like Christmas, she said. Hmm.

I have been in north Poland, it was nice :) Your country is so big that there is sooo much to see.
StellaMystica's avatar
Yes, and everywhere is heard "Last Christmas" :D:D You can dress up Christmas tree in the bunnies, chicks and lambs :D

Poland is really beautiful and completely unappreciated.
samgreal's avatar
Sounds great, that lamb version of the tree. *laughter*
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Aisha99's avatar
Amazing shot, beautiful warm colours, great composition... good job! :love:
samgreal's avatar
Kiitos, thank you! I edited this pic with Photoscape and with my mom's slow PC. I was suprised how good the pic turned out to be! It sure was cold that day.
NatashaShaty's avatar
samgreal's avatar
Kiitos, thank you dear :)

Although almost 3 months have passed by, it is still over -20 during the morning in we had today. BrrrRrrr!
NatashaShaty's avatar
Of course. <3
And wow, I have never endured such cold weather..
However I must say though, that some of the most beautiful, clear sunny days are also extremely cold days.
samgreal's avatar
The light in the late autumn is very good for photographing (see for example my pic-poem Radiance). This shot was taken on Christmas, the light in here (Central Finland) is really nice. There is not much daylight to shoot because the sun does not climb high at all so you have to go IF the sky is clear. :)
Liren's avatar
Beautiful shot! I love that orange hue casting very unique shadows and highlights on the foreground
samgreal's avatar
Thanks! It was -25 degrees when I took the shot. The late December sun has an unique orange hue to it, I had to go and shoot. :)
Maiween's avatar
Nice light! :D That's a beautiful shot again! :D I like the poem too, of course. =P
samgreal's avatar wait, wrong smiley...:hug:!:heart:
Maiween's avatar
Mwaaahahaaah! :hug: =P
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